Monday, August 30, 2010

Belles in Bras on Streets of Kandahar Sponsored by Taliban.

Wouldn't that be great? Well for the moment we will have to be content with seeing it at the Notting Hill Carnival. Nice sunny day. One shooting on last night.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg; Admirer of Islam.

Bloomberg wrote in the London Times that anyone can open a place of worship anywhere( In the West )*; correct. He also said that Islam had nothing to do with the New York bombings; wrong. For the record here is my reply to the Times. Not published but here nonetheless in its modest way in the public domain.

Sir, Mayor Bloomberg ( 7 Aug ) was wrong to assert that Islam had nothing to do with the Twin Towers bombings. The bombers were Muslim and their support from the Islamic community may have been small but it was not insignificant. To plan an opening of a mosque on the anniversary of the atrocity and on its doorstep shows a lack of sensitivity that will do nothing to repair Islam's tarnished image.
Something more fitting, perhaps, would be to dedicate the buildings funding to a reform of Islam that would preclude the inspiration of acts of violence.

* Try opening a non-Muslim place of worship in a Muslim country! Don't even think about it.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Betrayal of Afghan Women. Aisha and the Degenerate Taliban.

Now days the talk in Afghanistan is of negotiation with the Taliban. When, quite soon, NATO and its allies withdraw from the country, the Taliban will return to power or at the very least be partners in some frightfully corrupt and flaky governing coalition. When this happens, the thousands of dead and crippled Westerners and Afghans and the trillions of dollars spent will simply have taken the country and in particular all its women back to the degenerate stone age of the Taliban tyranny. In the Taliban hell, women (denied all education or rights) are there to be abused, mutilated and murdered at will. This will happen because when all is said and done most Afghan men rather like the Taliban way of doing things.

For trying to escape from a marriage where she was beaten and lived in fear of her life, Aisha above, was taken at night from her village in Uruzgan and dragged into the woods where she was condemned by the good Muslim local Taliban commander and mullah to have her nose and ears cut off. This was done with alacrity by her inlaws with her husband wielding the knife. She was left for dead but managed to survive*. This is institutionalised barbarism. This is again Islam. This is the Taliban.

*Thanks to Time magazine and others, Aisha will go to America for reconstructive surgery. Very few female victims of this deplorable society will be so lucky.