Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America.

From the low of of his groveling Cairo speech to the Muslim world where all he could say about Muslim women was that they " Had the right to wear the veil ", Obama has grown in my esteem at least in terms of what of what he says.

Adressing in May both the U.K. Commons and Lords, Obama eloquently made the point that the growing influence of countries like Brazil, China and India in no way diminuishes the importance of the role of America and its European allies. Without our might and fortitude, who else will defend and promote democracy round the globe?

It was an excellent speech. A shot in the arm as we stumble around haunted by thoughts of economic doom and self doubt.

Obama has also said some great things about the US Armed Services vets. " No one who has worn America's uniform should have to sleep on America's streets. " Lets hope he can put the money in to back his words.
In LA alone there are about 20,000 homeless men and women who risked their lives for their country.