Friday, November 30, 2007

Mohamed the Teddy Bear and Genocide

The Sudanese regime has a long blood splattered track record. 
Without generating much attention, let alone condemnation,
in the West, they waged a war of anihilation against the Animists 
and Christians in the South of the country. Why?So as to ram
sharia law down their throats.It is only when they decide to wipe
out the black muslim Darfuris that they get a bit of tut-tutting
and hand-wringing from round the world. Seizing the opportunity
of the teddy bear affaire, I, in my Colonel Blimp from Seven Oaks
mode,dashed off the following letter to the Times.
To my delight and surprise, it was printed today.
Sir,The grotesque prosecution of Gillian Gibbons
( report, Nov 29 ) is charactaristic of a regime in Khartoum
that sedulously pursues one of the most violent interpretations
of Islam. In its efforts to impose Sharia*, it has over 20 years
killed about two million Southern Sudanese Animists and
Christians. This murderous jihad included mass rapes,
enslavements and forced  conversions. The recent and
continuing racist atrocities and land grabs committed
against its black African co-religionists in Darfur
are common knowledge. Protected by the energy
hungry China and honoured by the UN with membership,
of all things, of its Commission on Human Rights,
Khartoum has come to beleive it is free to take any action it
wants, including, most worryingly, the resumption of its assault
on Southern Sudan.

The very least that the UK and the civilised world can
do is to press for the indictment before the International
Court of Human Rights of those identified responsible members
of the Khartoum ruling elite.

*In my original letter I had written;
... in its efforts to impose the delights of Sharia law...
I guess being sarcastic about Sharia is not yet
permissible even in the Times.
Oh, well.

Monday, November 26, 2007


How about a yearly celebration of all life from cockroaches and swallows to elephants, cucumbers, jellyfish and humans? A secular holiday dedicated to feeling good about being part of this great family. A day to be aware of what we sometimes do with great gusto; abusing and or wantonly killing any creature we can lay our hands on. A day to hear from and honour those who study and protect life. For some it might be a day of sipping mineral water, for most of us a day we eat what we want while being a bit more clued up about what we consume. As predation, creatures eating other creatures, is essential for life and has always driven evolution, its fitting that the festivity should include, for those who want it, a strong gastronomic element. So, a day of fasting or feasting of big dances and concerts of conferences and gatherings on life, evolution, extinction, the lot.

Because I live in the northern hemisphere, I reckon bleakish early February would be good time for Lifeday. Say the first Saturday in February. So the dark winter would be broken by Christmas, New Year and then a month later Lifeday. I like it!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wonderful Egypt

Unaware that her father's brief conversion 40 years ago to Islam, ( he promptly returned to the fold of the Coptic Church), made her a Muslim for life, Shadia Nague Ibrahim 47 lodged a marriage certificate that recorded her religion as Christian. Last Wednesday this earnt her a 3 year stay in the slammer. In Egypt where it is illegal for a Muslim woman to marry a Christian, where you have to get the President's signature to mend a broken church toilet and where Christians are regularily murdered or forced to convert, Shadia's case is pretty humdrum.

So, next time you set off for your dream Egyptian holiday, spare a thought for the the non-Muslim locals in this " moderate " Islamic state.

Source; Agence France Presse, 24th Nov 2007.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

West Midlands Police and the Crown Prosecution Service, a wee dhimmitude problem?

In the name of "community cohesion", West Midlands Police and the CPS attempted to prosecute the makers of a Channel 4 documentary Undercover Mosque that revealed serious  hatred preaching. The program recorded imams delivering a flood of violent sexist, homophobic and anti Jewish sermons. The following are some of their gems of advice;
" Take the homosexual and throw him off the mountain"
" Whoever changes his religion from Islam to anything else-kill him"
"By the age of 10, it becomes an obligation on us to force young girls to wear the hijab, if she doesent- hit her"
Ofcom has rejected the West Midlands Police claim that the documentary distorted and misrepresented the views of the preachers concerned.

Will the West Midlands Police prosecute these incitements
to violence? Having taken no action whatsoever, its answer
is clearly" not on your nelly" no doubt because it would offend
the "community". The most worrying thing about this is that any journalist thinking of investigating the dark side of Islam will now know that the CPS and at least one police force will, to put it mildy, be rather less than helpful.

Source; The Times, 20th Nov 2007.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Muslim Justice; The Perfect Oxymoron

A sharia "court" in Riyadh in the Blessed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has more than doubled the punishment of a 19 year old gang rape victim to 200 lashes and a six month jail sentence because she publicised her case. She had earlier been condemned to 90 lashes and six months for being in a car with an unrelated male at the time of the attack.

If you educate a man you have an educated individual, if you educate a woman you have an educated nation. Any ideology, like Islam, that treats women like door-mats is doomed for the rubbish bin. With Islam, the inevitable implosion or total reform will only occur when the civilised world stops having to feed it with petrodosh.

In the meanwhile, women under Islam will have to endure their degradations and the rest of us stand firm in the defense of our hard won liberties.

Source; Agence France Press, 14th Nov 2007.