Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gordon Brown Sells Britain to Saudi Arabia.

Gordon Brown has asked the Saudis to buy into Britain, and the West, big time. In exchange for buying as much of our land, businesses, media etc, as they can ( one hell of a lot ),he undertook to support them in world organisations. No doubt sponsoring their candidacy for bodies like the UN Human Rights thingie. For us Westerners, it sounds like a lose-lose deal. The Wahabis take us over and then we get to smile politely as they bury our culture and take us back to the eighth century. Nice one Gordo! Read all about it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

US Health; the Democrat's Obligation.

In their election manifesto, the US Democrats gave an undertaking to provide something like the European provision of medical care for all. It is a disgrace that some citizens of this the most powerful nation can go without proper medical treatment for lack of money. Health and education for all are the corner stones of a just and therefore durable society.

Now that the Democrats have the presidency and overwhelming control of Congress, they have absolutely no excuse for not immediately enshrining this measure in law.

Friday, October 31, 2008

President Obama.

For me the importance and only* value of Obama's election is that he is black. His election is a tribute to American Democracy.

Glad as I am that a black person made it to the White House ( I'd rather have had Condi Rice ), I don't rate Obama the man. I think he is just another suit, another lawyer. Not a lot more than a slick hustler who is very good at working the system. He has never initiated any legislation worth remembering, he has never rocked the boat, challenged his party's line or sided with the brave few who have tried to flush his corrupt Chicago party machine. Not a great CV for an Agent of Change. He also has what Americans call a mean streak. In reference, unconvincingly denied, to Sarah Palin, he said" You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. " This is not just ungallant, this is the worst sort of misogynistic pimp talk. Now I might be agreeably surprised because people can grow and bloom once in office. He is going to have to do a lot of growing and blooming for me to have much regard for him.

One thing he has promised to do is talk to the ayatollahs. They will love that. Gives them yet more time to make their bombs.

*Not quite the only value. Obama is a Democrat and the Democrats have some party policies that are commendable. Like finally addressing the fact that some Americans are too poor to afford proper medical care. A scandalous state of affairs to put it mildly.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Religion of Toleration; Iran.

On the 9th of September last what passes* for a parliament in Iran voted in a law that made it a capital offence for a man to renounce Islam. Women get a life sentence. The vote was carried by 196 with 7 opposing.

*To be a member of the Iranian "parliament " you have to be a Muslim and not only that but a Muslim approved by a Supreme Council of Ayatollahs. About as democratic an assembly of zombies as anything that Joe Stalin ever cobbled together.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama and the Garden Gnome.

Stayed up late to watch the McCain-Obama townhall debate. It didn't matter that McCain had more points ( Principally that Obama, contrary to the claims of his two autobiographies and many spin doctors, is not a reformer ), McCain is simply not eye or ear candy. He is a poor orator and doesn't look great. Not great on TV where it doesn't matter what you say so much as how you sound and look. McCain was a stumpy little figure walking around the stage for no apparent reason his rambling burblings punctuated with cringe making " My friends, this..." and " My friends, that..." He said some good things but it was all lost in his appalling sounds and visuals. To be honest, he looked like a slightly deranged garden gnome who had lost his pointy hat. Sad day for the Republicans.

Obama was his usual vacuous and suave self. He won hands down.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin and Biden; Palin by a wink.

Both were courteous and reserved their serious attacks for the presidential hopefuls. Biden, as one would expect, had more detail and depth in his responses. He answered all the questions and seemed quite likable . Palin, much no doubt to the chagrin of the Obamettes, didn't implode. She didnt always answer questions put but then she has not got 40 years knowledge. She did however stand her ground offering herself and McCain as the mavericks who would shake up and change American politics. She spoke eloquently of her taking on the big enterprises in Alaska and the American need for energy self-sufficiency. She pointed out that the Iraq surge, opposed by Obama and supported by Mc Cain, was working. She spoke in her hallmark easy folksy way that connects so well with Main street. She came across as the young, fresh and energetic person she is. You could believe that she would perhaps clean out Washington. Just as Obama beats McCain in the youth and looks department, so with Palin and Biden. For me she won when she winked at her dad in the audience.
She could have landed more of a punch by pointing out that although Obama's several autobiographies and the Democratic spin machine portray Obama as a reformer his record to date shows no evidence of this at all. Obama has worked the Democratic machine ably and it has worked well for him but he has never rocked the boat or challenged his party. He has always towed the party line. See David Fredosso's book The case against Barack Obama. There were no knock out blows in this debate but one thing is for sure Palin saved herself and gave the Republican campaign a new lease of life.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

London Island Airport. Good Idea!

Boris Johnson has commissioned a feasibility study for the building of a large airport on an artificial island in the Thames estuary. It would be an international hub with a fast connection to central London and ten or more runways that could be used round the clock. This is the kind of grand vision that is needed not the piece meal extensions of the existing grubby and polluting airports that serve London and the South East. Coming in and taking off over the North Sea, planes could fly 24 hours a day as there would be no night time restrictions because of noise pollution. I've stayed in Denmark Hill and had to use ear plugs to sleep because from 4.0 am onwards jets were roaring over at the rate of 2 per minute. Denmark Hill is about 40 miles from Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stanstead. Pity the poor buggers who live closer to any of those sorry places. The Island Hub will replace them all.
The Hub will happen and like the Channel Tunnel we'll wonder why we didn't do it sooner. It has of course its opponents. Prominent amongst these is the BAA who own Heathrow, Gatwick et al. They are making the same kind of noises as the ferry companies made when they tried to block the tunnel project. Dont worry about them Boris; just get on with it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Old Pat Condell.

Here he is. One of Freedom of Expression's best sharp shooters on the Saudi's bid to get the UN to ban criticism of Islam.
Pat Condell

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sharia Courts in Britain.

British justice is not just circling the drain. It is not just dying. It is down the plug hole and dead. With a nod and a wink from Labour, 8th century Sharia law courts have been given equal standing with the British law that used to defend our liberties and was so hard fought for.

