Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tolerant Muslim Malaysia ? Definitely Not! Lina Joy.

Malaysia with a 60% majority of Muslims, likes to project the image of a state that is tolerant and liberal. It is not. Non-Muslims are discriminated against in just about all aspects of life; housing, loans, employment quotas, public contracts, university places, tax relief when giving to non- Muslim charities ... When it comes to building places of worship for the Hindu, Christian and other minorities, the rule is forget it unless you have the patience of Job. In fact many more non-Muslim places of worship are being demolished than are being built. In May 2006, in one typical action, the Muslim authorities in the capital Kuala Lumpur simply bulldozed one of the main Hindu temples.

Being a Muslim in Malaysia is also not great shakes if you want to stop being one. The country has a nominal " constitution " that allows civil law for non-Muslims and forces sharia law on Muslims.

Lina Joy who had converted from Islam to Christianity, arguing that her right to do so was secured under the freedom of religion article 11 of the Malaysian " constitution ", found that this right was denied her by the Supreme sharia court. Her final appeal was rejected in May 2006 by the Federal Court. Her lawyer relayed her response before she went into hiding in Australia.

" The Federal Court has refused me fundamental individual rights; the right to believe in a religion of my choice, the right to marry a person of my choice, the right to raise a family in Malaysia. "

Sure has! Conclusion; try to stay clear of majority Muslim states however much they harp on about tolerance. Most Muslim states of course don't even pretend to be tolerant; they either don't know what the word means or if they do, the idea of extending tolerance to non-Muslims gives them the gibbering horrors big time.