Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pakistan at it again; Sectarian Murder. Christian woman, Aasia Bibi, to hang for alleged Blasphemy.

Aasia Bibi has been on death row in a Pakistani jail since 2009. Whilst working alongside Muslim women, she offered the Muslims some drinking water.This was refused because it came from a person tainted by being Christian. In an altercation that followed Aasia was accused of blasphemy. Immediately arrested and tried, she was condemned to death.

While her husband and five children live in hiding in fear of death, she has endured five years of brutal Muslim jail treatment. It is clear that the authorities were hoping she would die of illness or an "accident". This would have saved them the embarrassment of an execution. Pakistani Muslim Maniacs embarrassed about executing a dhimmi? Well yes, until now.

This week, a Pakistani High Court ( echoes of Hitler's and Stalin's murderous judiciaries ) has confirmed her death sentence.

You can do something about it by signing change.org's petition on her behalf. Do it.