Wednesday, September 23, 2009

British Dhimmis Ensure that Islam Rules Britain. Vogelenzangs to be Tried.

It is now an offence to criticise or mock Islam. You can apparently say what you like about any other religion. But with Islam, say our rulers; don't go there.

This is what Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang found when in the course of a discussion about Islam and Christianity with a Muslim woman they dared to say that Mohamed was a warlord and that Muslim women's wear was a form of bondage. One wonders where on earth they got those ideas from. They are being charged in Merseyside under section 5 of the Public Order Act; causing religiously aggravated alarm and distress. Lets hope the jury is not made up entirely of dhimmis*.

*A dhimmi is the Islamic term used to describe non Muslims who reside in Muslim countries. A dhimmi has little or no legal rights but is legally obliged to show total reverence for and subservience to all things Islamic. As an example of the total subjugation of dhimmis, the Coptic Christians in "moderate" Egypt have to write to the Egyptian Prime Minister for permission to replace a single broken pane of glass in any of their churches. The same of course applies for any other repair of any description. If petty regulation doesn't work then physical violence as seen recently in Pakistan is definitely on the menu. The general idea is to make life so unbearable for non Muslims that they either convert to Islam or emigrate.

The trouble here is that we have rather a lot of British non-Muslims behaving like dhimmis. These curious people who are found in offices of state as well as amongst the population at large will do anything to please Muslims at the expense of the rest of the population. We have nurses being sacked from hospitals for wearing crucifixes whilst in the same hospitals Muslims are free to wear the hajib. We have the M.O.D using halal butchers for all the armed forces Muslim or not. We have charges brought against the makers of a Dispatches documentary program that exposed the violently misogynist and racist sermons of preachers in British mosques. (Three years on and ,as far as I know, no action has been taken against the preachers or for that matter against the members of the police and Crown Prosecution Service who decided to go for the whistle blowers). We have the Whitechapel gallery removing nudes from an exhibition for fear of offending the Muslim community ( Why doesn't the Whitechapel get on with it and rename itself the East London Islamic Multi Media Centre ? ). The list of similar actions of the British honorary dhimmis is long and depressing. I guess the only thing we can do is publicise and denounce what's happening.

Source; Sunday Telegraph Sep 20th 2009, page 7.

Friday, September 11, 2009