What has happened is that Sharia courts have been given the status of arbitration tribunals the rulings of which are enforced by the existing justice courts of the land. This has been effected on the quiet and has already resulted in perversions of British law. As an example, in a recent case where a man gave no specific instructions as to how his estate was to be divided between his children, a Sharia court ruled that his daughters should receive a lesser share than his sons. Under British law each child would have been treated equally. Again men guilty of serious domestic violence were simply sentenced to anger management courses. These and any other Sharia ruling are now unchallengeable and can be, if required, enforced by the existing British courts.

What has been allowed is the negation of the primacy of British law. There are now two equally valid law systems. There is of course no reason why there should not be Sharia courts, Church of England courts, Jewish courts or for that matter Grand Tribunals of the Penge Globular Clusterits. In the past, people were free to abide by the rulings of these types of organisations in the knowledge that when there were disputes ultimate appeal could be made to the magnificence of British law. No longer. Now, if the immam says you have the right to beat six shades of blue out of your wife, the cops can be sent round to make sure it happens.

Fortunately some are waking up to the enormity of what has happened. While the Labour perps and the Libdems are keeping quiet, the Tories are on to it. Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve said " These ( Sharia ) tribunals have no place in passing binding decisions in divorce or criminal hearings. Far from handling more ( As Labour intends ) criminal cases they should be handling none at all. " Lets hope the Tories can force Labour to reconsider and sink double fast this shameful and pandering project.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin; Two Cheers.

Having read about Sarah Palin as an Alaskan mayor and governor it's clear she didnt get her 80% approval ratings on looks alone. She took on corruption and vested interests, including the oil companies, and sorted them in short order. Last night she gave an acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention that was masterly even presidential. It got the folk going and it deserved to. She is very likable and a great orator and put the conservative hard work and small government case well. After complimenting Obama on his good aspects she laid into him for his lack of substance and showmanship. Here's a man, she said, who has authored two biographies but not one major law or reform not even at state senate level. True. She was also very effective in her talking up of McCain the principled and maverick war hero.

I have two problems though with her which are core. Firstly,she opposes a woman's right to have an abortion. I believe that a woman's body is her own and she should never be forced to carry a pregnancy against her wishes. Palin's stand on this issue will cost her a lot of young and liberal women's votes. Secondly, she supports the teaching of creationism which is not just daft but also dangerous. This should loose her the support of anyone with a passing knowledge of science. For all that, I wish Palin well. She might yet see the light on abortion and creationism. It could happen. You never know.She is certainly charismatic, decent and a fighter ( As she said; a pitbull with lipstick ). I also quite like her running mate. As President, McCain will not be rushing off to to have tea with the ayatollahs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Global Cooling; An Inconvenient Truth. Sea Ice Surface Area Increases in Artic.

Good old serious stats freak Digital Diatribes, have produced a nice graph ( worth watching as it automatically updates day by day )showing the annual variation in the surface area of the Artic Ocean covered with ice. What is revealed is that in line with recent global cooling as seen with the particularily cold winter of 2007/2008, the Artic ice coverage is making a fine come back. At the beginning of August 2007 the total ice covered area was about 6x10^6 km^2, at the beginning of August this year the figure was 7x10^6 km^2. This represents an increase of 17%.

If as some now suspect, sun spot activity ( rather down for a while ) is more important than carbon dioxide in controlling the earth's temperature, then its continuing absence presages more cold, more ice. A bit of an Inconvenient Truth not currently being reported in the Earth-Gonna-Burn-An-Humans-Are-Solely-To-Blame media. Ah well, lets see.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Homage to Dieneces the Spartan.

When Leonidas's Spartans and their allies were marching north to meet Xerxes's invading hordes at Thermopylae they ran into a lot of refugees fleeing south. One of these, trying to convey how impossibly high the odds against the Greeks were stacked , told Dieneces that the Persian archers were so numerous that when they "loosened off their arrows the sun was blotted out. " Great" answered Dieneces " we'll fight in the shade." And so they did, like lions, and although they were betrayed and cut down to the last man they set an example that led later to the great Greek victories at Salamis and Plataea. The Persians were trashed and never returned. Western civilisation was saved.

We all owe the Greeks a very long list of good things. To mention a few; the Olympics, their arts, their science, their philosophy and their bravery. Let's not forget it.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Turkey's Islamic Bus Rolls On. EU applauds Islamist Victory.

Turkey's Islamist party the AKP, that declares democracy is the bus to Islam ( You use democracy to install an Islamic tyranny ) narrowly avoided loosing its wheels yesterday when six out of eleven judges on Turkey's constitutional court voted for it and its leaders to be banned. Seven votes were needed. All the court could do was cut some funding for the party and warn it to show more respect for Turkey's secular traditions. No doubt a lot of pressure was applied to the judges to leave the AKP to go its merry way not least by the simpering cloud cuckooland Eurocrats who cant wait for an Islamist Turkey to be the most populous member of the EU.

Having arrested a number of its prominent opponents last week,  accusing them of belonging to the Ergenekon secularist grouping supposedly plotting to overthrow their government, the AKP can now quietly get on with removing the rest of the secularists from the armed forces, the bureaucracy and judiciary. What does it mean? Well, the AKP can then proceed to "reform" Kemal Ataturk's obstructively secular constitution. Also, the AKP model, already taken up by Morocco's Islamists, will spread to all those Muslim countries that are not  yet Total Islamic Nutter States.  Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt etc. In the short term for Turkey what it means is that if being a woman there was never great its going to get a lot worse double fast.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bravo Moreno-Ocampo.

Well Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the ICC's prosecutor, has done it. He has presented his court with the evidence of El Bashir's genocidal activities and is now waiting for the three presiding judges to agree to issue an arrest warrant. They will be under a lot of pressure from the usual villains not to do so. Lets hope they don't cave in. Luis and us will have to wait a few months for their decision. Meanwhile, well done Ocampo.

