Monday, February 16, 2009

Geert Wilders and Muslim Violence.

A person denouncing violence is prosecuted for it in his own country and made persona non grata for it in another. How marvelous. Geert Wilders was barred from entering the U.K. for making a connection between the violence in the sermons of some immams, that in some Koranic writings and Islamic terrorism. This, and his admittedly intemperate call for the banning of the Koran which he compares to Mein Kampf, was deemed to present so grave a danger to British public order that he had to be kept out.
No doubt his presence here might have resulted in public disorder. However, what we all know is that this disorder would not be caused by Methodists having asthmatic rage attacks and running amok in the streets. If his visit did result in disorder it would be solely due to the violence of Muslims who cannot bear to be accused of being violent. The irony of this is sadly always lost on the Muslim world.
The government should have said, if it so wished, that Islam is a wonderfully woman friendly, peaceful and tolerant religion but it would defend Wilders's right to express his opinions and that anyone responding to these views by violence or the threat of violence would be severely dealt with by the law.
It is clear that Gordon Brown's action in the Wilders case is not solely due to moral and intellectual debility. Mostly it was inspired by short-termist opportunism. He and his party are simply pandering to the Muslim constituency. This continuous appeasement of all things Muslim will not in the long run do either this country or its Muslim community any good.
Geert Wilders has never called for violence against anybody. You have to smile therefore when you find that today the British government has rolled out the red carpet for Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood big shot Sheik Wagdi Ghuniem. Hamas and the Brotherhood have violent anti-semitism as the least of their problems.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pat Condell and the Dutch prosecution of Wilders.

Here he is again, brilliant as usual, this time on the ignominy in which the Netherlands is now wallowing as it prostrates itself towards Mecca.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Homicidal Fatwas: Unpunished Crimes: Contract Killings.

Fatwas come as rulings and orders. Khomeni issued a fatwa that ruled that it was permissible for Muslims to have sex with female babies. Twenty years ago and more famously a fatwa of his ordered that it was the duty of Muslims to kill Salman Rushdie for writing the Satanic Verses. In the West this murderous type of fatwa has become all too familiar driving into hiding and, if their government can be bothered, into police protection a number of people who have mocked or criticised Islam. Most recently the Danish cartoonists, Dutch M.P. Geert Wilders and Austrian M.P. Susannah Winter have been forced to live under its constant threat of death. What has contributed greatly to this scandalous state of affairs is the total failure of Western governments to react.

For all the religious drivel with which they are dressed these fatwas are nothing more than publicly called for contract killings. They should be treated as such. We know who the individuals are who are commissioning them. Why have our governments not seen to it that international arrest warrants are issued? As we know, the national judiciaries of Wilders and Winter have been prompt to prosecute them for denouncing the abuses of Islam. Action against those contracting for their murder; Big Zero.

International warrants might not be enforceable in Iran or Pakistan but they would send a robust, appropriate and long overdue message. The non-Muslim world is not going to passively wring its hands and tolerate anymore these criminal attacks on its citizens and freedom of expression. The author of a homicidal fatwa would then also be disagreeably surprised to find that when he goes on his next trip, to shop at Harrods here or visit his brain surgeon anywhere in the civilised world, he could well be end up in court as the principle defendent in a contract killing prosecution .