Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chamberlain Obama in the White House, Joy in Teheran.

Neville Chamberlain was a decent man who did not want a repeat of the First World War's carnage. He thought he could talk down/buy off Hitler. All he did, as we know, was give Hitler more time to re-arm. The ayatollahs will be very happy to talk tough, talk sweet, talk anything provided they can carry on talking long enough to get more time to arm themselves with yet more atomic bombs ( US intelligence has told Obama they already have one ). Like Chamberlain, Obama is a decent but equally naive man.The idea that his saccharin message to the Iranians will weaken the hardliners in the coming "election"** is risible. They will argue quite convincingly that they took a tough line and lo the Great Satan is on his knees begging to be friends.
Let us imagine for a moment however that Ahmadinejad and his friends don't make it in the Iranian "elections". Will the so called moderates be any less keen on acquiring nuclear weapons? There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that this might be the case. All the ayatollahs want the kit and they want it bad. Sorry Barack ; no cigar.

** To stand in the Iranian "elections " you have to be a muslim and you have to be approved by a small gang of self appointed and blood thirsty saurians known as the Supreme Council of Ayatollahs. Kind of "election" Joe Stalin used to have.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Omar al-Bashir digs himself into a deeper hole.

This criminal is so outrageous its almost comical. The instant ( apparently within seconds ) a warrant is issued for his arrest on war crime and crimes against humanity in Darfur he expels the biggest charities working there. Without any witnesses on the ground he can now merrily massacre the surviving Darfuris. " You accuse me of war crimes!? O.K.; now I'm gonna really finish the job! " Looks like the old sad pattern of Muslims reacting with furious violence when they are accused of violence.

Meanwhile his friends at the UN are trying to get the warrant rescinded or postponed. " The warrant" they screech " has/will make things more difficult! Poor Omar, just let him quietly get on with the business " Yes, right, leave the poor sod alone. He hasen't had a chance to complete his program of genocide.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Omar al-Bashir: -100, Luis Moreno Ocampo: +100

Today the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Omar. He may not get thrown in the slammer for a while but he is definitely on his way. At last. First time its happened to a sitting head of state. This has upset a lot of big wigs like the Chinese* leadership and other ruling princes of darkness.

Al-Bashir is not just responsible for the Darfur horrors. He was also a leader behind the Muslim war of extermination waged against the Southern Sudanese Christians and Animists. That little jihadic episode that preceded Darfur, involving mass murder, mass rape, mass forced conversions to Islam and wholesale enslavement, cost a conservatively estimated 2 million lives. This wretched criminal is not the only nasty in the Khartoum regime but taking him down is an excellent start.

Oh, and lets not forget that when the Arab Muslims of Khartoum go for the local Black Muslims of Darfur they are not inspired by racism alone. Again when they go for the Black Christians and Animists of South Sudan it's not just that nice old mix of racism and religious bigotry that stokes their barbarism. There is in both cases an added big dollop of simple greed. In Darfur its for land, in the South its land and petroleum resources.

Congratulations to the ICC's chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo.

*The Chinese are not just scared of tyrannical rulers like themselves being brought to justice, they are also major investors in the developement of oil fields stolen by the Muslims of Khartoum from the South Sudanese Animists and Christians.