Monday, October 5, 2015

Saudi Arabia to Defend Certain Human Rights. Trad's the Lad. A Union of Democracies.

Putting UN Human Rights in the hands of Saudi Arabia is like, well...putting UN Human rights in the hands of Saudi Arabia. What can you say ? Not much. Another good reason though to set up a Democratic Union of states where elections are freely held ( for both genders and all political persuasions ) and where there is total freedom of expression. We can still go and have a laugh at the UN's collection of dictatorships whilst at the same time defending and promoting as a block proper civilised governance.

It is being said that machinations of the British Foreign Office played a major part in securing Saudi Arabia's take over of Human Rights. Nothing to be very proud of even if it boosts our sales of torture, crowd control and general wipe-out kit.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Muslim Mass Migration and German Cultural Suicide. Hijrah?

I like Angela Merkel because she was one of the few Western leaders to stand up for the Danish cartoonists. She was there to personally present one of them with a major freedom of expression award. Now, on behalf of Germany, with its historic guilt complex and declining population, she has declared that she is prepared to accept any number of immigrants. Slightly less moist, her foreign minister then talked of 500,000+ per annum for an indefinite number of years. Over a very short time, this will amount to tens of millions who for the most part will be Muslim victims of the poor governance of many Muslim countries.

Angel Merkel clearly believes that this change in population will not adversely affect Germany's liberal democratic culture. Given the difficulties in the West of integrating even modest numbers of Muslims, this, in my view, is pretty naive.

Seeing now that her open door invitation has turned the flow of illegal migrants overnight into a tsunami, Germany is frantically trying to bludgeon and blackmail( threatening the blocking of funds ) all the other Shengen members of the EU into sharing in the accommodation of the millions she has set in motion. If Germany wants like Sweden to become a Muslim nation it is perfectly entitled to do so. That is no reason, however, for her to drag other nations of Europe down a path that could well lead to cultural suicide. While it is clear that other European countries will have to take in some of the immigrants, it is only fair that Germany and Sweden between them should take the great majority as the tsunami is an understandable response to their incitement.

What might be done to regulated and reduce to manageble proportions the great tide of immigrants? In the first instance, it means securing the EU borders. This, rather sadly, means razor wiring all the southern borders and beefing up the sea patrols. The next thing is to try and sort out the main cause of the problem. Although some of the hopeful and desperate migrants come from beyond the Middle East ( Africa and the far East ), it is Iraq and and Syria that most need attention. These two countries must be made livable. This can only happen if the blood crazed are brought to heel. Perhaps the Germans and the Swedes with their admirable compassion can be persuaded to put boots on the ground and see to the total obliteration of IS. It would be a start, but don't hold your breath because when it comes to military action spinelessness, Germany and Sweden are Olympic Grand Champions.

Some are now claiming that the reason the Gulf states ( Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc ) have not offered sanctuary to a single refugee is that they want to encourage the movement of Muslims to the Infidel West. This is Hijrah or Jihad by emigration. You simply go to the kind and welcoming Infidel lands, settle and in short order set up a new Islamic state. Hijrah might be a thought in the minds of Islamic states but can't be a significant part of the drive behind the great westwards Muslim migration. If Saudi Arabia were to suddenly discover the notion of Islamic solidarity and open its door to the migrants, it would only affect a tiny number. As an Iraqi or Syrian who wants to have a life, would you hesitate for a moment between going to repressive and cruel Saudi on one hand and gentle and permissive Sweden on the other? Its a no-brainer.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Erdogan Helps Isis.

More. Driven by sympathy for nut-case Sunni fundamentalism and fear of Kurdish autonomy, Turkey has always been a keen ally of Isis. Throughout Isis's existence, Turkey has kept its borders with Iraq and Syria wide open for the free passage of degenerates and supplies to Isis held territory.

The Kurds of Syria and Iraq have been the only effective boots on the ground opponents of Isis. Heroic Kurdish fighting, as at Kobani, with the backing of Western airpower has resulted in the capture by the Kurds of a long swathe of erstwhile Isisdom along the Iraq/Syria border with Turkey. This has alarmed Ankara as it has resulted in a considerable increase in the territory of Free Kurdistan from its cradle in North East Iraq and throttled Turkey's commerce and beloved intercourse with Isis.

Inspired by the Isis suicide bomb attack on Kurdish volunteer relief workers in Sunuc, just over the border from ravaged Kobani in Syria, and a few subsequent violent protests by Turkish Kurds over Turkey's evident involvement, the not-so-bright Turkish P.M. Erdogan had an idea!

Go through the motion of dropping on Isis a few bombs that will not hit their purported targets and let the US use one Turkish airport. Then, you get on with the real business which is to seriously bomb the Kurds everywhere from the Iranian border to Kobani and points further west. This "master" plan, which may well have been given the green light by the equally dumb Pentagon, is now well underway. Apart from doing in any Kurdish autonomous entity in Iraq/Syria, this plan is a means, he believes, of securing a satisfactory outcome to an autumn rerun of recent parliamentary elections. In June, the People's Democratic Party ( HDP ), a left, tolerant and egalitarian grouping, won 13% of the vote depriving Erdogan of the majority that would have allowed him to change Turkey's Ataturk constitution for a total Islamic mess. Since setting fire to his country, Erdogan has arrested, en masse, HDP supporters and Kurdish activists in the hope that the violence he has generated will allow him to win his majority in the upcoming election as Mr Law and Order.

