Thursday, December 18, 2014

Denmark Welcomes its Returning Jihadis.

Jihadis returning home to Denmark are having the red carpet rolled out for them. No questions asked, they will be simply deemed to have been a tad "wayward" and given all the benefits of an advanced generous social democracy. Free saunas and foot massages no doubt included.

What, for reasons best known to themselves alone, the Danes are choosing to ignore is the fact that these wonderful young men are quite probably guilty of the most horrendous atrocities. Take for example the manual issued by the Islamic State that gives detailed instructions on how to rape Non-Muslim girls. Is it likely that these returning jihadis will not have availed themselves of this encouragement, this licence to commit the foulest of crimes? No, not really. What the Danes are doing is precluding the possibility of justice for the victims of the Islamic State´s barbarities.

Are the Scandinavians sometimes a bit of a bad joke? Oh yes.