Thursday, June 24, 2010

Muslim Attacks on European Jews. The Canaries in the Mine.

Attacks on Jews in Holland, Germany and Belgium have increased to such a pitch that many Jews are leaving for the USA and even Britain. This week, a Jewish troupe of street dancers get stoned in Hanover to cries from Muslims of " Jews Out!", in Amsterdam a recent TV documentary showed how within minutes of appearing on the streets wearing skull caps, a group of Jews were set upon by Muslims who spat at them, cursed them and inevitably yelled " Jews go home! ". Well, with the local authorities merely wringing their hands, its working. Jewish communities which have enriched and made continental Europe shine for centuries are disappearing faster than the proverbial snow ball in hell.

It is rightly said that the Jews are the Canaries in the Mine. When they get snuffed, it wont be long before the rest of civilised society starts to circle the drain. If this outrage is allowed to proceed unchecked its real simple; Islam will put out the lights from Helsinki to Lisbon. Welcome then to the real Dark Ages.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Very Sad Archbishop of Canterbury and the Case of the Woman's Mitre.

Once again Rowan Williams has managed to cover his Church and himself with ignominy. Although I am an atheist, I am proud of the progressive Christian heritage that contributed to the development of our brilliant Western culture. Williams is not a progressive. Instead of going with the times he has opposed the ordination of gays and is so bothered by the creation in America of women bishops that when one, Katherine Jefferts Schori, came to officiate here in Southwark Cathedral, he ordered her not to wear her mitre. He cant bring himself to let the homophobes and misogynists go their way. For goodness sake, let the homophobes and misogynists convert to Islam or Catholicism ! Williams could more than make up for the loss of the saurians by opening his arms to the many members of the Catholic clergy who would just love to renounce celibacy. Will he? No, too easy!

Seriously now, this mitre affair is just another example of the archbishop's regressive mind set. He is a man who has no particular interest in the enlightenment and would, I believe, be quite happy to see it rolled back in order to entrench the position of his religion, all religions in public life. To this end he reaches out to all the other hot hocus-pocus players. If he can please them and secure their thingies in a " pick an mix" bazaar of laws and privileges, it also bolsters, so he reasons, the defences and existing privileges of the Anglican Church. Thus, in a monstrous betrayal of British Muslim women and children he has ardently supported the introduction in Britain of Sharia courts. Again, presumably believing that this will strengthen the great religious cobweb in society, he has called for immams, rabbis, shamans and cardinals etc, to be given seats alongside his bishops in the Lords.
The man is really rather a disgrace. In my opinion, he should be gently tapped on the shoulder and handed a one way ticket to Riyadh.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Geert Wilders Looses It. Maybe,

Like Geert Wilders I know that there are many decent Muslims. Like him I know that this is despite their adherence to a thoroughly pernicious ideology. This ideology called Islam drips with the most hideously repellant and violent homophobia, misogeny and intolerance. Like Wilders I believe that Islam, funded by the trilions we pay for petrol, is a very real threat to the hard fought for liberties and cohesion of the democratic West. We have allowed massive Muslim immigration making only token attempts to counter the accompanying importation of a supremascist ideology which is not just bad for its followers but poisonous for the rest of us.
Geert Wilders has said all this loud and clear to the Dutch many of whom are sick and tired of the complacancy of the established political parties. His party appears to be doing well in the polls and should make a reasonable showing in the Dutch Parliamentry or General Election next Wednesday 9th of June. I hope he does do well because contrary to the spin put out by the paid-off, the voluntary dhimmis and the Stalinists he is neither racist or right wing. He is simply saying that Islamic ideology is not compatible with what we should be very proud of but take too much for granted; our freedom of expression and democracy.

The trouble is that Geert Wilders goes too often too far over the top. He has suggested that the Koran should be banned and, although he later backtracked on it, that Muslim women should pay a " Rag Head Tax " of 1000 euros a year for wearing headscarves*. He shouldn't shoot himself in the foot like that for a bit of cheap but ultimately damaging publicity. I worry that he has in fact lost the plot because of this kind of behaviour and that next Wednesday his vote will collapse. Let's hope not because he is in the end on the side of the angels.

*When our blonde bouffon hairstyled hero made this suggestion in Parliament an MP got up to say that he should logically also then put a tax on peroxide. Fair comment and who ever said the Dutch didnt have much of a sense of humour!?

Pat Condell on the Ground Zero Mosque.

The Mayor of New York and other officials of questionable intelligence/integrity want a Super Mosque built yards from Ground Zero that will be opened on September 11th 2011. Islam of course had nothing to do with the murder of 3000 people. How wonderfully sensitive of the Saudi funders. As "Drinking with Bob" said, it's like putting up a statue to Hitler in the middle of Auschwitz. Here's Pat, as usual, totally on the case.