Thursday, November 10, 2011

Betrayal of Afghan Women by EU. In-Justice.

Half the women in Afghan jails are there for so called " moral crimes ". These include women deemed to be adulterers because they were raped, women who flee brutal husbands or households and women who have simply displeased in some way or another some pathetic and ridiculous Afghan male.

As NATO's departure approaches, the abandonment of Afghan women to the testosterone poisoned " values" of the Taleban is proceeding more and more rapidly. In the latest grotesque twist, the process has been given an accelerating shove by the EU. This august body commissioned a documentary to highlight the plight of women in Afghan jails. However, when the film, entitled In-Justice, was completed,the EU decided that it should not be released. The reason it gave was that it had been advised by members of the Afghan " judiciary " that showing the film would endanger the two principle imprisoned women whose cases were exposed. This not withstanding the fact that these two brave women, one made pregnant by her rapist and the other who fled after being beaten with an iron bar by her husband, had knowingly collaborated with the film makers precisely because they wanted the injustice of what they and other women suffer to be revealed.

Reading between the lines, it seems clear that in the end the shamefully timid and appeasing EU values its relationship with the perps of the Afghan " judiciary " a whole lot more than the condition of half of Afghanistan's population. How sad is that ?