Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Meriam Ibrahim: Giving Birth Chained Up On the Floor.

It was not enough for Meriam Ibrahim's Muslim jailers to gloat over her going through labour on the floor of her cell. Oh No: they also chained her legs so tightly together that when the time came she couldn't open them to give birth normally. Can you imagine? Both she and the newborn suffered major trauma.

In an interview given from the relative safety of US diplomatic premises in Khartoum, Meriam said the birth was so brutal she feared the health of her baby had been permanently damaged.

Did the Khartoum authorities express any remorse for their obscene conduct? Not a bit. Instead they expressed " outrage " at the fact that the South Sudan ( Now mercifully an independent state )and the US had provided her with travel documents. These very sick Muslims ( How else can you describe them? ) are now saying that they will not let her leave the country until her original accusers drop their appeal against the appeal that she won. This Calvary has got to rank high up there in the voluminous and blood drenched Annals of Muslim Depravity.