Monday, October 19, 2015

Merkel, the Immigrant Tide, Turkey and Again Saudi Arabia.

After sending out an invitation to all and everybody to emigrate to Germany, Angela Merkel found that her offer was actually being taken seriously. With tens of millions of mostly Muslims understandably speeding on their way, she gets cold feet and rushes off to Turkey to try and close the door. In Istanbul, she offers Erdogan billions and, in a reversal of her previous stance, complete EU membership. For Erdogan, with the dream of re-establishing an Ottoman State with himself as Sultan turning on an election in a couple of weeks, this is manna from heaven. In exchange, Erdogan has given an undertaking to try and control the refugee flow through his domain. With a couple of thousand km of covey coastline, he is not going to even have to lift a finger before saying to Merkel" Hey Doll; I did try!" Saudi Arabia meanwhile, has quickly offered what Germany is clearly going to need most; the paid for construction of 300 new German mosques. Spot on.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Saudi Arabia to Defend Certain Human Rights. Faisal bin Hassan Trad. Trad's the Lad. A Union of Democracies.

Putting UN Human Rights in the hands of Saudi Arabia is like, well...putting UN Human rights in the hands of Saudi Arabia. What can you say ? Not much. Another good reason though to set up a Democratic Union of states where elections are freely held ( for both genders and all political persuasions ) and where there is total freedom of expression. We can still go and have a laugh at the UN's collection of dictatorships whilst at the same time defending and promoting as a block proper civilised governance.

It is being said that machinations of the British Foreign Office played a major part in securing Saudi Arabia's take over of Human Rights. Nothing to be very proud of even if it boosts our sales of torture, crowd control and general wipe-out kit.