Monday, July 14, 2008

China and the Sudan, and Zimbabwe and Tibet.

Right now China is hysterically trying to organise a UN obstruction of the richly deserved crimes against humanity indictment that the International Criminal Court will hopefully slap on the leaders of the Khartoum regime. China has two good reasons for trying to save El "Smiling Boy" Bashir and his cronies from the ICC. It has invested in Khartoum's petrol field development and it is of course an old hand at genocide. Clearing the Sudanese petrol fields of non-Muslims and Black Muslims in favour of Arab Muslims is the perfect project for Khartoum's blood thirsty, money grabbing, racist bigots ( Yes, all of that) and not something the Chinese loose a wink of sleep over. In any case can't have your mates done up for genocide. A bit to close to home for comfort as it were.
Snuffing Tibet, saving Mugabe Inc. and now this. All very predictable and rather depressing.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Global Cooling.

Here is an interesting report that suggests that sun spot activity is a much greater global temperature controller than our fossil fuel burning. Low sun spot activity, what we have been having of late, means cool planet earth.
Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century of warming

Over the past year, anecdotal evidence for a cooling planet has exploded. China has its coldest winter in 100 years. Baghdad sees its first snow in all recorded history. North America has the most snowcover in 50 years, with places like Wisconsin the highest since record-keeping began. Record levels of Antarctic sea ice, record cold in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Australia, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Argentina, Chile -- the list goes on and on.

No more than anecdotal evidence, to be sure. But now, that evidence has been supplanted by hard scientific fact. All four major global temperature tracking outlets (Hadley, NASA's GISS, UAH, RSS) have released updated data. All show that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped precipitously.

A compiled list of all the sources can be seen here. The total amount of cooling ranges from 0.65C up to 0.75C -- a value large enough to wipe out most of the warming recorded over the past 100 years. All in one year's time. For all four sources, it's the single fastest temperature change ever recorded, either up or down.

Scientists quoted in a past DailyTech article link the cooling to reduced solar activity which they claim is a much larger driver of climate change than man-made greenhouse gases. The dramatic cooling seen in just 12 months time seems to bear that out. While the data doesn't itself disprove that carbon dioxide is acting to warm the planet, it does demonstrate clearly that more powerful factors are now cooling it.

Let's hope those factors stop fast. Cold is more damaging than heat. The mean temperature of the planet is about 54 degrees. Humans -- and most of the crops and animals we depend on -- prefer a temperature closer to 70.

Historically, the warm periods such as the Medieval Climate Optimum were beneficial for civilization. Corresponding cooling events such as the Little Ice Age, though, were uniformly bad news.

Update 2/27: The graph for HadCRUT (below), as well as the linked graphs for RSS and UAH are generated month-to-month; the temperature declines span a full 12 months of data. The linked GISS graph was graphed for the months of January only, due to a limitation in the plotting program. Anthony Watts, who kindly provided the graphics, otherwise has no connection with the column. The views and comments are those of the author only.

We might need to burn more fossil fuels to try and avert a new mini ice age. Now there's a thought.

The Inspiration of the Iranian Ayatollahs.

Let's not forget who's memory the ruling Iranian clerics most venerate. Khomeni's of course. Here is what he had to say about sex with " youngish" females.

"A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual acts such as foreplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed. A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not comitted a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not permanently damaged. If the girl, however, is permanently damaged, the man must provide for her all her life. But this girl will not count as one of the man's four permanent wives. He also is not permitted to marry the girl's sister."

What a guy!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Church of England and Women. Congratulations!

Although I am an atheist, I am proud of a lot of my Christian inheritance and in particular the Protestant side of it. My Dutch mother was brought up a Lutheran and my French father a Roman Catholic. Puritans notwithstanding, the West would not have embraced the Enlightenment and the Emancipation of Women as much as it did without Protestantism. Again, I have  a weak spot for the more liberal Protestant flowerings  like the Methodists, the Quakers and yes the Church of England. A few days ago, the C of E voted for an uncompromising bill that will allow women to be ordained as bishops. Well done. I can almost, but not quite, forgive Rowan his unrelenting appeasement of Islam.

Let those in the C of E who can't bear the idea of women's equality crawl off to the darkness of Catholicism.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lord Phillips, Sharia and Donut Worshipping Courts.

On the face of it, there's no reason why there should not be Sharia courts in Britain. I've changed my mind. As is the case already for the existing British Jewish and Christian courts and for that matter the Supreme Court of Donut-Worshippers, the rulings of Sharia courts would not be enforceable. If a Muslim man were to tell his wife three times " I divorce you " she might well be out on her arse on the pavement minus her kids under Sharia Law but the Muslim patriarch would not be able to call on the bobbies to put her there. If she objected that is. In theory she could go to the true courts of the land and get a humane divorce settlement where in all probability she would get guardianship of her children and it would be the male chauvinist pig who ends up bare arsed on the street. This is of course where the real problem lies. In most Muslim communities, unlike what goes on in say Jewish or Donut Worshipping ones, women are severely repressed and sometimes not even able to speak English. This means that they are unlikely to fight back against the injustices of Sharia.

What does one do ? I guess you have in fairness to let the Sharia courts be but mount massive educative programs to make it clear that their rulings have absolutely no binding value and will, if iniquitous, as understood by the true law of the land, or disputed be always overruled by the true law of the land.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

Still, and lets hope hope for a long while yet, Democracy's Arsenal.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mark Steyn and Canadian Freedom of Expression.

In the West, increasingly comfortable with the regulation of opinion, Canada has been leading the way in the systematic assault on what can and cannot be said. A kangaroo court there that goes by the grandiose name of the Human Rights Tribunal is about to decide that those like Mark Steyn who describe Islam as it is should be fined, gagged and made to apologise. Although the " Tribunal " has not yet ruled on Steyn's"case", it has not in all its sorry history failed to find for plaintiffs. In this case the plaintiffs are Canadian Muslims who object to an excerpt from Steyn's book America Alone that was published in Maclean's magazine. America Alone is an excellent description of the Islamic birth rate time bomb and Islam's petro-dollar funded attack on Western values. He makes the point that while most of the West succumbs to censorship and self loathing, the US with its robust Freedom of Expression Laws stands alone in protecting progress and the civilised future. Lets hear it again. What does progress and civilisation depend on? Freedom of Expression. Its as simple as that.

