Sunday, January 18, 2015

Returning Jihadis. Just Punishment.

Jihadis returning from the Islamic State should be automatically arrested and charged with crimes against humanity. Why? The Islamic State has officially sanctioned and encourages the rape of captive Non-Muslim girls and women. It is inconceivable that Jihadis will not have availed themselves of this licence to commit or, in the the case of female Jihadis, be accessories to one of the most depraved crimes on the book. Simple; ship them to the International Court in the Hague. Do it pronto.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Tolerating Intolerance. The West and Islam.

As soon as the Paris massacre occurred, Western leaders from Helsinki to Washington broke into the depressing and predictable chant of " This has nothing to do with Islam." Well sorry, but no. Just like the mass murders in New York, London and Madrid, this latest blood bath has everything to do with Islam. The perps weren't Amish or Catalan separatists; they were Muslim. Muslims justifying their degeneracy with core tenets of Islam. Hey, you can treat women like door-mats and then you can kill. Kill a lot. You can kill apostates, homosexuals, adulterers, dogs, gerbils and any who fail to show abject veneration for and submission to your fairies down the garden nonsense. The financial support, very important, and hocus-pocus inspiration for these horror freaks comes from countries like Saudi Arabia that slop around in petro billions whilst practising and spewing abroad the blood drenched bigotry of Islamic fundamentalism.

The first question to be answered is why has the West allowed this toxic ideology to flourish unbridled in it's midst? I think the answer is fairly simple; by and large, the West is made up of four groups. The ignorant masses, the paid off, the scared and the congenital appeasers. The paid off are the ones who do yummy arms and solid gold bath tub deals.

The second question is what can be done? Ideally Islam needs to be reformed beyond recognition. As this wont happen before the oil runs out, the fifth small but growing group of Westerners, the SFO or Seriously F...d Off, needs to endure, stand up, be counted, denounce and oppose all and everyone of Islam's attacks on Liberal Democratic Values.

We should press for the making of new laws and the enforcement of existing ones. For example, death fatwas should be recognised for what they are, the commissionings of contract killings, and the authors prosecuted whether they are in Islamabad or Birmingham. Again, internationally, we should be screaming our lungs out at the ongoing persecution of minorities in Muslim majority countries in all of which Muslim Toleration is a foul joke. For the very few and very brave Muslims, like Malala, who are trying for change from within, we give everything we have. At home, the perps of so called honour killings and the racist and sectarian paedophiles ( Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford, etc,etc ) as well as the authorities that turn a blind eye should be prosecuted promptly and with the utmost severity. Oh, and no sharia law thank you. Only the existing, hard fought for Law of the Land for all and everyone.

Above all we must not be afraid. Afraid is exactly what the Islamofascists want everyone to be.

Again, no more appeasement of Islam. If it is to persist in the West, it must accept hook line and sinker Western norms of toleration and total equality for all.

Don't get me wrong; I know there are plenty of humane Muslims. The trouble is that there are also far too many who are totally rabid and stark raving barking mad. I'm off to South Kensington, Little France, to a French bookshop to get my copy of Charlie Hebdo.