Erdogan' cynical plans may well get him what he wants in the short term but his throwing petrol and fire at the Kurds and moderate Turks will probably result in a civil war that kills many and sees him finally, and mercifully, packing his bags with a one way ticket to either Saudi Arabia or the USA.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Supporting the Greeks.

Although, I suppose you shouldnt generalise about races, I have to say I have a soft spot for the Greeks. From their deep past they gave us all a lot; arts , science and philosophy. I also remember them forever fighting fascists against imposible odds ; Persians, Turks and Germans. For the present, whenever I´ve been to their beautiful country, I´ve pretty well always found them to be friendly and straight dealing. Whilst its true that all pervading corruption and the incompetance of their leaders has got them into a dark place, the harshness of conditions imposed on them has not helped. These conditions didnt improve matters they simply drove down the whole of society. I just hope that when they leave the euro they dont also crash out of the EU. For me, there is no Europe without Greece. I ardently hope they quickly find their way to the good future they deserve.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hitler Inspired by Turkish Genocide of Armenians.

So he was. When one of his generals questioned his total extermination proposals, he replied " Who remembers the Armenians?" If the Allied victors of the first World War had prosecuted Nuremberg style the Turkish monsters responsible for what they themselves called the " Armenian Solution ", it is possible that he would not have embarked with such alacrity on his own " Final Solution ".

A hundred years ago this month, on trumped up charges of disloyalty, the Muslim Turkish authorities got going with the task of murdering all of its Christian Armenian minority. They managed to kill 1.8 million out of a total of two million. They did this with forced marches without food and water into the Syrian desert and industrial scale hangings, shootings and bayoneting of infants, women and men. All this, of course, accompanied by rapings* whenever the monsters felt so inclined.

Not to be forgotten also is the material gains made by the Turks, the loot they trousered from those they slaughtered. The Turks owe the Armenians a very big pile of dosh. A conservative estimate, in today's money, would be in the region of £100 billion. The prospect of being sued for reparations with interest of this magnitude is one of the reasons Turkey will never willingly own up to what they did. The other is simply innate nastiness.

When the European Union recently voted to officially declare this massacre to be a genocide, Turkish PM Erdogan said that the announcement " went in one ear and out the other ". Now there's a surprise! Turkey has always been in shameless denial of what it did and is likely to remain blithely so for the foreseeable future. It is time, however, for the UK and the USA to finally stop pandering to the Turks and join the majority of civilised nations by saying loudly and clearly; "you did it you buggers and it was genocide!! ".

* Turkey's blood drenched history has never been burdened with the slightest act of chivalry towards those it vanquished. You take all the sexually abusable girls and women, enslave what you can of the males and slaughter the rest. The Armenian Genocide policy of the Turks was no exception. Its all pervading sexual nature was made clear to George Horton the American consul in Smyrna.The Turks told him quite openly that they didn't understand why they shouldn't eliminate all the Armenians once they had rammed the attractive Armenian females into their harems.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Homage to the Kurds of Kobane.

Homage in particular to the women Kurdish fighters who fought as fiercely and as long as their male counterparts. With the aid of Allied Bombing raids, in an epic two month battle, they saw off the degenerate Isis slavers who had tried to seize Kobane. It cost the Kurds dearly. Around 200 dead and large parts of their town devastated. For Isis, it was a first and major reverse. It was Stalingrad with over 1000 of its barbarians sent to cop their nightly 72 ( or is it 69 ; I can never remember ) virgins.

In the Kurdish society from which these remarkable people come, men and women are given equal standing and representation in all political, administrative and military organisations. We in the West are way behind them.

One of the wonderful footnotes to come out of this conflict is that the Kurdish women terrorised Isis: if you get killed by a woman there is no heaven, no virgins, nothing. What a bummer!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Shame On Deputy Children's Commissioner Sue Berelowitz.

A while back, confronted with the Rotherham child abuse scandal, Berelowitz turned her back on what was staring her in the face. She refused to recognise that the great majority of the perps were Muslims that targeted in gangs white Non-Muslim girls. What was clearly happening didn't fit with her views from within the Islington/Guardian bubble. As a consequence, it took years, during which many more young lives were broken, for the truth to be revealed by journalists like Andrew Norfolk of the Times. It was an uphill struggle against her and those of her ilk in Rotherham's Council and Police Force and elsewhere many of whom claimed until the very last that what was being revealed was no more than a Murdoch Press smear of Labour authorities.

The industrial scale racist and sectarian pedophilia and misogyny that was allowed to thrive on her watch due to her prejudices and lack of professionalism is staggering. If she had half a peanut's worth of decency she would resign. Don't hold your breath on that one.

For more on this sorry subject see Sectarian Paedophilia and Mr Vaz, Donkeys and Toilet Paper. and also Life style choices of 12 year olds.