Friday, June 24, 2011

Angela Merkel and Kurt Westergaard, Geert Wilders and the Dhimmis.

Last year on the 10th of September in Potsdam, Angela Merkel presented Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, Moh sporting a bomb turban, with the prestigious M100 SansSouci colloquium freedom of expression award.
I have always admired Merkel and thought at the time it was a just and brave gesture on her part.
At the ceremony she said " Its about whether in a Western Society he is allowed to publish his Mohammad cartoons or not. Is he allowed to do it? Yes, he is ! "
A bit late in the day, I salute Angela Merkel. Would any British leader have done the same ? Rather unlikely.

Yesterday Geert Wilders was acquitted in Holland of all charges relating to his spicy but broadly truthful depictions of Islam. The disappointed plaintiffs in this shameful Stalinist trial are now trooping off to see if they can ding him elsewhere.
Said Dhimmi lawyer Els Lucas " We plan to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights or the UN. " I just hope Els Lucas and his sad friends spend lots of time and money in revealing themselves yet more as the would be gaggers of those who denounce Islam's misogynism, intolerance and violence.
Although I feel that Geert Wilders's is way over the top when he calls for the banning of the Koran, in my opinion no book however trashy should ever be banned, I congratulate and salute him too.

I'm finishing a novel. Back soon.