There are of course even in the Land of the Free some who argue that the US should follow Canada and other Western nations down the path to limited freedom of expression. A wonderful example of these is the legal philosopher Jeremy Waldron. " It is not " he writes in last month's New York Review of Books " clear to me that the Europeans are mistaken when they say that a liberal democracy must take affirmative responsibility for protecting the atmosphere of mutual respect against certain forms of vicious attack". What Waldron is in fact championing is an" atmosphere of mutual respect" where non-Muslims  refrain, in a proper observance of dhimmitude, from saying anything critical of Islam. Waldron should be awarded a prize for circumlocution but lets hope that the Americans don't take him and his mates too seriously. Oh, and here's a helpful idea in these difficult times; given Waldron's views with regard to freedom of expression, I am sure that if he applied for research monies to Gulf fund providers they would listen sympathetically. Research, any kind of research is freedom of expression. Go for it Jeremy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama Lies. Stupid!

The US should be able to elect a President who is an Atheist, a Muslim or a Donut Worshipper. What it should avoid is electing one who lies. Obama was brought up a Muslim and then converted to Christianity twenty years ago. What's the problem with that? His website blandly declares that he never was a Muslim.  This is a stupid lie that Obama and his crew will live to regret. Really Dumb.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Turkey, the EU, the Secularists and the Islamists.

Today, Tayip Erdogan and his ruling AK party got a well deserved slap down from Turkey's Constitutional Court. The AKP had wanted to reverse a law that forbade women from wearing head scarves at university, a law that was a core component of the heritage left by modern Turkey's founding secularist father Kemal Ataturk. So far only the AKP's Bekir Bozdag has dared to protest saying " This is interfering with both democracy and parliament's legislative authority ". Although this protest will be echoed in the West, it will not help the AKP which may in fact well be banned for its creeping Islamisation program by a second ruling to be delivered this autumn. There are enough urban Turks who are justly proud of Ataturk's secularist legacy and they with the Armed Forces and the Judiciary will no doubt check the Islamists for a while.

But for how long for? That question brings us to the interesting dependence of Turkish Islamism on Turkish membership of the EU. Erdogan's AKP has boasted that democracy is the bus to Islam. It is a sort of one person, one vote, once only take on democracy. You have a democratic election, you vote in an Islamist party and, hey presto, the Islamists ban the democracy that got them in. If you have heaven's rule on earth, who needs democracy? This irony is a serious problem throughout the Islamic world; if they were allowed to hold truly democratic elections, most Muslim countries would, with Gulf money greasing the process, let the nutters in. Algeria held relatively free elections and the Islamists won. The Algerian secularists and Army saw what was next on the menu and promptly " annulled " the election results. Erdogan and the AKP, no fools they, realised that if Turkey is admitted into the EU, the EU would not tolerate the Turkish Armed Forces's " interference in the democratic process". This means that Turkey in Europe would be as Islamic as the AKP wants. With its Anatolian retrogrades it would be a majority, as it is now, able to democratically do whatever it wants in Turkey. All our women in burkhas? Sure! Sharia with some nice televised stonings? You got it! None of the numpties running Europe would object. How could they? It would have been after all the will of the Turkish people. More subtely, the Islamists might get Turkey into the EU, behave long enough to purge the secularists under Brussel's approving wing and then secede to set up the beloved Caliphate of old. Either way, the bus would have served its purpose.
So, in conclusion, for our's and Turkey's sake it is best that Turkey remain outside the EU. Outside, Turkey would remain safe under the undemocratic but benevolent tutelage of its secularists. Hey, in 50 years or so even the Anatolians might mellow out. Who knows?

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Religion of Peace. ( Britain ).

Yesterday, Mohamed Rasheed , aka Nicky Reilly, a convert to Islam, went to an Exeter family restaurant at lunch time to blow up a few infidels.  Whilst fiddling in the toilet with one of his nail bombs to presumably get it ready to trigger, it went off prematurely and made a mess of his face. Oops! 

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Religion of Tolerance ( Algeria ).

Algeria is now clearly making up for lost time in the league of Islamic states that persecute non-Muslims. A Christian woman is being taken to court accused of " practising a non-Muslim prayer without authorisation ". Nice one. Possible three years in the slammer.  Suppose she's lucky it wasen't Saudi Arabia where she would probably have copped 200 lashes followed by a beheading. She is a convert from Islam.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

West Midlands Police; Institutionally Sectarian ?

Looks that way. Its Assistant Chief Constable Anil Patani called for the prosecution of the makers of the Channel Four Documentary Undercover Mosque accusing them of splicing together excerpts from longer sermons in such a way that they were grossly misrepresented. Now that Ofcom has found that no such faking occurred and that criminal views and exhortations were expressed as revealed by the documentary, where does that leave us ? With a police force that has actively sought in the name of social cohesion to appease some of the most appalling of Islam's Saudi funded monomaniacs. Lets recall some of the things that were said;

" Take the homosexual and throw him off the mountain"
" Whoever changes his religion from Islam to anything else-kill him"
"By the age of 10, it becomes an obligation on us to force young girls to wear the hijab, if she doesent- hit her"

The National Secular Society is calling for an inquiry into the behaviour of the West Midlands Police. Excellent. The Force should also be pressed to prosecute the subjects of the documentary. As there has been no action in this direction, it seems clear that if the good name of this Force is to be restored drastic measures need to be taken. A good start would be a root and branch clear out of those officers who because of their personal faith are unable to properly fulfil their duty of protection of the community at large under the law of the land. This problem with sectarian officers should also be investigated in other forces as a matter of urgency. There are, as another example, too many reports of Asian women abuse victims not always getting from Asian officers the support that is their right.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton, the Vice Presidency and Cactus Jack Garner.

