Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hollande Ridicules Trierweiler. Francois the Ugly.

Throughout history notables have been adorned with nicknames. Some flattering, most not. France has Charles the Bald, Louis the Fat and Charles the Cuckold. We have William the Bastard and Ethelred the Unready. There was an Ivailo the Cabbage of Bulgaria. There was even a Theophylact the Unbearable. Did he have horrific BO, was he a crushing bore? Nobody knows.

Whats for sure is that France has got a new one. Francois the Ugly. Whilst no one could seriously claim that Francois Hollande is handsome, what we are talking of here is inner spiritual disfigurement. Having brutally dumped Valerie Trierweiler with a curt radio announcement, Francois went on to mock her for thanking those at the Elysee Palace who had shown her kindness. In France we have terms for the ungallant, for those who are challenged in the generosity department. Triste Sire is one; someone whose status gives them power/prestige but is unworthy of it. Pauvre Mec is street; a washout, a pitiable jerk beyond contempt. Is Francois both Triste Sire and Pauvre Mec? Make your own judgement. What he is for sure is Francois le Laid.