Monday, December 28, 2009

Pat Condell on Islamic Censorship.

Yes, Islamic states have passed what they call an Islamic Declaration of Human Rights which is to say you wont have any human rights at all if they have their way and get the old one replaced. Here as always,Pat puts the degenerates down very nicely.

Wake up, America

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Fraudsters, Village Idiots, Hustlers and Saints Gather in Copenhagen.

The Fraudsters are the so called scientists who have manufactured graphs like the famous "hockey stick" that presents global temperatures as roughly constant over the last thousand years or so and then rising dramatically in the last fourty. The Village Idiots are the politicians and civil servants who believe the "hockey stick" Hollywood disaster scenario. The Hustlers are the hordes who have already cashed in on the Domesday scenario and see no reason why the gravy train should stop. The Saints are those who hope that the scare will make governments get serious about population control, protecting bio-diversity, forests, air and water quality and developing renewable resources.
The irony is that the Saints's good cause is riding on the back of a complete nonsense. Lets hope that when the nonsense finally becomes evident to all, the Saints and all of us come out with some worthwhile progress.
The trouble for the Fraudsters and Village Idiots is graphically shown above. It was hotter in the Middle Ages ( when there was no Industrial CO2 ) than it is now. The world temperatures have been rising since before the Industrial Revolution and have been falling back since 2000.
The cooler period shown is when the Thames froze over.
To rub the point in : CO2 levels were lower in the Middle Ages than they are now. The Middle Ages were hotter than now with less CO2; therefore, CO2 levels do not relate to global temperature in any significant way.