Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Saudi Arabia. Fountain of Evil*.

What is beheading someone accused of " sorcery"? What is crucifying another for criticising the existing order? What is stoning a woman to death? Evil. In Saudi Arabia, these barbarities are law and are regularly perpetrated. They are perpetrated in the name of "Allah the Merciful". Here also, in Saudi Arabia, a man can divorce his wife by simply saying " I divorce you " three times. She is then out on her backside minus the kids. Here again is where you get serious slammer time if caught with a cross in your pocket. And so on and so on.

This depraved state of affairs is the consequence of the pact made between the House of Saud and the ghastly Wahabi clergy that insists on the merciless application of 8th C Koranic commands. The clergy enforces submission to the royals and the royals enforce submission to the clergy. It would be sad enough if these "laws" were visited only on natives and foreigners foolish enough to visit this benighted nation. The problem is that due to a monstrous accident of geology that endows their land with immense petro revenues, the Saudis can export the hideousness of their violent misogyny and intolerance across the globe. Financing toxic imams and mosques everywhere is exactly what they do.

Although they deny it, Saudis also bank-roll the foulest of their progeny; IS. The difference between IS and Saudi Arabia is less than the thickness of a cigarette paper.

*Saudi Arabia is of course not the only Fountain of Evil. Spare a thought for another which soon, thanks to Obama, will be armed with nuclear weapons. This other Muslim Theocracy, the Iran of the Ayatollahs, which funds the Shia extremists, is distinguished, amongst other things, for executing the most juveniles anywhere on the planet. This is not so surprising as it takes its inspiration from the now dead Grand Ayatollah Khomenei. Khomenei, clearly not in the slightest concerned with the rights of children, declared in his book of sayings "Tahir al Wasilah", that it was permissible to have sex with babies(females and sodomy only!) provided compensation was paid for any "damage" caused. What a guy, what a regime.

You all have a Kool Yule and a Brill New Year.