Amongst a number of distinguished appointments that he held, Texan Democrat " Cactus Jack " Garner did a stint as Franklin D. Roosevelt's Vice President. When Lyndon B. Johnson was trying to make up his mind whether or not to accept John F. Kennedy's offer of the V.P. ticket, he went to ask Garner for his advice. Garner was blunt telling him " It aint worth a bucket full of warm piss ".

Excluding the tragic possibility of the President's death in office, an event that in LBJ's case allowed him in fact to step up to the Presidency, the advice is still good. If Obama can be pressurised against his will, he is not keen, to offer Clinton the V.P., she should decline. Unless of course, which I doubt, she is feeling like a spot of self sacrifice. With her, Obama might just make it. She then becomes a ghost also ran sub John Prescott figure who could not expect Obama to stand aside from his entitlement to a whack at a second term in 2012. If he looses they are both history. Her best bet is to give Obama her generous/minimum of support as an unattached Democrat and see the Viet Vet in. Maybe then, in 2012, we would see something spectacular; Condoleeza v Hillary.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Islamic Inhumanity and World Starvation.

In this time of desperate and upward spiralling food prices, when oil producers are trousering ever greater profits, you would think that Islamic oil states would be making substantial contributions to the world food kitty known as the World Food Programme. None of it. In 2007, the greatest contribution by miles was from the US; $1,104,223,037. Saudi Arabia is 27th down the list with $6,536,959. Barely the price of one modest London princely crash pad. The United Arab Emirates is 38th with $2,100,000.
Dhimmi Watch has an explanation.

The most likely reason for this is that zakat, the almsgiving that is obligatory for all Muslims, is generally not to be given to non-Muslims. Since there is nothing preventing this aid from being given to non-Muslims, they don't give it.

What a perfect illustration of Islam's innate lack of humanity. What a disgrace.

Braying Donkey gets Democrats and Viet Vet gets US.

Thats the way it looks. Condoleeza Rice; where are you?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Superdelegate Choice.

Either they please black Americans or they win the White House. Those who say that they are now obliged to lift Obama over the hurdle because he has the largest total of delegates and popular votes ignore the fact that their count disenfranchises the Florida and Michigan voters. If the votes of these two states, who in the real presidential election will have a big and real say, are allowed, Clinton would be close in the delegate count and ahead in the popular vote. If there is a "steal" in the making at the moment the perp is Obama not Clinton.

For black Americans, an Obama nomination is a win-win outcome. If he gets the presidency its terrific. If he looses against McCain then at least he would have been seen to run and the bad old honkies would have been seen to do the black man down as usual. I have a lot of sympathy for the idea of a black man being seen to be given a chance. I have even more sympathy for a woman getting the break. That's why I'm for Clinton. Also, she actually has a good chance of beating McCain. In the all important swing states she beats McCain, Obama doesn't.

For me, in a perfect world, Condoleezza Rice would be the next US president. Maybe next time.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I don't think so. Not with intimates like his preacher and his wife. The one gets his congregation to sing God Damn America. The other tells us that it was only when her husband began to do well in the polls that, " For the first time in my adult life I am really proud of my country ". Not very promising. The only thing I think Obama has in his favour , remembering the Democrat's emblem, is that he does rather sound and look like a braying donkey.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Seal Cull and the Canadian Hypocrites.

When the Canadians get bored of lecturing the US on anything and everything and tired of prosecuting their own citizens like Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn for daring to suggest that Islam might be slightly dodgy, they go and find some cute little seal cubs and club them to death. Ten to twenty thousand. They do though hate been seen at it so last Saturday their storm troopers stormed the Sea Shepard Conservation Society's boat the Farley Mowat. The Farley was documenting the bloodbath. " Hit the deck m****r-f****rs: can't have technicolour film of our fun being peddled round the world and tarnishing Canada's saintly image!". Hey. Looks like the skipper is going to cop the slammer and a $100,000 fine. How sad is Canada!? Must be the weather.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nice to be a Muslim in Scotland.

Very nice in fact because if the case of Mohammed Anwar is anything to go by, the law will be bent in your favour. On the 21st of August 2007 Anwar was caught doing 64mph in a 30mph zone. This kind of mad driving is usually an automatic disqualification beef. However, when Anwar told Airdrie Sheriff Court that the loss of his licence would make it awkward for him to flit between wife number 1 in Motherwell and wife number 2 in Glasgow, Sheriff J.C. Morris promptly ruled that he could by all means keep his licence. Depriving him of it would be an intolerable impediment to the discharge of his Muslim matrimonial obligations.

No doubt if Anwar had creamed a non-Muslim, the good Sheriff would have lent a sympathetic ear to a plea that under sharia the death of a mere kaffir is as nothing when balanced against one's Islamic duty. Welcome to the Islamic Republic of Scotland.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Latest Gagging Efforts by Islam and its Running Dogs.

In Austria, politician Suzanne Winter who described Mohamed as a child molesting warlord who got the Koran together between epileptic fits, ( Wonder where she got that from ? ) is to be charged with incitement and degradation of religious symbols. Possible 2 years in the slammer. In Holland, MP Geert Wilders, the maker of the movie Fitna, is to be sued by Dutch industrialists who fear a loss of trade. In the US which has a more robust view of the value of freedom of expression than poor Europe, bad freedom of expression laws, non-Muslim officious officials, hustlers and stooges who are prepared to do Islam's dirty work are thin on the ground. Here in the USA, the religion of peace has to go with its well tried tactic of hurling blood curdling threats at its critics. Seems to have worked in California where Wafa Sultan and her family have finally been driven into hiding. The only comforting thing about these disturbing developments is that the more the Muslims and their Running Dogs try to shut up people like Winter, Wilders and Sultan, the more clearly the odiousness of Islam will be revealed.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Long Arm of Libel Tourists Chopped off by New York State.

