Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Homage to the Kurds of Kobane.

Homage in particular to the women Kurdish fighters who fought as fiercely and as long as their male counterparts. With the aid of Allied Bombing raids, in an epic two month battle, they saw off the degenerate Isis slavers who had tried to seize Kobane. It cost the Kurds dearly. Around 200 dead and large parts of their town devastated. For Isis, it was a first and major reverse. It was Stalingrad with over 1000 of its barbarians sent to cop their nightly 72 ( or is it 69 ; I can never remember ) virgins.

In the Kurdish society from which these remarkable people come, men and women are given equal standing and representation in all political, administrative and military organisations. We in the West are way behind them.

One of the wonderful footnotes to come out of this conflict is that the Kurdish women terrorised Isis: if you get killed by a woman there is no heaven, no virgins, nothing. What a bummer!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Shame On Deputy Children's Commissioner Sue Berelowitz.

A while back, confronted with the Rotherham child abuse scandal, Berelowitz turned her back on what was staring her in the face. She refused to recognise that the great majority of the perps were Muslims that targeted in gangs white Non-Muslim girls. What was clearly happening didn't fit with her views from within the Islington/Guardian bubble. As a consequence, it took years, during which many more young lives were broken, for the truth to be revealed by journalists like Andrew Norfolk of the Times. It was an uphill struggle against her and those of her ilk in Rotherham's Council and Police Force and elsewhere many of whom claimed until the very last that what was being revealed was no more than a Murdoch Press smear of Labour authorities.

The industrial scale racist and sectarian pedophilia and misogyny that was allowed to thrive on her watch due to her prejudices and lack of professionalism is staggering. If she had half a peanut's worth of decency she would resign. Don't hold your breath on that one.

For more on this sorry subject see Sectarian Paedophilia and Mr Vaz, Donkeys and Toilet Paper. and also Life style choices of 12 year olds.