Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Virgins in Heaven.

Have just learnt a grotesque little detail
about one of the two Muslims who, having failed
to blow up a London club on Lady's Night, rushed
off up to do his thing at Glasgow Airport. When
the two rammed a lounge with a car whose explosives
failed to detonate, 27 year old Kafeel Ahmed doused
himself with petrol and screaming " Allah Akbar!"
lit a match.
Kafeel, a graduate of Davengere Engineering College
in India, Queen's Belfast and Ruskin University
Cambridge, clearly endowed with a few grey cells,
died after 30 days in a coma from the serious burns
that affected all his body. All his body that is
except his genitals. These, for the sake of the
virgins awaiting him in heaven, had been carefully
wrapped in tissues and toweling. How sad is that?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A small reverse for the Islamisation of Britain.

Better than nothing. Giving in to parent protest,
Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford has reversed
its policy of only serving halal meat dishes. Good
old parent power!

As far as I know, the Royal Navy to its shame only uses
halal beef and lamb. Oh, and in case you didnt know,
in halal slaughterhouses the animals have their
throats slit and bleed to death. They are not stunned
first and take quite a while to die.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Free Advice for Archie Cant.

Why not? So here goes. Rather than giving
himself a huge profile as an appeaser
of Islam and advocate of the introduction here
of Sharia's rabid anachronisms, perhaps the
Archbishop could spend some of his energy in
defending the Christian flock.

He knows for example that the Muslim regime
in Khartoum is responsible for the deaths of
hundreds of thousands of Southern Sudanese
Christians. He also knows that in moderate
Egypt it is illegal for a Muslim woman to
marry a Christian. If he has protested about
these and other persecutions, his protests have
been so muted and wrapped in voluminous qualifications
that they have been barely audible. Clear and robust
outspokeness here might just redeem him and even
give him a reputation as a champion of justice
and his Church. Sure, if the fee's reasonable,
I dont have anything against being retained
by Lambeth Palace as a PR consultant! Why not?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Prince of Darkness, the Archbishop and the Counter-Enlightenment.

It is easy to dismiss Archbishop Williams as a bumbling
academic lost in a fog of convoluted and contradictory
statements. Do not be fooled. Beneath all the waffle
he has in fact a very clear objective. He wants to
reverse the erosion of the role of religion in public
life that brought the Western democracies out of the
darkness of their theocratic and monarchial pasts.
This is not to deny the many important benign formative
influences of the Christian outlook. Thanks, but we have
grown up now and we need to move on. So, the Archbishop, who
has no particular interest in the enlightenment would
, I believe, be quite happy to see it rolled back in
order to entrench the position of his religion, all
religions in public life. To this end he reaches out to
all the other hot hocus-pocus players. If he can please
them and secure their thingies in a " pick an mix"
bazaar of laws and privileges, it also bolsters the
defences and existing privileges of the Anglican
Church. With immams, rabbis, shamans and cardinals etc, given
seats alongside his bishops in the Lords, the religious
cobweb is strengthend.

We live in dangerous times and should immediately
disestablish the Church of England. All religions
whose practices do not violate the law of the land
, knocked together by the humanity and bravery of
our ancestors, should be allowed. However, no office
in public affairs should be granted to a person
simply because they are a religious notable. Watch
this Archbishop. He may have a Father Christmas beard
but he is, as the cockneys would say, a tad moody.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sad Saudi Arabia

Accused by some drongo of making him impotent,
an illiterate Saudi woman, Fawzi Falih had
a confession of witchcraft beaten
out of her. Now the only way she doesnt get
her head chopped off is for top honcho
King Abdullah to give her one of his super
rare pardons.

The sooner we stop having to give the Saudis money
for oil, the sooner this 7th century horror
show will shrivel up and maybe something half
humane gets to take its place. Come on oil from
elsewhere, come on renewables and nuclear fusion!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Archie Cant Sez No Parallel Sharia Law!

So "unavoidable Sharia" must mean that he wants
Sharia included in every English person's law
of the land. What bits? Polygamy, reduced women's
rights, amputations instead of ASBOs? How will
our existing law be enriched by the marvelousness
of Sharia? We wait for his clarifications with
bated breath.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you ...

It is sufficient under Sharia law for a man
to say this for him to be shot of his wife.
Again, under Sharia a woman's testimony in
court is worth a fraction of a man's. It is
this family and marriage and, remembering stoning,
relatively mild end of Sharia that the Archbishop wants British
Law to accomodate. The man is so woolly in his
discourse that it is not clear whether he wants
Sharia included in British law or Sharia to run
parallel to it. Probably the latter. For this there
is no precedent apart from some provisions
in money lending and our shameful tolerance of
halal slaughter houses. Jewish and Christian court rulings
are all subject to the primacy of British secular law.
As they should be and as are the rulings of existing
Sharia tribunals and those of Tomato Soup Worshipers.
The Archbishop wants, it would seem, several law
systems to run in parallel to each other in a " pick
and mix market ". It is as if he is trying to re-run
the 800 year old battle between Thomas a Becket who
wanted a separate court for the clergy and Henri II
who insisted that there should be one law for all
the English. Henri, bless his socks, won.

Amidst all his contradictory waffle, the Archbishop
has said one thing clearly. He does "not agree that
there should be one law for everybody ". He should
be quietly told to go. He is not fit for the job.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ayaan Hirsi Ali for World President !

Here she is talking about Geert Wilders's
new movie that denounces the Koran as a load
of violent cobblers.

Monday, February 4, 2008

"Honour" Violence Promoted by Some Police and Civil Servants.

James Brandon and Salem Hafez of the Centre
for Social Cohesion, have produced a report,
Crimes in the Community; Honour based violence in the UK,
which is quite disgusting to read. Apparently,
"South Asians" in local governement and the
police abuse their positions to defend traditional
practices and to block attempts to halt honour

John Paton, manager of the Lancashire Family
Mediation Service in Preston has revealed that
one solicitor's office in Blackburn receives
a disproportionately large amount of business
from women victims of "honour" violence because
it employs whites only. The women know too well
that if there are co-religionists in a solicitor's
office these will not only probably deny them assistance
but report their complaints back to the family perps.

A pretty state of affairs where civil servants
and officers of the law are protecting the odious
and the illegal. Such is the growing and barely
challenged stranglehold of the UK's neo-dinosaurs.