The New York state legislature voted unanimously last Monday to pass a law that would protect authors and publishers from libel judgements in foreign countries where
standards are less stringent than in the US. Sponsor of the bill Assemblyman Rory. I. Lancman said " To my knowledge, the free speech protection that is afforded American citizens is unique in the world " So it is; it puts the rest of the world including Britain to shame. His bill, Lancman declared made all foreign libel suits in New York State void by definition.

The legislation was prompted by so called "libel tourists" who sought to have enforced in the US rulings in their favour obtained abroad. Most famously, a Bin Mahfouz, mentioned in Rachel Ehrenfeld's " Funding Evil- How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It " went to the pliant British courts and was promptly rewarded with damages and an apology order against Ehrenfeld and the banning in Britain of her book. We should hold back on the champagne though because the battle is not quite over. Bottom feeding US lawyers who make pots of dosh out of the "libel tourists" are, of course, at this very moment tooling up to try and torpedo the new law.

Even if the will of the New York State legislature is upheld, all would still not be well. Because Rachel Ehrenfeld has rightly declined to recognise the British assault on her freedom of expression, she has refused to pay the damages or apologise and as a consequence can't put a foot in Britain. I find this extremely vexatious; I would very much have liked her to come here and lecture on exactly how Muslim terrorism is financed. I also object to the good name of Britain being besmirched by her 18C libel laws.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Bus Driver and the Sheep.

Last Thursday , at Langly Bucks, a Muslim bus driver pulled over, told his passengers he was going to pray, ordered them all off, locked the doors, got out his mat and did his thing. When, in the fullness of time, his chantings were completed, he opened the doors and ordered the passengers back on. Strangely, they all chose to wait for the next bus.

What is more shocking than the Muslim's arrogance is the sheepish compliance of his passengers. " You want to do your hocus-pocus ? Go for it Ahmed, we don't mind being late and waiting in the rain.. no probs " Little wonder, I guess, that the Muslims love being here in a country inhabited for the most part by perfect door mats.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Geert Wilders's Movie; Fitna.

Thanks to the blogosphere, Geert's movie Fitna is well and out and about. There are also an awful lot of mock versions being pumped out to put people off and loose them. Anyways, here is the real McCoy and jolly good it is too.

Network Solutions Pole Dances for Islamic Censors.

Dutch M.P. Geert Wilders had set up a website where his new movie attack on Islam in general and the Koran in particular would be viewed. Cravenly giving in to shrieking Islam, Network Solutions, the host Internet Service Provider , has closed down the site. Network Solutions is one of the biggest US ISP outfits. What a sad bunch of dhimmis ! Anyways there are other ISPs and if the worst comes to the worst, Geert has said he will hand out DVDs of the movie in Dam Square.

Friday, March 14, 2008

E.U. Opposes Biodiversity.

This morning BBC4's listeners were taken to a Seed Exchange . At these events, which occur furtively up and down the country, the seeds of vegetables and fruiting plants of certain proscribed varieties are brought in by enthusiasts and swapped. If money changes hands a crime under E.U. law will have been committed. So as to protect a small number of approved varieties ( they look good, have good shelve lives, who cares what they taste like ) all trading in other varieties is forbidden. They are no longer on sale in your garden center or anywhere. This means that without the Seed Exchanges, an enormous number of species are threatened with extinction or if lucky a dead end evolution free existence in an Arctic seed bank. Plant life is central to the food chain. It is by maintaining and encouraging variety that we enjoy a rich range of munchies and ensure all life against the possible disastrous failure of popular strains that are unable to resist some new disease or climate change or whatever. The weird cereal can be called upon, if its still there, when the standard cereal says" Sorry guys; 10-4 I'm out da door! "

This dumbest of bits of E.U. legislation is a direct and dangerous attack on biodiversity.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Maryam Namazie. Another Brave Woman.

At the March 2006 Trafalgar Square rally in defence of the Danish Mohamed cartoonists and freedeom of expression, there were three speakers of note; the LibDem MP Evan Harris, Peter Thatchell and Maryam Namazie. Maryam spoke with great clarity and passion of the cruelty and stupidity of Islam in general and the ayatollahs of her native Iran in particular. Here, in a piece by Juliet Rix of the Times, we hear about her views of Sharia and about her life.

