Friday, September 14, 2012

Innocence of Muslims. What!?

It is of course inevitable that any criticism of Islam has the potential to set the Muslim world aflame. The video Muslim Innocence starts by showing Egyptian police standing by while Muslims burn a Coptic Christian village. Shock horror; lets kill the US Ambassador and any one else we can lay our hands on. Oh and by the way, Mohamed didn't have umpteen wives one of whom was rather young. He also of course didn't kill a soul.

The US administration has asked YouTube to take the film down. YouTube has blocked it for Egypt and Libya but declined to remove it completely. The company has stated that the video did not break its guidelines that bar explicit sexuality, gratuitous violence, hate speech, animal abuse, bomb making, underage drinking etc.

Will YouTube hold out against what is simply part of a big time push towards a UN sanctioned global close down of freedom of expression when it comes to the Ideology of Peace? Lets see.

At the end of the day it is not videos, books or cartoons that inflame the Muslim world it is in fact Muslims high on Islamic intolerance and violence. Will they ever calm down? Don't hold your breath.