Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gordon Brown Sells Britain to Saudi Arabia.

Gordon Brown has asked the Saudis to buy into Britain, and the West, big time. In exchange for buying as much of our land, businesses, media etc, as they can ( one hell of a lot ),he undertook to support them in world organisations. No doubt sponsoring their candidacy for bodies like the UN Human Rights thingie. For us Westerners, it sounds like a lose-lose deal. The Wahabis take us over and then we get to smile politely as they bury our culture and take us back to the eighth century. Nice one Gordo! Read all about it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

US Health; the Democrat's Obligation.

In their election manifesto, the US Democrats gave an undertaking to provide something like the European provision of medical care for all. It is a disgrace that some citizens of this the most powerful nation can go without proper medical treatment for lack of money. Health and education for all are the corner stones of a just and therefore durable society.

Now that the Democrats have the presidency and overwhelming control of Congress, they have absolutely no excuse for not immediately enshrining this measure in law.