Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Racist and Sectarian Muslim Misogynists of Rotherham, Stockholm and Cologne. Varg Gyllander. Dan Eliasson. Henriette Reeker. Stockholm Syndrome by Proxy.

The sad fact is that the men now flooding into Europe come for the most part from severely misogynistic and repressive Muslim societies where women and Non-Muslims are treated as second class citizens. Many come believing that even if Western Non-Muslim women are not all infidel slags gagging for it, they can treat them all as such and they can get away with it.

Hardly surprising as in the West the default reaction to the racist and sectarian attacks by Muslim men on Non-Muslim women is to always cover up and or make excuses. Here in Rotherham, Derby, Oxford and a score of other British towns, men of Pakistani origin have organised the grooming and abuse of young white girls on an industrial scale. Typically, the authorities in Rotherham denied that there was any problem at all. Confronted with the case of a 12 year old who had been groomed, drugged, sold around and raped more than 50 times, a senior police officer stated that it was the girl's life style choice! In Britain, the minimum age for a girl to have sex of any kind is 16.

In Sweden, which has admitted so many young Muslim men that there are now in the country as a whole 120 youths for every 100 girls, the rape rate is 10 times that for other European states. Self styled feminists have asserted that this scandalous statistic is simply due to the male/female inbalance which results in sexual violence wherever it occurs. Unfortunately for these bogus feminists, a 2006 study by Ann-Christine Hjelm at Karlstad University found that 85% of those jailed for rape in Sweden were foreign born or second generation migrants. Just last week, all Varg Gyllander, Stockholm pólice spokesperson, had to say about hushed up mass sexual assaults in his town was that there was no cover-up. Things just happen. Anything to say about the ethnicity, religion of the perps? " Oh no, we don't go to those dark places " Gives one, in passing, a rather alarming view of the Swedish police's crime prevention strategy. Perhaps I am being a tad unkind. Perhaps the Swedes simply don't consider rape, when committed by migrants, to be much of a crime. Meanwhile, Dan Eliasson, Stockholm police chief, who by his own admission vomits at the thought of anyone opposed to mass immigration, provides us with a lovely example of what I would call Stockholm Syndrome by Proxy. (The subject sympathises with the abuser of a person in the subject´s care ). Commenting on the stabbing to death by a Somali refugee of a young woman who volunteered to work with refugees, Eliasson said the Somali must have been through some horrible experiences. Gosh, that's allright then!

In Cologne, the police again at first declared that New Year's Eve had passed " calmly ". When the truth emerged, thanks largely to social media, that over 600 women had been attacked by migrants, the town's mayor, Henriette Reker, response was to call for the women of Cologne to alter their habits. No doubt she would like them to only step out in burkas in the company of a male family member.

We all know that for fear of stigmatising Muslim immigrants, authorities across Europe have failed to properly investigate and prosecute the sectarian and racist sexual crimes committed by some of these migrants. This is a gross betrayal of women and does not help the Muslims.In my opinión, those officials that have been party to this appalling dereliction of duty should be fired and robustly prosecuted.

Again, the profoundly misogynist, racist and sectarian amongst the migrants should be told that, for all the injustices that still persist, Europeans are proud of and will defend the equality between genders, all sexual orientations and belief (or lack thereof ) that have been fought for. If they cannot accept this, we will not tolerate their presence. Hopla! Ten-Four OutdaDoor!.

Will the Europeans authorities be firm? Probably not which means we are in for a lot of hand wringing and tears.

Personally, I would like Europe to short circuit the problem of dodgy males by following the humane example of Canada. Canada will now only accept women, children and spouses. No single men.

Of course, Canada can pick and choose. It has a sea barrier thousands of kilometers wide. Europe, with the open door of Greece, has one that is barely five kilometers. Europe also has no land barriers other than the frontiers of its southern states. Not great. Again, where would Europe deport its recalcitrant migrants to? Baghdad, Damascus, Algiers? Difficult to say the least. The migrants already in are all of them probably here to stay. It is vital for everyone that these migrants are forcefully educated to recognise, respect and enjoy the superiority of Western social democratic values.

In the end, if the European authorities throttle back the migrant tide they will do so not because of the way Muslims treat women but because Europe cannot take the numbers. Not even Germany has got the resources in terms of health, education, housing and general infrastructure to rapidly accommodate extra millions of any description.

Lets hope that peace in Iraq and Syria is not too long in coming. Now here´s an idea. As American and British forces created the Syria and Iraq mess and Germany and Sweden have triggered the East to West tsunami, lets have serious US, British, German and Swedish boots on the ground to enforce peace. Would they be seen as crusaders? Probably but who cares if they get the job done?