Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sectarian Paedophilia? Not a problem for the Berelowitz report!

Sue Berelowitz, England's Deputy Child Commissioner, has produced a report on child sex crimes involving gangs and groups. It finds that, between 2010 and 2011, a known 2409 children were used for sex by adults. Of the perpetrators for whom ethnicity was established 33% were British Pakistanis who constitute 2% of the population at large. The report studiously avoids addressing the evident link between religion, Islam, and the high proportion of the committed crimes. Berelowitz merely states that most of the offenders are white. Gosh!

It is not just white girls who are targeted by the Muslim perps. Representatives of the Sikh and Hindu communities, whose daughters are also prey, have been outraged by the report. Ashish Joshi, Chairman of the Sikh Media Monitoring Group said " No one wants to talk about the fact that these men don't view non-Muslim girls as worthy of any respect."

Welcome to Guardianland.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Innocence of Muslims. What!?

It is of course inevitable that any criticism of Islam has the potential to set the Muslim world aflame. The video Muslim Innocence starts by showing Egyptian police standing by while Muslims burn a Coptic Christian village. Shock horror; lets kill the US Ambassador and any one else we can lay our hands on. Oh and by the way, Mohamed didn't have umpteen wives one of whom was rather young. He also of course didn't kill a soul.

The US administration has asked YouTube to take the film down. YouTube has blocked it for Egypt and Libya but declined to remove it completely. The company has stated that the video did not break its guidelines that bar explicit sexuality, gratuitous violence, hate speech, animal abuse, bomb making, underage drinking etc.

Will YouTube hold out against what is simply part of a big time push towards a UN sanctioned global close down of freedom of expression when it comes to the Ideology of Peace? Lets see.

At the end of the day it is not videos, books or cartoons that inflame the Muslim world it is in fact Muslims high on Islamic intolerance and violence. Will they ever calm down? Don't hold your breath.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tolerant Muslim Malaysia ? Definitely Not! Lina Joy.

Malaysia with a 60% majority of Muslims, likes to project the image of a state that is tolerant and liberal. It is not. Non-Muslims are discriminated against in just about all aspects of life; housing, loans, employment quotas, public contracts, university places, tax relief when giving to non- Muslim charities ... When it comes to building places of worship for the Hindu, Christian and other minorities, the rule is forget it unless you have the patience of Job. In fact many more non-Muslim places of worship are being demolished than are being built. In May 2006, in one typical action, the Muslim authorities in the capital Kuala Lumpur simply bulldozed one of the main Hindu temples.

Being a Muslim in Malaysia is also not great shakes if you want to stop being one. The country has a nominal " constitution " that allows civil law for non-Muslims and forces sharia law on Muslims.

Lina Joy who had converted from Islam to Christianity, arguing that her right to do so was secured under the freedom of religion article 11 of the Malaysian " constitution ", found that this right was denied her by the Supreme sharia court. Her final appeal was rejected in May 2006 by the Federal Court. Her lawyer relayed her response before she went into hiding in Australia.

" The Federal Court has refused me fundamental individual rights; the right to believe in a religion of my choice, the right to marry a person of my choice, the right to raise a family in Malaysia. "

Sure has! Conclusion; try to stay clear of majority Muslim states however much they harp on about tolerance. Most Muslim states of course don't even pretend to be tolerant; they either don't know what the word means or if they do, the idea of extending tolerance to non-Muslims gives them the gibbering horrors big time.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aasia Bibi a Christian; Another Victim of Pakistan's Islamic Terror State.

In Pakistan in June 2009, Aasia Bibi was out picking berries with Muslim women from her village. When she offered these other women drinking water, they refused because she was an "unclean" Christian. In an altercation that followed, Aasia allegedly insulted Islam. Blasphemy from a Dhimmi! She was promptly arrested and condemned to hang. She has been in solitary on death row ever since and her husband and five children have had to go into hiding.

Aasia does have a brave lawyer who has lodged an appeal but this is unlikely to be heard before 2025. The Pakistani sharia addled "judiciary" is clearly hoping that she will die in prison either from illness or an " accident ". This would avoid them the embarrassment of an execution. Yes, for all their dreadfulness, they are concerned about their international reputation particularily since the Pope has taken an interest in the case.

As always, there are a few humans around like her lawyer. Trouble is that in Pakistan most of them get very short shrift indeed. Salman Taseer, governor of the Punjab, visited Aasia in jail with his wife and daughter. He pledged her his support. For this he was gunned down by one of his body guards. Acclaiming him as a hero, a throng of lawyers showered the bodyguard with rose petals as he left court.

The village mullah who laid the charge against Aasia has told the press that he is looking forward to her execution as it will guarantee him brownie points in heaven. Probably worth a few extra virgins!

Last year in Bahawalpur, Catholic Pakistanis were machine gunned during a service in their church. 16 dead. Similar unprosecuted massacres of Non-Muslims occur continuously in Pakistan. One is left with the sickening sense that the majority of Pakistanis are rather proud of the persecution and murdering of religious minorities.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Britain's Muslim Paedophiles, Mr Vaz, Donkeys and Toilet Paper.

