Friday, May 27, 2016

Junker, the Anti-Democrat, Gives Brexit a Big Boost.

Jean-Claude Junker, President of the European Commission, is not a democrat. He has declared that the will of electorates in the EU can be overturned if they produce governments that are not of his liking. He and other despots of the Commission have now apparently arrogated to themselves the power to crush at will any elected EU government. Countries like Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Holland and France that have produced in democratic elections governments or large parties that reflect concern about mass immigration into Europe have been told that they will be ostracised and economically sanctioned for the views of their electorates. This is not just champagne socialism on meths, this is fascism. It is also a massive shot in the arm for Brexit. The Leavers might well ask who in their right mind would want to stay in a political organisation that is so shamelessly un-democratic?

I would say stay and reform the EU. Start the reform by sacking Junker and those of his ilk. In the Union, Britain, with its great tradition of the paramountcy of parliament, could be a big and powerful reforming force.

Monday, March 7, 2016

EU Referendum Happy Days.

Looks as though Scotland will get another go at Independence.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Muslim Misogynists of Rotherham, Stockholm and Cologne. Varg Gyllander. Dan Eliasson. Henriette Reeker. Stockholm Syndrome by Proxy.

The sad fact is that the men now flooding into Europe come for the most part from severely misogynistic and repressive Muslim societies where women and Non-Muslims are treated as second class citizens. Many come believing that even if Western Non-Muslim women are not all infidel slags gagging for it, they can treat them all as such and they can get away with it.

Hardly surprising as in the West the default reaction to the racist and sectarian attacks by Muslim men on Non-Muslim women is to always cover up and or make excuses. Here in Rotherham, Derby, Oxford and a score of other British towns, men of Pakistani origin have organised the grooming and abuse of young white girls on an industrial scale. Typically, the authorities in Rotherham denied that there was any problem at all. Confronted with the case of a 12 year old who had been groomed, drugged, sold around and raped more than 50 times, a senior police officer stated that it was the girl's life style choice! In Britain, the minimum age for a girl to have sex of any kind is 16.

In Sweden, which has admitted so many young Muslim men that there are now in the country as a whole 120 youths for every 100 girls, the rape rate is 10 times that for other European states. Self styled feminists have asserted that this scandalous statistic is simply due to the male/female inbalance which results in sexual violence wherever it occurs. Unfortunately for these bogus feminists, a 2006 study by Ann-Christine Hjelm at Karlstad University found that 85% of those jailed for rape in Sweden were foreign born or second generation migrants. Just last week, all Varg Gyllander, Stockholm pólice spokesperson, had to say about hushed up mass sexual assaults in his town was that there was no cover-up. Things just happen. Anything to say about the ethnicity, religion of the perps? " Oh no, we don't go to those dark places " Gives one, in passing, a rather alarming view of the Swedish police's crime prevention strategy. Perhaps I am being a tad unkind. Perhaps the Swedes simply don't consider rape, when committed by migrants, to be much of a crime. Meanwhile, Dan Eliasson, Stockholm police chief, who by his own admission vomits at the thought of anyone opposed to mass immigration, provides us with a lovely example of what I would call Stockholm Syndrome by Proxy. (The subject sympathises with the abuser of a person in the subject´s care ). Commenting on the stabbing to death by a Somali refugee of a young woman who volunteered to work with refugees, Eliasson said the Somali must have been through some horrible experiences. Gosh, that's allright then!

In Cologne, the police again at first declared that New Year's Eve had passed " calmly ". When the truth emerged, thanks largely to social media, that over 600 women had been attacked by migrants, the town's mayor, Henriette Reker, response was to call for the women of Cologne to alter their habits. No doubt she would like them to only step out in burkas in the company of a male family member.

We all know that for fear of stigmatising Muslim immigrants, authorities across Europe have failed to properly investigate and prosecute the sectarian and racist sexual crimes committed by some of these migrants. This is a gross betrayal of women and does not help the Muslims.In my opinión, those officials that have been party to this appalling dereliction of duty should be fired and robustly prosecuted.

Again, the profoundly misogynist, racist and sectarian amongst the migrants should be told that, for all the injustices that still persist, Europeans are proud of and will defend the equality between genders, all sexual orientations and belief (or lack thereof ) that have been fought for. If they cannot accept this, we will not tolerate their presence. Hopla! Ten-Four OutdaDoor!.

Will the Europeans authorities be firm? Probably not which means we are in for a lot of hand wringing and tears.

Personally, I would like Europe to short circuit the problem of dodgy males by following the humane example of Canada. Canada will now only accept women, children and spouses. No single men.

Of course, Canada can pick and choose. It has a sea barrier thousands of kilometers wide. Europe, with the open door of Greece, has one that is barely five kilometers. Europe also has no land barriers other than the frontiers of its southern states. Not great. Again, where would Europe deport its recalcitrant migrants to? Baghdad, Damascus, Algiers? Difficult to say the least. The migrants already in are all of them probably here to stay. It is vital for everyone that these migrants are forcefully educated to recognise, respect and enjoy the superiority of Western social democratic values.

In the end, if the European authorities throttle back the migrant tide they will do so not because of the way Muslims treat women but because Europe cannot take the numbers. Not even Germany has got the resources in terms of health, education, housing and general infrastructure to rapidly accommodate extra millions of any description.

Lets hope that peace in Iraq and Syria is not too long in coming. Now here´s an idea. As American and British forces created the Syria and Iraq mess and Germany and Sweden have triggered the East to West tsunami, lets have serious US, British, German and Swedish boots on the ground to enforce peace. Would they be seen as crusaders? Probably but who cares if they get the job done?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Saudi Arabia. Fountain of Evil*.

