Saturday, November 21, 2015

Theresa May. " This has Nothing to do with Islam ". No.

Led this time by Theresa May, the cry has again gone up that " This has nothing to do with Islam." Sorry, but no. The murderers in London, New York, Paris, Madrid etc were not Amish or Catalan separatists. They were all Muslims. Again, the ideology of these Muslim killers across the globe is not some weird fabrication. It is in fact core Islamic dogma preached from Western China to Preston, to Lima and back. It is, as I have said rather often, intolerant, women hating and death loving. It is also cast in stone. It is a set of orders for every aspect of life " revealed " by God to Mohamed. Although of course, no more than the wish list of the cripplingly patriarchal 8th century desert Arab, it is deemed by Muslims to be immutable. How could you possibly question or reform the word of God?

Islam translates as Peace. Peace, that is, for Muslims alone. For the rest of us it is either dhimmitude, fourth class rights, or the peace of the grave. To list but a little of its contents, the Koran enjoins its faithful to " fight unbelievers lest God punishes you severely " to strike their necks ", " to kill them, seize them ( nice for getting slaves ) ". It says " you who believe; do not take Jews and Christians as friends or you will become one of them ". Again, " Judgement Day will not come until Muslims kill all the Jews. "

For women the message is simple. Total submission to the male. Your testimony as a woman is worth only a fraction of that of a man. You can be beaten, not on the face apparently, if you disobey the wishes of the male. The male can divorce you by simply saying " I divorce you" three times. This will result in you losing your children and the roof over your head.

At this point apologists, the West is crawling with them, will say that the Old Testament is full of similarly gross injunctions. Yes, but Christianity unlike Islam has had a reform or two. There are Christian nutters but none of them advocate death for dissenters, crucifiction and sexual slavery. These Christian nutters are also very small time compared to the millions, fed billions in petro-dollars, who proudly endorse and enact every word of the Koran blessed and egged on by thousands of mosques.

A little vignette to round of with concerning present day Islam. In Pakistan, a large number of women are held in prison because they were raped. Under the country's Islamic " law" they are deemed to have had sex outside marriage and have therefore committed adultery. The punishment for adultery is flogging and stoning. Bit of a double whammy.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Violence of Islam.

Is fed shed loads of money by the blood crazed regimes of Saudi Arabia for the Sunni brand and Iran for the Shiite one. As long as the petrol money paid to these countries is fed directly back to mosques across the world that freely preach intolerance, misogyny and necrophilia, the production line of toxic nutters will continue.

Peace in the Middle East is of course essential but lets also hope that a serious look is taken at Islam's finances. Again, would it be too much to ask that, instead of always blaming everyone else, Islam took a very hard look at itself? Its not been a very pretty sight for far too long.