Monday, January 10, 2011

UK Sex Gangs, Some Muslim Men, Non-Muslim Girls and Sensitivities.

We can be sure that if gangs of white non-Muslim men had been found to be systematically targeting young Muslim girls because they are " all whores ", the reaction of the authorities would have been rapid and robust.

As it is, we are now being told that, over the last few years in the North of England, of 56 men prosecuted for the grooming, abduction and rape of mostly white girls as young as 12, 50 were Muslims. One medically examined 13 year old appeared to have been raped more than 50 times. These racially and religiously aggravated sex crimes have been going on for some time but had been well hushed up. In May 2004, Colin Cramphorn Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police persuaded Channel Four to pull a documentary on their occurrence in the Bradford area. A colleague of his went as far as to suggest that some of the girls were involved as " a life style choice ". How delightful! The Law is quite clear; no one can have even consensual sex with a girl under the age of 16. These police officers should be prosecuted for abetting very serious crimes.

When these latest revelations were made, the Politically Korrect ( deliberate K ) were again quick to come out of the woodwork and declare that the crimes had nothing to do with culture or Islam and that an investigation should only proceed if special regard is given to "sensitivities".

For anyone with any real sensitivity it is not the sensitivities of the Muslim community that need to be protected. The only sensitivities that need to be protected are those of the young victims.