Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pat Condell Socks it to the Lost Left.

Here he is, brilliant as usual, attacking those Quislings of the left who get into bed with Islam to betray the great freedoms that most people in the West are rightly proud of. Apologists for evil

Just Another Islamic Horror Story Missed by the Guardian.

Last Saturday, on the pretext that someone had defiled a copy of the Koran, hundreds of armed Muslims attacked Christians in the town of Gojira and nearby villages in Pakistan's East Punjab. At least eight people including women and children were burnt alive in petrol bombed houses. There were also an unknown total of fatalities and wounded as the Muslims fired at fleeing Christians. The local police merely stood by and watched. Another story "missed" by the Guardian.

A friend of mine looking at this blog asked how I was able to spend so much time on atrocities committed by Muslims. Wasn't it a narrow focus, wasn't it polluting my mind? Yes, there are times when I do feel thoroughly disgusted and befouled pouring over the details of the intolerance, violence and misogyny of Islam. Times when I wish I only had a bee in my bonnet about Neo-Platonism or oak trees. A narrow focus on Islam? Sure, that's because though there are plenty of nasty perps out there they are at present all outclassed by the Muslim gendercidal monsters. Cant help myself.