Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Muslim Mass Migration and German Cultural Suicide. Hijrah?

I like Angela Merkel because she was one of the few Western leaders to stand up for the Danish cartoonists. She was there to personally present one of them with a major freedom of expression award. Now, on behalf of Germany, with its historic guilt complex and declining population, she has declared that she is prepared to accept any number of immigrants. Slightly less moist, her foreign minister then talked of 500,000+ per annum for an indefinite number of years. Over a very short time, this will amount to tens of millions who for the most part will be Muslim victims of the poor governance of many Muslim countries.

Angel Merkel clearly believes that this change in population will not adversely affect Germany's liberal democratic culture. Given the difficulties in the West of integrating even modest numbers of Muslims, this, in my view, is pretty naive.

Seeing now that her open door invitation has turned the flow of illegal migrants overnight into a tsunami, Germany is frantically trying to bludgeon and blackmail( threatening the blocking of funds ) all the other Shengen members of the EU into sharing in the accommodation of the millions she has set in motion. If Germany wants like Sweden to become a Muslim nation it is perfectly entitled to do so. That is no reason, however, for her to drag other nations of Europe down a path that could well lead to cultural suicide. While it is clear that other European countries will have to take in some of the immigrants, it is only fair that Germany and Sweden between them should take the great majority as the tsunami is an understandable response to their incitement.

What might be done to regulated and reduce to manageble proportions the great tide of immigrants? In the first instance, it means securing the EU borders. This, rather sadly, means razor wiring all the southern borders and beefing up the sea patrols. The next thing is to try and sort out the main cause of the problem. Although some of the hopeful and desperate migrants come from beyond the Middle East ( Africa and the far East ), it is Iraq and and Syria that most need attention. These two countries must be made livable. This can only happen if the blood crazed are brought to heel. Perhaps the Germans and the Swedes with their admirable compassion can be persuaded to put boots on the ground and see to the total obliteration of IS. It would be a start, but don't hold your breath because when it comes to military action spinelessness, Germany and Sweden are Olympic Grand Champions.

Some are now claiming that the reason the Gulf states ( Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc ) have not offered sanctuary to a single refugee is that they want to encourage the movement of Muslims to the Infidel West. This is Hijrah or Jihad by emigration. You simply go to the kind and welcoming Infidel lands, settle and in short order set up a new Islamic state. Hijrah might be a thought in the minds of Islamic states but can't be a significant part of the drive behind the great westwards Muslim migration. If Saudi Arabia were to suddenly discover the notion of Islamic solidarity and open its door to the migrants, it would only affect a tiny number. As an Iraqi or Syrian who wants to have a life, would you hesitate for a moment between going to repressive and cruel Saudi Arabia on one hand and gentle and permissive Sweden on the other? Its a no-brainer.