Friday, December 21, 2007

Vanishing Penises, Atomic Bombs, Suicidal Westerners and the Canadian Star Chamber.

In 2003, the London Arabic Paper Al-Quds Al
Arabi reported that an epidemic of penis loses
had occured in Khartoum after locals had contact
with foreigners. Said one: " The foreigner came
into my shop and shook my hand powerfully. I felt
my penis melt away." Another: " A foreigner asked
me to comb his hair. I did this. After a moment
I felt a strange sensation and found that I had
lost my penis." Khartoum was in uproar and xenophobia
at fever pitch. Hospitals overun by hysterical swarms
of the bereft. The minister of health set up an enquiry
and concluded it was all down to wicked foreign sorcery.
This same nutty society, nation, which, in its efforts to impose
the delights of sharia law, has butchered 2 million non-Muslims
in Southern Sudan, is high up on Iran's buddy list when
it comes to sharing out their atomic weapons.
Should we be worried? I think so as does Mark Steyn
who in his book America Alone points out that
no one much apart from beleaguered Bush gives a toss.

Mark Steyn has wittily analysed the dangers
presented by petro-dollar funded Islamic supremacism.
For his pains, he is now being prosecuted in Canada by a modern
version of the Star Chamber. Why? Because four Muslims
law students find his blunt verities islamophobic.
Which goes to make Steyn's point. Not only is most
of the West unwilling to stand up to islamofascism
but it will do all it can to appease it, undermine
freedom of expression and stab itself in the back.
Bravo Canada. Thats it; I'm not buying any more
Canadian moose cutlets. Oh, read America Alone before
it gets banned here too; its disturbing but also
very funny. Have a Cool Yule.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You Gotta Larf.

This death threat was sent from Oman to Charles Johnson of
Little Green Footballs

Allah Willing, thetime will come when flashes of fire will burn your belly to ash, your wife(your yahoodi whore) shall be a slave for the pleasure of the Al-Muslimoon. Inshallah, I will find yuo and killed you SOMEDAY YOU KUFFAR PIG, YOU SON OF THE APES AND THE SWINE ALLAH TA’ALLA SHALL ROAST YOUR ORGANS FOR THE PLEASURE OF THE MUSLIMS YOU SCUM FILTHEIR THNA THE COCKROACH, YOU K A F I R

Ouch! Maybe it was Islamic Rage Boy ?!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Basra handed over to Iran.

There will be great rejoicing today in Teheran as, tail
between its legs, the British Army withdraws from Basra. 
The UK governement and M.O.D have much to be ashamed of
here. Our troops, understaffed, underequiped and one arm
pinned behind their back fought a valiant but hopeless battle
against Iranian trained and armed militias. This  fiasco has
cost us 200 dead military personnel and probably four times
that many seriously wounded. The Iraqi civilian casualties are
countless more. From being a relatively liberal town, Basra has
been turned into a Teheran style hell hole. Non Shia minorities
have been driven out and over the last six months alone, and
under British noses, fifty women have been murdered for being unislamic.

So, with the West continuing to appease Iran, you definitely
dont want to be in Basra unless of course you are a fully paid up
Shia male.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lib-Dems, Islam and the Mirror.

One of the saddest things about Islam is that when it looks
in the mirror it only ever seems to see either perfection
or a victim. As one of the sites dedicated to this mindset,
islamophobiawatch   does however sometimes make
one smile.

Announcing the rejection by Ofcom of complaints that the
Channel4 documentary Undercover Mosques (see below
...a wee dhimmitude problem ) was unfair to those poor
British immams who had been preaching things like kill
all those dreadful homosexuals, the site goes on to  declare
that the reputation as friends of the Muslim community
of the LibDems ( who approved the ruling ) was looking
increasingly threadbare. Short hand; you dont support
our maniacs, we wont vote for you. So there, thats them
told. Oh and the post was titled " Ofcom rules against
Undercover Mosques " What?!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In Defence of Hornets.

Hornets like the Giant or European Hornet,vespa crabro,
get clobbered because they look dangerous. Like big scary
wasps. The females can be up to 1.5 inches. For all that, they are
in fact big girls blouses and will only sting in defence of their
nests and when they do sting their sting is less potent than
that of a bee. Hornets are the tigers of the insect world and
like the tigers they are being driven to extinction. So if you
are lucky enough to see one, give this basically innocuous
king size marvel a break. Shoo it. Dont smash it.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Madeleine Bunting and the Bliss of Islam.

