Friday, October 31, 2008

President Obama.

For me the importance and only* value of Obama's election is that he is black. His election is a tribute to American Democracy.

Glad as I am that a black person made it to the White House ( I'd rather have had Condi Rice ), I don't rate Obama the man. I think he is just another suit, another lawyer. Not a lot more than a slick hustler who is very good at working the system. He has never initiated any legislation worth remembering, he has never rocked the boat, challenged his party's line or sided with the brave few who have tried to flush his corrupt Chicago party machine. Not a great CV for an Agent of Change. He also has what Americans call a mean streak. In reference, unconvincingly denied, to Sarah Palin, he said" You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. " This is not just ungallant, this is the worst sort of misogynistic pimp talk. Now I might be agreeably surprised because people can grow and bloom once in office. He is going to have to do a lot of growing and blooming for me to have much regard for him.

One thing he has promised to do is talk to the ayatollahs. They will love that. Gives them yet more time to make their bombs.

*Not quite the only value. Obama is a Democrat and the Democrats have some party policies that are commendable. Like finally addressing the fact that some Americans are too poor to afford proper medical care. A scandalous state of affairs to put it mildly.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Religion of Toleration; Iran.

On the 9th of September last what passes* for a parliament in Iran voted in a law that made it a capital offence for a man to renounce Islam. Women get a life sentence. The vote was carried by 196 with 7 opposing.

*To be a member of the Iranian "parliament " you have to be a Muslim and not only that but a Muslim approved by a Supreme Council of Ayatollahs. About as democratic an assembly of zombies as anything that Joe Stalin ever cobbled together.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama and the Garden Gnome.

Stayed up late to watch the McCain-Obama townhall debate. It didn't matter that McCain had more points ( Principally that Obama, contrary to the claims of his two autobiographies and many spin doctors, is not a reformer ), McCain is simply not eye or ear candy. He is a poor orator and doesn't look great. Not great on TV where it doesn't matter what you say so much as how you sound and look. McCain was a stumpy little figure walking around the stage for no apparent reason his rambling burblings punctuated with cringe making " My friends, this..." and " My friends, that..." He said some good things but it was all lost in his appalling sounds and visuals. To be honest, he looked like a slightly deranged garden gnome who had lost his pointy hat. Sad day for the Republicans.

Obama was his usual vacuous and suave self. He won hands down.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin and Biden; Palin by a wink.

Both were courteous and reserved their serious attacks for the presidential hopefuls. Biden, as one would expect, had more detail and depth in his responses. He answered all the questions and seemed quite likable . Palin, much no doubt to the chagrin of the Obamettes, didn't implode. She didnt always answer questions put but then she has not got 40 years knowledge. She did however stand her ground offering herself and McCain as the mavericks who would shake up and change American politics. She spoke eloquently of her taking on the big enterprises in Alaska and the American need for energy self-sufficiency. She pointed out that the Iraq surge, opposed by Obama and supported by Mc Cain, was working. She spoke in her hallmark easy folksy way that connects so well with Main street. She came across as the young, fresh and energetic person she is. You could believe that she would perhaps clean out Washington. Just as Obama beats McCain in the youth and looks department, so with Palin and Biden. For me she won when she winked at her dad in the audience.
She could have landed more of a punch by pointing out that although Obama's several autobiographies and the Democratic spin machine portray Obama as a reformer his record to date shows no evidence of this at all. Obama has worked the Democratic machine ably and it has worked well for him but he has never rocked the boat or challenged his party. He has always towed the party line. See David Fredosso's book The case against Barack Obama. There were no knock out blows in this debate but one thing is for sure Palin saved herself and gave the Republican campaign a new lease of life.