Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hilary Clinton equates the Mistreatment of Women with Dangerous Misrule.

She is right and she has made the advancement of women the corner stone of the Obama administration's foreign policy. As she says; "the subjugation of women is a threat to our ( US ) security and the common security of the world ". With the exception, perhaps, of Communist China, all the dangerously misgoverned nation states from Afghanistan, to Iran, to Saudi Arabia, to the Democratic Republic of the Congo are characterised by the fact that they treat women like door mats. Under Clinton's leadership, the Americans are making available large sums of money very specifically targeted at the global advancement of women's health and education. Although largely unnoticed, I believe that this is one of the most important US foreign policy initiatives for a long time.

A Liberian educationalist, whose name I have forgotten and cant track down, said this; you educate a man and you have an educated individual, you educate a woman and you have an educated nation. With a bit of prodding, it seems that Obama who could certainly always Talk the Talk is now beginning to show that he can also Walk the Walk. Good news.