Thursday, June 15, 2017

Elaction Results: Great to Be Wrong! Corbyn the dedicated Brexiter Does It.

That May is only now able to rule with the help of the DUP is truly lovely. Apart from having comically severe sexual hangups, the DUP is not the sharpest knife in the kitchen: they want the border with the Republic to stay as it is and they want a Very Hard Brexit. Serious Dimwit Territory. Ruth Davidson and her Scottish contingent are, not withstanding her protestations, nothing but May´s lobby fodder lap dogs. What´s the matter with the Scots that they were so easily conned into thinking that Davidson is going to be able to lift her little finger for Scotland? O.K, O.K Scotland´s Labour Stooge urged tactical voting against the SNP clearly preferring a Tory governement to a strong SNP! Also, Sturgeon should have drowned all mention of indyref2. Corbyn? Well Corbyn won seats by promising everyone the moon and convincing a lot of the Selfharmers that he is pro Brexit which is not terribly difficult because that is exactly what he is and allways has been. The result, however, is that more moderate and, dare I even say it, Breturn views are gaining sway. Good old Ken Clarke, love him to bits! Things are looking up.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

May's Landslide Saved by Muslim Monsters

It was embarrassing to see May at the microphones hours after the Manchester atrocity. She looked relieved not to say elated to be able to pontificate about Strong Leadership. Strong on Leadership. Strong on Terrorism. Strong on the Weather. Strong on Cauliflowers. Hardly surprising as earlier in the day she and the Clowns and Cretins had taken a pasting over her countless U turns, care for the elderly and the winter fuel allowance etc. The difference in the polls between Labour and the Cretins was rapidly narrowing. And then Boom! I don't think the Cretins were not going to increase their majority but it looked for a moment as though their majority might not be so monstrous. Now, thanks to the Monsters, Thursday will be a real wipe out for sanity and the future.

What of the Monsters? I reckon it is high time, as the brave Nazir Afzal says ( He lost his job as chief executive of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners for his outspoken views ), that the Muslim Community stopped claiming that these necrophiles have nothing to do with Islam. The Muslim Community needs to step up and own these atrocities. The Monsters are not Amish, Sikhs or Basque Separatists; they are Muslims. The Muslim Community needs to recognise this and stop birthing these degenerates.

Brexit? Well, given that Corbyn did SFA to prevent it happening and eagerly lept into bed with the Cretins to facilitate its triggering, what have we got? Two intellectually challenged ex geography teachers locking horns over who can best self harm. Depressing but at the end of the day Labour have got to be voted for if it comes to a choice between them and the Cretins. Vote LibDem if they have a chance as they are with the SNP the only ones who want the public to have a vote on the sorry deal that the Cretins will bring back from Brussels. If you are Scots vote for Nicola. I have spoken!

My prediction; Cretin majority of 50 and the SNP down to 40. The LibDems ? Sadly, realistically, they will be lucky to get 4 seats with the happy clappy evangelist playing the guitar as they cab off to nowhere. Buckle on your seat belts; its gonna get real crazy.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Reversing Brexit with the Lib Dems.

Today, the Clowns and Cretins have formally pitched us out onto Desolation Street. How sad is that? It has made me cry and rage.

But, as like crazy the daffs bloom and the birds sing, let us not despair too much; I've changed my mind about the way to reverse Brexit. Forget my earlier idea of a new centrist party called the Mods. Nice but too complicated.

For a Reverse/Return to be effected, boldly labeled Remainer parliamentary seats have to be created. The Labour Party, which is by and large indifferent to the ideals of the EU and has cravenly collaborated with the Tories is, as it Trots off to nowhere, of no use whatsoever. It is the Lib Dems alone who are in a position to democratically bring about a return to the EU. They showed their potential in Richmond. With at least a hundred or more constituencies which like Richmond have comfortable Remain majorities to be plucked, it is a no brainer. The Lib Dems need simply to stand up now and say loud and clear that they are home for the Sane. Lets hope they do this and save themselves and the country.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Stopping or Reversing Brexit. The Moderates, a New Party.

Anyone criticising Brexit is howled at by the Clowns and Cretins as defying the democratic will of the people.Heaven Forbid! However, as we are of course all democrats, here is a way of smashing Brexit in a properly democratic way that will make the Clowns and Cretins choke with impotent rage. Lovely.

As far as the Brexiters are concerned, the 16 million who voted remain are losers who can glibly be ignored if they don't knuckle under. " It's a done deal, it's all over. Let's all get on with Project Rubbish. There is no other option now! " Yell the Brexiters. Well, sorry but no. The Clowns and Cretins are big time wrong. The intransigent Remainers and those who will join them as living standards crash can be organised into a potent political force. Since in Parliament, only the SNP feels able to formally oppose Brexit, it is time for a new centrist party that would campaign in by-elections and the next general election for a reformed EU. We stay inside or return back inside and clean it up. Outside of Scotland, there are hundreds of constituencies to be targeted where good majorities voted in the referendum to remain. The new centrist party would return democratically a solid pro EU block of MPs to democratically give the Brexiters the boot.

How about calling this new centrist party the Moderates? It abreviates pleasingly to the Mods. With a bit of dosh, we don our parkhas and leap on our Vespas and do it. It won't be quite so easy but us Remainers/Mods should take heart from the words of de Gaulle in another dark time: " We have lost a battle but we have not lost the war".

Tomorrow, 17th of January 2017, Theresa May will tell the world a little about her Brexit plans. She will also tell the British that thanks to her good friend Donald the future for a Trumpish and totally deregulated Britain is rosy. Sure, and pigs will fly.