Wednesday, September 24, 2008

London Island Airport. Good Idea!

Boris Johnson has commissioned a feasibility study for the building of a large airport on an artificial island in the Thames estuary. It would be an international hub with a fast connection to central London and ten or more runways that could be used round the clock. This is the kind of grand vision that is needed not the piece meal extensions of the existing grubby and polluting airports that serve London and the South East. Coming in and taking off over the North Sea, planes could fly 24 hours a day as there would be no night time restrictions because of noise pollution. I've stayed in Denmark Hill and had to use ear plugs to sleep because from 4.0 am onwards jets were roaring over at the rate of 2 per minute. Denmark Hill is about 40 miles from Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stanstead. Pity the poor buggers who live closer to any of those sorry places. The Island Hub will replace them all.
The Hub will happen and like the Channel Tunnel we'll wonder why we didn't do it sooner. It has of course its opponents. Prominent amongst these is the BAA who own Heathrow, Gatwick et al. They are making the same kind of noises as the ferry companies made when they tried to block the tunnel project. Dont worry about them Boris; just get on with it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Old Pat Condell.

Here he is. One of Freedom of Expression's best sharp shooters on the Saudi's bid to get the UN to ban criticism of Islam.
Pat Condell

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sharia Courts in Britain.

British justice is not just circling the drain. It is not just dying. It is down the plug hole and dead. With a nod and a wink from Labour, 8th century Sharia law courts have been given equal standing with the British law that used to defend our liberties and was so hard fought for.

What has happened is that Sharia courts have been given the status of arbitration tribunals the rulings of which are enforced by the existing justice courts of the land. This has been effected on the quiet and has already resulted in perversions of British law. As an example, in a recent case where a man gave no specific instructions as to how his estate was to be divided between his children, a Sharia court ruled that his daughters should receive a lesser share than his sons. Under British law each child would have been treated equally. Again men guilty of serious domestic violence were simply sentenced to anger management courses. These and any other Sharia ruling are now unchallengeable and can be, if required, enforced by the existing British courts.

What has been allowed is the negation of the primacy of British law. There are now two equally valid law systems. There is of course no reason why there should not be Sharia courts, Church of England courts, Jewish courts or for that matter Grand Tribunals of the Penge Globular Clusterits. In the past, people were free to abide by the rulings of these types of organisations in the knowledge that when there were disputes ultimate appeal could be made to the magnificence of British law. No longer. Now, if the immam says you have the right to beat six shades of blue out of your wife, the cops can be sent round to make sure it happens.

Fortunately some are waking up to the enormity of what has happened. While the Labour perps and the Libdems are keeping quiet, the Tories are on to it. Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve said " These ( Sharia ) tribunals have no place in passing binding decisions in divorce or criminal hearings. Far from handling more ( As Labour intends ) criminal cases they should be handling none at all. " Lets hope the Tories can force Labour to reconsider and sink double fast this shameful and pandering project.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin; Two Cheers.

Having read about Sarah Palin as an Alaskan mayor and governor it's clear she didnt get her 80% approval ratings on looks alone. She took on corruption and vested interests, including the oil companies, and sorted them in short order. Last night she gave an acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention that was masterly even presidential. It got the folk going and it deserved to. She is very likable and a great orator and put the conservative hard work and small government case well. After complimenting Obama on his good aspects she laid into him for his lack of substance and showmanship. Here's a man, she said, who has authored two biographies but not one major law or reform not even at state senate level. True. She was also very effective in her talking up of McCain the principled and maverick war hero.

I have two problems though with her which are core. Firstly,she opposes a woman's right to have an abortion. I believe that a woman's body is her own and she should never be forced to carry a pregnancy against her wishes. Palin's stand on this issue will cost her a lot of young and liberal women's votes. Secondly, she supports the teaching of creationism which is not just daft but also dangerous. This should loose her the support of anyone with a passing knowledge of science. For all that, I wish Palin well. She might yet see the light on abortion and creationism. It could happen. You never know.She is certainly charismatic, decent and a fighter ( As she said; a pitbull with lipstick ). I also quite like her running mate. As President, McCain will not be rushing off to to have tea with the ayatollahs.