Monday, October 12, 2009

Global Cooling; BBC has a Wobble.

You may have noticed that as a prelude to the imminent IPCC's Copenhagen jamboree, a lot of governements and media are frantically hyping up the most lurid human carbon dioxide end of the world scenarios. But wait, just as the concert was meant to be approaching its peak, one of the heavy weights has put down its bassoon. Gosh, its the BBC !

In a recent report by one of its scientific correspondents, the Beeb has conceded that there is after all no unanimity amongst scientists about what drives global temperature. Is it going up catastrophically because of us or has it simply been rising slowly and steadily with a few hiccups since the last ice age in a way that is largely independent of our activities?

What the Beeb has admitted is that notwithstanding increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide, the earth's temperature has not increased since 1998. Since then the globe has cooled. The Beeb recognises that the highish temperatures of the 1990s might have been due to a natural cycle in the ocean temperature. Also that fluctuations in solar energy and the flux of cosmic particles reaching the earth may have a more important overall role than our carbon dioxide. As the flimsiness of the "science" behind the alarmists begins to be exposed, we should be seeing more and more doubters and apostates.