Picture this, she says: “A child is swathed in cloth from head to toe every day. Everything but her face and hands are covered for fear that a man might find her attractive. At school she learns that she is worth less than a boy. She is not allowed to dance or swim or feel the sun on her skin or the wind in her hair. This is clearly unacceptable, yet it is accepted when it is done in the name of religion.”
Namazie is the founder of the Council of Ex-Muslims in Britain (CEMB) which started life in the middle of last year. On Monday - in celebration of the centenary of International Women's Day - she spoke at a conference on Political Islam and Women's Rights, and launched a campaign against Sharia.
Iranian Muslim by birth, Namazie, 41, is friendly and softly spoken. But she does not mince her words. It takes nerve to start an organisation for people who have rejected Islam. In Islamic law, apostasy is punishable by death. Namazie receives periodic threats, usually on her mobile phone: “One said, 'You are going to be decapitated'...I went to the police. They were very attentive at first because they thought it might be linked to the attempted bombings in Glasgow . But when they realised it wasn't, they never bothered contacting me again.” Doesn't she worry about her safety? “Yes, I do, frequently. I worry about whether I will live, especially now I am a mother. If I see someone looking at me strangely, I wonder.” Why doesn't she use a pseudonym? “They can find out who you are anyway. And the point of the Council of Ex-Muslims is to stand up and be counted.” She doesn't really like the label ex-Muslim and would prefer not to frame her identity in religious terms but, she says, it is like gays “coming out” 30 years ago: something has to become public if you are to break taboos. The CEMB has more than 100 members with inquiries from people who do not dare to join. “Some have horrendous stories but do not put them on the website because they are afraid.”
Namazie's grandfather was a mullah and her father was brought up a strict Muslim. Both of her parents (now living in America) remain Muslim. When Namazie told her father about the launch of the CEMB, she remembers that he said: “Oh no, Grandpa is going to be turning in his grave.” “So I told him that what I am doing benefits Muslims, too, because if you live in a secular society, you can be a Muslim, a Sikh, a Christian or an atheist and be treated equally.” Namazie's opposition to state religion is informed by her own experience. She was 12 when the Iranian revolution “was hijacked by the Ayatollahs” and her country became the Islamic Republic of Iran.
“I had never worn the veil and was at a mixed school. Suddenly a strange man appeared in the playground. He was bearded and had been sent to separate the sexes - but we ran circles round him.” She can still picture, too, the face of “the Hezbollah” who stopped her in the street because her head was uncovered. “I was 12 or 13. It was really scary.” Worse happened to others: “There were beatings and acid was thrown in women's faces, and there were executions on television every day,” she says. Then her school was closed “for Islamicisation”.[...]
At university, she joined the United Nations Development Programme and went to work with Ethiopian refugees in Sudan. “Six months after I arrived Sudan became an Islamic state. I was, like, this is following me around!” Along with others, Namazie started an unofficial human rights organisation, gathering information on the government. The Sudanese security service called her in for questioning. “I wasn't very respectful and the UN guy who came with me said, ‘No wonder your parents took you out of Iran'. The Sudanese guy threatened me, saying, ‘you don't know what will happen to you. You might have a motorbike accident or something'.” The UN quietly put her on a plane home.
This was a turning point, shifting her from non-practising Muslim to atheist. Two decades on, she is devoting her life to opposing religious power. She is in the midst of organising the first international conference of Ex-Muslims, to be held in London on October 10. And she is about to launch a “no Sharia” campaign.
She must have been shocked, I suggest, when the Archbishop of Canterbury said the introduction of some Sharia in Britain was unavoidable. No, she says; she wasn't even surprised. “It was quite apt, although he didn't expect the reaction he got. It was an attack on secularism really. It is, in a sense, to his benefit if there are Muslim schools and Sharia. It makes it less likely that anyone will oppose Christian schools and the privileged place of religion in society.”
She is adamant, though, that no form of Sharia should be allowed here. “It is fundamentally discriminatory and misogynist,” she says and is dismissive of the idea that people would be able to choose between Sharia and civil jurisdiction. Women could be railroaded into a Sharia court, she says. “This would hit people who need the protection of British law more than anyone else.”
She believes that we are confused about the meaning of human rights. “Rights are for individuals, not for religions or beliefs. ‘Every human is equal' does not mean that every belief is equal.” Islamists portray themselves as victims, she says, and policymakers have bought into this. Namazie says that the Muslim Council of Britain should not be seen as representative of British Muslims - but would nonetheless welcome any opportunities to debate with it. “Ex-Muslims are in a good position to challenge political Islam,” she says. “We must not let little girls or anyone else lose their human rights. We can't tolerate the intolerable for any reason - including religion.”

Maryam, with Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Wafa Sultan, is in the small but growing band of ex-muslim banner bearing front liners. Of all of us that walk the planet,they are amongst the very best and bravest.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sudan Genocide in the South. Again.

Not content with its continuing efforts to wipe out
its black co-religionists in Darfur, the Arab Muslims
of Khartoum appear to be all set to have a second go
at the South Sudanese Animists and Christians.

Without anyone anywhere protesting much, the Khartoum
regime spent twenty years trying to impose sharia on
the non-Muslim South. Its jihad resulted in 2 million
dead ( the highest mortality of any conflict since WW2 )
and was characterised by mass rapes, enslavements and
forced conversions to Islam. Worn down by the obstinate
bravery of the Southerners, Khartoum was eventually forced
to the negotiating table. At Nairobi, in January 2005,
after much gnashing of teeth, it signed a Comprehensive
Peace Agreement ( CPA ) giving the South autonomy for six
years to be followed by a referendum on independence.
The agreement also stipulated that during the six year
interim period, the revenues from the South's rich oil
resources would be equally split.

Although none of the Khartoum Muslim war criminals have
been indicted, the CPA had at least brought the South
a few years peace and the prospect of self determination.
Now though, the signs are that Khartoum, backed by China,
is reneging on the agreement, manoeuvring to grab the
South lock stock and barrel. Already Khartoum's chief honcho
Omar Hassan El Bashir has refused to withdraw his troops
as agreed and is encouraging his militias to start raiding
again. He has also repeatedly postponed censuses and
boundary delimitations in the oil producing areas from
which he clearly plans to sweep the local population in
an imminent onslaught. For him and his mates this is
unfinished business. To be precise, it is seen in Khartoum
as an irresistible spot of unfinished and now potentially
very lucrative jihad. Which to the rest of us and in
reality is simply genocide with lots of dosh for the perps.

The West needs at the very least to impose a no flying
zone over the South. If the West does nothing, El Bashir
will gleefully drown it in blood.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Virgins in Heaven.

Have just learnt a grotesque little detail
about one of the two Muslims who, having failed
to blow up a London club on Lady's Night, rushed
off up to do his thing at Glasgow Airport. When
the two rammed a lounge with a car whose explosives
failed to detonate, 27 year old Kafeel Ahmed doused
himself with petrol and screaming " Allah Akbar!"
lit a match.
Kafeel, a graduate of Davengere Engineering College
in India, Queen's Belfast and Ruskin University
Cambridge, clearly endowed with a few grey cells,
died after 30 days in a coma from the serious burns
that affected all his body. All his body that is
except his genitals. These, for the sake of the
virgins awaiting him in heaven, had been carefully
wrapped in tissues and toweling. How sad is that?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A small reverse for the Islamisation of Britain.

Better than nothing. Giving in to parent protest,
Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford has reversed
its policy of only serving halal meat dishes. Good
old parent power!

