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Angel Time. The Novel.

This is the slightly futuristic tale that I've been working on for a while. Its not Dostoevski; its, as I see it, a linear wam-bam feminist 86,000 word action tale about the world ecology and religion. For $3, it can now be downloaded as a Kindle book. Worth every cent. Here is some blurb followed by an excerpt.

" Its the 2040s. A technocratic and liberal Islamic sect is highjacked by violent puritans who dream of an infidel free world. Suspecting the preparation of biological weapons, the US authorities infiltrate the sect to find out what exactly is going in their secret research laboratories.

In the fore of the investigation are ' Gloves Off ' Directorate agents Nykee Matamoros and her broody lover Lars Lensen. With Nykee addicted to the thrills of her job and Lars craving children and early retirement, the pair fight their way through the jungles of Indonesia to the mountains of Central Asia in pursuit of a secret that turns out to be more terrible than anyone could have imagined."

The mozniks came out of Emgee with Safiya at exactly the same time as they had two days earlier with Laura. Again, there were two trucks and a four wheel drive with dark tinted windows. The lead truck took up it's blocking position, parked across the road just beyond the lay-by. Seven men clambered down off it's tail gate and ambled over to join another half dozen from the second truck. As before there was a lot of horsing around and laughter. They could have been football fans going to a match.

On the far side of the lead blocking truck the driver leant against the bonnet. With half an eye on the road to check that no one was coming along, he watched as the bag of stones was unloaded and the Leader, using the toe of his boot, re-marked out the line from which the stones would be thrown. Because of an early morning and vicious cat fight between his wives, the Werewolf had handed over command of the execution squad to one of his deputies in Security and Justice.

The driver saw the Assistant and the stand-in Leader, a chubby Albanian called Fusnik Erder, reach into the car and pull out the condemned woman. She was eighteen. Her jet black crewcut hair uncovered, in a white ankle length shift, wrists cuffed behind her back, she was gagged and had several purple bruises to her face. Struggling, she made snorting noises as she was dragged across the lay bye. Unlike Laura who had been sedated, Safiya knew what was happening.

The driver hadn't been "married" to her the night before but remembered her well enough as an attractive but sullen face from the bakery. Although he knew that homosexuals had to be killed, he felt sorry for her. He was thinking it was a terrible waste when he heard the crunch of gravel.

Startled, he turned clutching his rifle at the ready. Barely four feet behind him, out of nowhere, stood a smiling Lars decked out as a moznik pilgrim. Cloaked, he had a begging bowl on a string round his neck and a staff in one hand.

Lars raised his staff.

' Salutations brother! '

' Brother, you made me jump - ' The driver lowered his rifle. ' - where did you come from? '

Lars gestured to the trees and took a step closer.

' I've come for a night's sanctuary.'

' Of course brother but you will have to wait here till justice is done - '

' Bollocks! '

In fast time, Lars swung up his silenced hand gun, put a round between the driver's eyes and yanked him by a sleeve headlong into the road side ditch.

Dropping his cloak and the staff, Lars peered round the cab and over the bonnet. Nobody had noticed the kill. With all attention fixed on the struggling figure of Safiya, he had leisure to rest the barrel of his automatic over the truck's bonnet and pick his target.

The choice was easy. He lined up on the the group of men who had gathered by the pile of stones and broken bricks.

He eased off the safety catch and started firing.

Most of the the men were felled in his first volley. Before he swept back across those who were still standing, he saw with pleasure the look of utter astonishment and terror on their faces. You come for a nice stoning and its you who get wasted. Isn't that a bummer!?

A few of those that had fallen were grabbing at their weapons. Lars gave them an extra couple of quick concentrated volleys. Swinging his arm round to fire on a group by the second truck, he heard the crackling of Hansi's Vlasova Dance Master as from the other end of the lay-by she raked back and forth over the fallen and writhing group by the stones. Her 100,000 volt lightening bolts made the dead jerk, shudder and dance almost as much as those they finished off.