When 8 British Pakistanis and a failed Afghan asylum seeker scored a total of 77 years in the slammer for the assault, gang rape and trafficking of exclusively Non-Muslim white girls as young as 12, none showed any remorse and one predictably bellowed that he and the others convicts were the victims of racism.

Within days of the trial's end, Keith Vaz MP, Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, got on stage to announce that the crimes had nothing to do with race or religion. Why? Well, in his own words there were two reasons. Firstly, the BNP said these were racist and sectarian crimes and because the BNP had said this it couldn't be true. What intellectual rigor! One suspects that if the BNP had said that the earth orbits the sun, Mr Vaz would have popped up to assure us that this was a hideous lie. The second reason Mr Vaz gave for declaring that race and Islam were not involved was that a policeman and a social worker told him so. Gosh! The fact that the police and social services, both of which failed to protect the children, are petrified of offending* the Muslim Community had of course nothing to do with their proffered opinion.

Contrast the pronouncements of the astounding Mr Vaz with the robust position taken by Mohamed Shafik, Chief Executive of the Ramadan Institute. Mr Shafik immediately called for often indifferent imams to denounce the misogynist, racist and sectarian culture of the convicted men. In this he was joined by a few other Muslim voices including notably that of journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and member of the House of Lords baroness Warsi. More please!

Mr Vaz meanwhile will no doubt persist in his denial of a problem that further damages Islam's already sadly tarnished image.

The Muslim world needs to take a long hard look at that not inconsiderable portion of itself that sees Muslim women as donkeys and Non-Muslim women as toilet paper.

*As I have written before, anyone with a half a pickled onion's worth of decency would know that here it is not the sensitivities of the Muslim Community that need to be protected. The only sensitivities that should be considered are those of the young victims.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Muslim War Criminal at it again in the Sudan. George Clooney to the rescue.

President of the Sudan Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir has a long history as a war criminal.

With other current and past members of the Islamic Sudanese regime, he was an active participant from the beginning in a twenty year long campaign of anihilation waged against the Animist and Christian South Sudanese. In the early 1980s, he and his Northern Arabic Muslim chums decided to impose the delights of sharia law on all the Sudanese. When the Southerners resisted they became the victims of rape, torture, murder and forced conversions to Islam on an industrial scale. Half way through this holocaust, Omar did a putsch and made himself President going on to prosecute the jollyness in the South with renewed and merciless fury. By the time in 2004 when the desperate and heroic resistance of the South had forced him accept a truce, 2 million Animists and Christians had been butchered.

While the mass murder of black Animists and Christians hadn't much bothered the International Community, what really got Omar into trouble was when in 2004/2005 he loosened his genocidal hordes on rebellious black Darfuri Muslims. Big Hoo-Ha and the issuing in 2008 and 2010 by the International Criminal Court of arrest warrants for Omar and members of his clique on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. The lot. Unsurprisingly, most Islamic states and organizations denounced the warrants as neocolonialism. What it means is that Omar has been welcomed as a hero in the Islamic world but has to think twice about getting his dentures fixed in Switzerland. The toll in Darfur now stands at 200,000 killed and twice that number ethnically cleansed out of the country into neighboring Chad.

In the meantime, the truce in the South had led to a referendum and the partition of the Sudan with the creation of the world's newest state called South Sudan. This brings us to the present.

The border between North and South Sudan, which in some sections is disputed and runs through valuable oil fields, left several non- Muslim tribes, notably the Nubas, marooned within the Islamic Northern State. When border disputes flared, the Nubas took the side of their Southern co-religionists. For this the Nubas are now being subjected to the usual Northern Arab Muslim obliteration campaign. Their defenseless villages are being razed by bombing and shelling and the International Community is once again turning a blind eye. Well trying to.

Enter George Clooney who with John Prendergast set up the Satellite Sentinel Project which " combines commercial satellite imagery, academic analysis and advocacy to promote human rights in Sudan and South Sudan and serve as an early warning system for impending crises." With reporters on the ground and eye in the sky high resolution satellite film and photography, they can often see in real time what the villains are up to. Most recently, Sentsat have warned of a build up of Northern troops, artillery, tanks, bombers and helicopter gunships heading for the South. They have also reported the indiscriminate bombing by the North Sudanese airforce of villages in the border provinces. Of particular concern are current encirclement maneuvers cutting civilian escape routes from targeted areas of the Nuba mountains; clearly the preludes to total massacres. Clooney, who spent some time on the ground seeing first hand what the Northerners were doing to civilians, was arrested last March in Washington protesting about the outrages outside the Sudan's Embassy. It made the news.

Omar and the other Muslim perps may not be stopped quite yet but they are going to find it increasingly hard to hide their crimes. Well done George !

Lest I get accused of having a 100% jaundiced view of Muslims, let me add that I know that fighting alongside atheists, Animists and Christians there are a few Muslims who want to create in Southern Sudan a humane and tolerant society.