As far as I know, the Royal Navy to its shame only uses
halal beef and lamb. Oh, and in case you didnt know,
in halal slaughterhouses the animals have their
throats slit and bleed to death. They are not stunned
first and take quite a while to die.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Free Advice for Archie Cant.

Why not? So here goes. Rather than giving
himself a huge profile as an appeaser
of Islam and advocate of the introduction here
of Sharia's rabid anachronisms, perhaps the
Archbishop could spend some of his energy in
defending the Christian flock.

He knows for example that the Muslim regime
in Khartoum is responsible for the deaths of
hundreds of thousands of Southern Sudanese
Christians. He also knows that in moderate
Egypt it is illegal for a Muslim woman to
marry a Christian. If he has protested about
these and other persecutions, his protests have
been so muted and wrapped in voluminous qualifications
that they have been barely audible. Clear and robust
outspokeness here might just redeem him and even
give him a reputation as a champion of justice
and his Church. Sure, if the fee's reasonable,
I dont have anything against being retained
by Lambeth Palace as a PR consultant! Why not?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Prince of Darkness, the Archbishop and the Counter-Enlightenment.

It is easy to dismiss Archbishop Williams as a bumbling
academic lost in a fog of convoluted and contradictory
statements. Do not be fooled. Beneath all the waffle
he has in fact a very clear objective. He wants to
reverse the erosion of the role of religion in public
life that brought the Western democracies out of the
darkness of their theocratic and monarchial pasts.
This is not to deny the many important benign formative
influences of the Christian outlook. Thanks, but we have
grown up now and we need to move on. So, the Archbishop, who
has no particular interest in the enlightenment would
, I believe, be quite happy to see it rolled back in
order to entrench the position of his religion, all
religions in public life. To this end he reaches out to
all the other hot hocus-pocus players. If he can please
them and secure their thingies in a " pick an mix"
bazaar of laws and privileges, it also bolsters the
defences and existing privileges of the Anglican
Church. With immams, rabbis, shamans and cardinals etc, given
seats alongside his bishops in the Lords, the religious
cobweb is strengthend.

We live in dangerous times and should immediately
disestablish the Church of England. All religions
whose practices do not violate the law of the land
, knocked together by the humanity and bravery of
our ancestors, should be allowed. However, no office
in public affairs should be granted to a person
simply because they are a religious notable. Watch
this Archbishop. He may have a Father Christmas beard
but he is, as the cockneys would say, a tad moody.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sad Saudi Arabia

Accused by some drongo of making him impotent,
an illiterate Saudi woman, Fawzi Falih had
a confession of witchcraft beaten
out of her. Now the only way she doesnt get
her head chopped off is for top honcho
King Abdullah to give her one of his super
rare pardons.

The sooner we stop having to give the Saudis money
for oil, the sooner this 7th century horror
show will shrivel up and maybe something half
humane gets to take its place. Come on oil from
elsewhere, come on renewables and nuclear fusion!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Archie Cant Sez No Parallel Sharia Law!

So "unavoidable Sharia" must mean that he wants
Sharia included in every English person's law
of the land. What bits? Polygamy, reduced women's
rights, amputations instead of ASBOs? How will
our existing law be enriched by the marvelousness
of Sharia? We wait for his clarifications with
bated breath.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you ...

It is sufficient under Sharia law for a man
to say this for him to be shot of his wife.
Again, under Sharia a woman's testimony in
court is worth a fraction of a man's. It is
this family and marriage and, remembering stoning,
relatively mild end of Sharia that the Archbishop wants British
Law to accomodate. The man is so woolly in his
discourse that it is not clear whether he wants
Sharia included in British law or Sharia to run
parallel to it. Probably the latter. For this there
is no precedent apart from some provisions
in money lending and our shameful tolerance of
halal slaughter houses. Jewish and Christian court rulings
are all subject to the primacy of British secular law.
As they should be and as are the rulings of existing
Sharia tribunals and those of Tomato Soup Worshipers.
The Archbishop wants, it would seem, several law
systems to run in parallel to each other in a " pick
and mix market ". It is as if he is trying to re-run
the 800 year old battle between Thomas a Becket who
wanted a separate court for the clergy and Henri II
who insisted that there should be one law for all
the English. Henri, bless his socks, won.

Amidst all his contradictory waffle, the Archbishop
has said one thing clearly. He does "not agree that
there should be one law for everybody ". He should
be quietly told to go. He is not fit for the job.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ayaan Hirsi Ali for World President !

Here she is talking about Geert Wilders's
new movie that denounces the Koran as a load
of violent cobblers.

Monday, February 4, 2008

"Honour" Violence Promoted by Some Police and Civil Servants.

James Brandon and Salem Hafez of the Centre
for Social Cohesion, have produced a report,
Crimes in the Community; Honour based violence in the UK,
which is quite disgusting to read. Apparently,
"South Asians" in local governement and the
police abuse their positions to defend traditional
practices and to block attempts to halt honour

John Paton, manager of the Lancashire Family
Mediation Service in Preston has revealed that
one solicitor's office in Blackburn receives
a disproportionately large amount of business
from women victims of "honour" violence because
it employs whites only. The women know too well
that if there are co-religionists in a solicitor's
office these will not only probably deny them assistance
but report their complaints back to the family perps.

A pretty state of affairs where civil servants
and officers of the law are protecting the odious
and the illegal. Such is the growing and barely
challenged stranglehold of the UK's neo-dinosaurs.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wafa Sultan

A brave outspoken woman who fearlessly denounces Islam's greatest flaw: codified misogeny. Brought up in an Islamic country, she now lives in America and loves it to bits. Her attacks on Islam have of course meant that she has received the usual truck load of death threats. Here she is in action.
The point she makes in this clip is that the problem
is not just with the Wahabi or other
nutter Islamic groups but with the whole of Islam starting
with Mohamed himself. She goes on to praise
and urges us to defend what we in the West
take for granted. Like the freedom of
a woman alone to walk down the street, to
talk to a male neighbour or sit in Starbucks and
enjoy a coffee without being called a whore.
Strong and moving stuff!