Thursday, January 21, 2010

We all need to be as brave as Geert Wilders.

Canadian blogger ( Five Feet Of Fury ) Kathie Shaidle says here we shouldn't just be looking up to brave people like Geert Wilders expecting them to do it all. We need to be brave ourselves.

Geert Wilders on Trial. Holland's Shame.

Yesterday Geert Wilders appeared at a pre-trial hearing charged with insulting Islam.

The Dutch have much to be proud of. William the Silent who helped see off the mighty Spaniards, Erasmus the great humanist who stood for moderation, freewill and a reformed Catholic Church ( He didn't get it but he did try ), the innumerable painters, the great engineers, inventive shipwrights and bold seafarers. Above all, the founding of the Dutch Republic in an age of absolute monarchies. When Cromwell put down English absolutism he did so inspired by the Dutch.

I am half Dutch and proud of it but today I am angry and ashamed at what a cowed and frightened Dutch government is doing to Geert Wilders the leader of its principle political opponents. Geert Wilders is being prosecuted for describing Islam as misogynist, intolerant and violent and comparing it to Nazism. Although I think Wilders was over the top in furthermore calling for the ban of the Koran, his view of Islam is one that many would agree with. It shouldn't of course matter whether I or anyone else thought it was or was not fair comment. The West is the light of the world because it fought long and hard for the right to say anything about anything.

The currently ruling Dutch take a different view. This is probably because they are spiritual dwarfs bent on besmirching their country's good name for electoral advantage. In a December 2009 poll, the ruling Christen Democratish Appel ( ADP ) were level pegging with Wilders's Freedom Party. Getting Wilders banged up and banning his party would save their wretched bacon.( Not for long though because the Dutch would find others to represent human dignity and honesty )

If Geert Wilders looses our fight for freedom of speech, Holland is diminished and the Islamic darkness will spread yet further through the rest of Europe. We know that the Islamic states have been trying to make criticism of religion a UN enforced no-no. This prosecution through the proxy of the Lost Dutch is one important prong of their many attacks. Contact your Dutch Embassy and tell them you are not amused.