Madeleine Bunting, a well established commentator,
is part of the lost left that invariably describes
Islam as a tolerant, non-sexist and non-violent
religion. A religion who's only problem is that it
is cruelly misrepresented by some in the West. Anyways,
yesterday, tuned into BBC4 I listened to Madeleine's program
on religious conversion. After briefly marveling at the conversion
of Paul on the Damascus road ( Burning bushes that talked!?
What was he on?) and  the many muscians who were converts
( Gosh! ), she devoted the rest of her time to the bliss of two
male converts to Islam. Any mention of converts from Islam
to anything else? No way; that wouldnt fit. In real Britain, Hannah
( an adopted name ), the daughter of an immam who converted
to Christianity, has had to change address 45 times to escape the
murderous attentions of her devout family.
"Death to the apostate!" they shriek. So much for tolerance and
non-violence, eh!?

Islam's many serious problems wont be resolved if they are
ignored or excused. Hey, but it is still a free world in parts, so,
carry on Madeleine, the Guardian's 400,000 readers will no doubt
clap you on.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Kosovo, the Finnished Solution

With US and EU blessing, looks like the Albanians are going
to be given Kosovo under the plan devised by Finn
Marti Ahtisaari. NATO/UN forces to stay around a
little before clearing out. The Albanians will then be able to
conclude their ethnic cleansing of the province. Not they will
probably wait or that there is much left to do. So far, under
the eyes of the NATO forces, they have already
torched/dynamite a goodly chunk of the Serbian Orthodox
churches and monastries and driven out the minority Roma and most of the Serbians. All they have to do now is get shot
of the remaining 100,000 Serbs in a few
besieged enclaves in the south and around Mitrovica in the
north. With Serbia being told that, if it lifts a finger to protect
its compatriots, Belgrade will be flattened, should be a piece
of cake. Nice one Marti!

Check this out for a wee bit of Albanian jollity
mostly while NATO ruled the place.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Black violets

Two years ago, walking in springtime in North Cornwall, I came
across a drift of wild black violets on a coastal track side
embankment. A wash of tiny dark blooms on a sea of equally
small heart shaped emerald leaves. Each flower was about 3mm
across and of a colour between dark navy blue and black.
Gorgeous. Never seen anything like that before or since. I
havent been back and cant find any mention of them in
botanical reference sources. Anyone else seen them anywhere?

BiL and Flying Saucers.

I have always thought that if flying saucers that can zig-zag
around the sky exist then they are probably using the earth's
magnetic field. That's to say they are lifted and zotted around
by magnetic levitation. ML is nothing new and is used in rapid
transit systems like the Japanese bullet trains. You produce
two oppposing magnetic fields that repel each other. One in
the track and one in the carriage and, whoosh, away you go
fast and frictionless. So to fly in the sky you have the craft's
magnetic field interact with the earth's nature made magnetic
field. Trouble is that the earth's field is so small that the craft's
magnetic field would have to be enormous. We are not yet able
to produce fields of sufficient strength but maybe our visitors
from planet X can.

It comes down to BiL. A conductor of length L meters
carrying a current i Amps in a magnetic field of B tesla
( isnt science great?!) experiences a force F Newtons where

F=BiL Newtons ( 1)    Re-arranging;  i=F/(BL) Amps ( 2 ).

Now, a craft of reasonable mass say 1,000 kilos has a weight
at the earth's surface of 10,000 Newtons ( F=10,000 ). So
if the craft had conductors of total effective length 100
meters ( L=100 ) and we substitute this with the earth's
magnetic field of 5/100,000  Tesla ( B=5/100,000 ) into ( 2 ),
the necessary current to lift the craft free of gravity is

     i=2,000,000 Amps
So, to zot around, our flying saucer would have to
generate and control currents of the order of a million
Amps.  What you get in a lightening bolt. Big potatoes, but with
the advances of superconductor technology, maybe not too far
away. So what?! So for speed freaks; Biggleswade to Surabaya
in two hours. Aerobatics; these machines would make
humming birds look like drunken ducks.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Whistle blower and billionaire law.

This week in the Observer Nick Cohen, has drawn attention to a disgraceful  Clive Ponting  like prosecution of civil servant Derek Pasquil thats due to kick off this Thursday. Derek Pasquil leaked to the Observer and New Statesman documents that showed how the Foreign and Commonwealth Office were working to introduce the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-i-Islami as the sole voices for governement to listen to on Muslim issues. Both these organisations have a fascistic and supremacist agenda aimed at the establishment of an Islamic world tyranny.

As a result of Pasquil's revelations, the governement back tracked double fast. Its now engaging with more liberal and inclusively minded Muslim representatives. Vengeful, however, against one who has risked all to defend our liberties, the powers that be are suing Pasquil under the Official Secrets Act. The same powers of course that decided to halt legal proceedings that would probably have revealed the wonderful world of Saudi billionaires, arms contracts and massive kickbacks. Derek Pasquil needs defending now. I promise my next blog wont have anything to do with Islam.

Akatra; whats dat?

A made up name which I then found happens to mean to pass, to be lifted up in Malagasy the language of Madagascar. Good enough.