Hansi was surprised that the Werewolf was nowhere to be seen. According to the mail room kid, he had presided over the killing of Laura. Furious, she gave the fallen one last electric hosing.

In under ten seconds it was mostly done. Only Safiya, the Assistant and Erder were left standing.

Nykee came running up.

At the first shots, Safiya had exploded into action. Her arms pinned at her back by cuffs and the Assistant's hold, she was facing the replacement Leader. Jerking fast back against the Assistant, she gave Erder a savage jack knife kick between the legs. As he doubled forward she delivered a perfect head butt. Blood pouring down his face from a broken nose, he fell to his knees.

Letting her go, the Assistant reached for a holstered pistol. Before he could point his drawn weapon, Nykee knocked him to the ground with the butt of her rifle.

' Stay down ! ' Picking up his 22 and tucking it into her belt, she went over to Erder and poked him with the rifle barrel.

' Keys now! '

The man moaned, fumbled in his pocket and reached out with the keys. Nykee forced him onto his stomach, parting his legs with her foot so that he lay spread eagle.

' Stay! ' She went over to Safiya, removed her gag and uncuffed her.

' Jade!...' Spluttered Safiya. She wiped the drool from her mouth and then saw Hansi who with Lars was finishing off the wounded.

'... you and Lisa... why? '

Nykee winked.

' We're the gloves off mob. We kick the fuck outta shitheads. We do it for Uncle Sam. We … '

The Assistant leapt to his feet and started running towards the tree line. Taking careful aim with her rifle, Nykee put him down with a single round that blew half his head off.

' Over there ! ' Nykee called out to Lars pointing to one of the downed mozniks who was trying to lift up his automatic. Lars shot the man and, with Hansi, went round looking for other wounded survivors. More short bursts of fire. Nykee turned back to Safiya.

' ... we are of the opinion that the mozniks are prize shitheads. '

She gave Safiya her water bottle. Safiya took several long gulps and handed it back.

' Give me. I've used one before. ' Safiya put out her hand for the 22 that Nykee had in her belt.

Nykee hesitated and then relented showing her how to hold it with both hands.

' When you're ready, slip that catch and squeeze gently. '

Taking the gun, Safiya went over to Erder.

' You who like death so much, who like to kill so much - '

She pointed the gun at first in what Nykee thought would be a head shot.

' - enjoy yourself - '

She slipped the safety catch and knelt down behind him.

' - say hello to your seventy two virgins ! '

**The first few chapters of the tale can be previewed in the Amazon-Kindle on line bookshop.Book.

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Dubai and Rape. Alicia Gali and another Triumph of Islamic Justice.

Dubai likes to promote an image of itself as a civilised, elegant and cosmopolitan resort for the well off. In this it has succeeded well enough. After all, such aware and tasteful people as the Beckhams would never have bought a home there if it was simply a bin for the vulgar rich.

There is of course another side to Dubai. The dark Muslim Law side. The Shariah Law side. In June 2008, 27 year old Australian Alicia Gali was drugged and gang raped by co-workers there at the Starwood Le Meridien hotel. Slipped a sledgehammer knock-out potion in the bar, she woke up with four broken ribs and covered in bruises. She says the hotel ( No scandals please ) and the Australian consulate ( Don't rock the boat Sheila ) told her to keep quiet. She says that the hotel even went as far as to withhold her passport so that she couldn't get out of the country for proper medical treatment. When she eventually got to a local hospital, she was advised that she had most definitely been brutally raped whilst unconscious and should report it to the police. She did. Big mistake! Made to sign a document in Arabic that wasn't translated for her, she was given a year in the slammer for " sex outside marriage ". She served eight nightmare months, the same as the perps. Under Shariah Law, you are not raped unless four male witnesses say you were.

Alicia's case is high profile and disgusting but, throughout the Muslim world, prisons are well populated with women rape victims who cop the double whammy. Get raped and go to prison. Nice.