Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hitler Inspired by Turkish Genocide of Armenians.

So he was. When one of his generals questioned his total extermination proposals, he replied " Who remembers the Armenians?" If the Allied victors of the first World War had prosecuted Nuremberg style the Turkish monsters responsible for what they themselves called the " Armenian Solution ", it is possible that he would not have embarked with such alacrity on his own " Final Solution ".

A hundred years ago this month, on trumped up charges of disloyalty, the Muslim Turkish authorities got going with the task of murdering all of its Christian Armenian minority. They managed to kill 1.8 million out of a total of two million. They did this with forced marches without food and water into the Syrian desert and industrial scale hangings, shootings and bayoneting of infants, women and men. All this, of course, accompanied by rapings* whenever the monsters felt so inclined.

Not to be forgotten also is the material gains made by the Turks, the loot they trousered from those they slaughtered. The Turks owe the Armenians a very big pile of dosh. A conservative estimate, in today's money, would be in the region of £100 billion. The prospect of being sued for reparations with interest of this magnitude is one of the reasons Turkey will never willingly own up to what they did. The other is simply innate nastiness.

When the European Union recently voted to officially declare this massacre to be a genocide, Turkish PM Erdogan said that the announcement " went in one ear and out the other ". Now there's a surprise! Turkey has always been in shameless denial of what it did and is likely to remain blithely so for the foreseeable future. It is time, however, for the UK and the USA to finally stop pandering to the Turks and join the majority of civilised nations by saying loudly and clearly; "you did it you buggers and it was genocide!! ".

* Turkey's blood drenched history has never been burdened with the slightest act of chivalry towards those it vanquished. You take all the sexually abusable girls and women, enslave what you can of the males and slaughter the rest. The Armenian Genocide policy of the Turks was no exception. Its all pervading sexual nature was made clear to George Horton the American consul in Smyrna.The Turks told him quite openly that they didn't understand why they shouldn't eliminate all the Armenians once they had rammed the attractive Armenian females into their harems.