Friday, May 23, 2008

The Religion of Peace. ( Britain ).

Yesterday, Mohamed Rasheed , aka Nicky Reilly, a convert to Islam, went to an Exeter family restaurant at lunch time to blow up a few infidels.  Whilst fiddling in the toilet with one of his nail bombs to presumably get it ready to trigger, it went off prematurely and made a mess of his face. Oops! 

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Religion of Tolerance ( Algeria ).

Algeria is now clearly making up for lost time in the league of Islamic states that persecute non-Muslims. A Christian woman is being taken to court accused of " practising a non-Muslim prayer without authorisation ". Nice one. Possible three years in the slammer.  Suppose she's lucky it wasen't Saudi Arabia where she would probably have copped 200 lashes followed by a beheading. She is a convert from Islam.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

West Midlands Police; Institutionally Sectarian ?

Looks that way. Its Assistant Chief Constable Anil Patani called for the prosecution of the makers of the Channel Four Documentary Undercover Mosque accusing them of splicing together excerpts from longer sermons in such a way that they were grossly misrepresented. Now that Ofcom has found that no such faking occurred and that criminal views and exhortations were expressed as revealed by the documentary, where does that leave us ? With a police force that has actively sought in the name of social cohesion to appease some of the most appalling of Islam's Saudi funded monomaniacs. Lets recall some of the things that were said;

" Take the homosexual and throw him off the mountain"
" Whoever changes his religion from Islam to anything else-kill him"
"By the age of 10, it becomes an obligation on us to force young girls to wear the hijab, if she doesent- hit her"

The National Secular Society is calling for an inquiry into the behaviour of the West Midlands Police. Excellent. The Force should also be pressed to prosecute the subjects of the documentary. As there has been no action in this direction, it seems clear that if the good name of this Force is to be restored drastic measures need to be taken. A good start would be a root and branch clear out of those officers who because of their personal faith are unable to properly fulfil their duty of protection of the community at large under the law of the land. This problem with sectarian officers should also be investigated in other forces as a matter of urgency. There are, as another example, too many reports of Asian women abuse victims not always getting from Asian officers the support that is their right.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton, the Vice Presidency and Cactus Jack Garner.

Amongst a number of distinguished appointments that he held, Texan Democrat " Cactus Jack " Garner did a stint as Franklin D. Roosevelt's Vice President. When Lyndon B. Johnson was trying to make up his mind whether or not to accept John F. Kennedy's offer of the V.P. ticket, he went to ask Garner for his advice. Garner was blunt telling him " It aint worth a bucket full of warm piss ".

Excluding the tragic possibility of the President's death in office, an event that in LBJ's case allowed him in fact to step up to the Presidency, the advice is still good. If Obama can be pressurised against his will, he is not keen, to offer Clinton the V.P., she should decline. Unless of course, which I doubt, she is feeling like a spot of self sacrifice. With her, Obama might just make it. She then becomes a ghost also ran sub John Prescott figure who could not expect Obama to stand aside from his entitlement to a whack at a second term in 2012. If he looses they are both history. Her best bet is to give Obama her generous/minimum of support as an unattached Democrat and see the Viet Vet in. Maybe then, in 2012, we would see something spectacular; Condoleeza v Hillary.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Islamic Inhumanity and World Starvation.

In this time of desperate and upward spiralling food prices, when oil producers are trousering ever greater profits, you would think that Islamic oil states would be making substantial contributions to the world food kitty known as the World Food Programme. None of it. In 2007, the greatest contribution by miles was from the US; $1,104,223,037. Saudi Arabia is 27th down the list with $6,536,959. Barely the price of one modest London princely crash pad. The United Arab Emirates is 38th with $2,100,000.
Dhimmi Watch has an explanation.

The most likely reason for this is that zakat, the almsgiving that is obligatory for all Muslims, is generally not to be given to non-Muslims. Since there is nothing preventing this aid from being given to non-Muslims, they don't give it.

What a perfect illustration of Islam's innate lack of humanity. What a disgrace.

Braying Donkey gets Democrats and Viet Vet gets US.

Thats the way it looks. Condoleeza Rice; where are you?