What is beheading someone accused of " sorcery"? What is crucifying another for criticising the existing order? What is stoning a woman to death? Evil. In Saudi Arabia, these barbarities are law and are regularly perpetrated. They are perpetrated in the name of "Allah the Merciful". Here also, in Saudi Arabia, a man can divorce his wife by simply saying " I divorce you " three times. She is then out on her backside minus the kids. Here again is where you get serious slammer time if caught with a cross in your pocket. And so on and so on.

This depraved state of affairs is the consequence of the pact made between the House of Saud and the ghastly Wahabi clergy that insists on the merciless application of 8th C Koranic commands. The clergy enforces submission to the royals and the royals enforce submission to the clergy. It would be sad enough if these "laws" were visited only on natives and foreigners foolish enough to visit this benighted nation. The problem is that due to a monstrous accident of geology that endows their land with immense petro revenues, the Saudis can export their hideousness across the globe. Financing toxic imams and mosques everywhere, that is exactly what they do.

Although they deny it, they also bank-roll the foulest of their progeny; IS. The difference between IS and Saudi Arabia is less than the thickness of a cigarette paper.

*Saudi Arabia is of course not the only Fountain of Evil. Spare a thought for another which soon, thanks to Obama, will be armed with nuclear weapons. This other Muslim Theocracy, the Iran of the Ayatollahs, which funds the Shia extremists, is distinguished, amongst other things, for executing the most juveniles anywhere on the planet. This is not so surprising as it takes its inspiration from the now dead Grand Ayatollah Khomenei. Khomenei, clearly not in the slightest concerned with the rights of children, declared in his book of sayings "Tahir al Wasilah", that it was permissible to have sex with babies(females and sodomy only!) provided compensation was paid for any "damage" caused. What a guy, what a regime.

You all have a Kool Yule and a Brill New Year.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Theresa May. " This has Nothing to do with Islam ". No.

Led this time by Theresa May, the cry has again gone up that " This has nothing to do with Islam." Sorry, but no. The murderers in London, New York, Paris, Madrid etc were not Amish or Catalan separatists. They were all Muslims. Again, the ideology of these Muslim killers across the globe is not some weird fabrication. It is in fact core Islamic dogma preached from Western China to Preston, to Lima and back. It is, as I have said rather often, intolerant, women hating and death loving. It is also cast in stone. It is a set of orders for every aspect of life " revealed " by God to Mohamed. Although of course, no more than the wish list of the cripplingly patriarchal 8th century desert Arab, it is deemed by Muslims to be immutable. How could you possibly question or reform the word of God?

Islam translates as Peace. Peace, that is, for Muslims alone. For the rest of us it is either dhimmitude, fourth class rights, or the peace of the grave. To list but a little of its contents, the Koran enjoins its faithful to " fight unbelievers lest God punishes you severely " to strike their necks ", " to kill them, seize them ( nice for getting slaves ) ". It says " you who believe; do not take Jews and Christians as friends or you will become one of them ". Again, " Judgement Day will not come until Muslims kill all the Jews. "

For women the message is simple. Total submission to the male. Your testimony as a woman is worth only a fraction of that of a man. You can be beaten, not on the face apparently, if you disobey the wishes of the male. The male can divorce you by simply saying " I divorce you" three times. This will result in you losing your children and the roof over your head.

At this point apologists, the West is crawling with them, will say that the Old Testament is full of similarly gross injunctions. Yes, but Christianity unlike Islam has had a reform or two. There are Christian nutters but none of them advocate death for dissenters, crucifiction and sexual slavery. These Christian nutters are also very small time compared to the millions, fed billions in petro-dollars, who proudly endorse and enact every word of the Koran blessed and egged on by thousands of mosques.

A little vignette to round of with concerning present day Islam. In Pakistan, a large number of women are held in prison because they were raped. Under the country's Islamic " law" they are deemed to have had sex outside marriage and have therefore committed adultery. The punishment for adultery is flogging and stoning. Bit of a double whammy.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Violence of Islam.

Is fed shed loads of money by the blood crazed regimes of Saudi Arabia for the Sunni brand and Iran for the Shiite one. As long as the petrol money paid to these countries is fed directly back to mosques across the world that freely preach intolerance, misogyny and necrophilia, the production line of toxic nutters will continue.

Peace in the Middle East is of course essential but lets also hope that a serious look is taken at Islam's finances. Again, would it be too much to ask that, instead of always blaming everyone else, Islam took a very hard look at itself? Its not been a very pretty sight for far too long.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Merkel, the Immigrant Tide, Turkey and Again Saudi Arabia.

After sending out an invitation to all and everybody to emigrate to Germany, Angela Merkel found that her offer was actually being taken seriously. With tens of millions of mostly Muslims understandably speeding on their way, she gets cold feet and rushes off to Turkey to try and close the door. In Istanbul, she offers Erdogan billions and, in a reversal of her previous stance, complete EU membership. For Erdogan, with the dream of re-establishing an Ottoman State with himself as Sultan turning on an election in a couple of weeks, this is manna from heaven. In exchange, Erdogan has given an undertaking to try and control the refugee flow through his domain. With a couple of thousand km of covey coastline, he is not going to even have to lift a finger before saying to Merkel" Hey Doll; I did try!" Saudi Arabia meanwhile, has quickly offered what Germany is clearly going to need most; the paid for construction of 300 new German mosques. Spot on.