Monday, December 28, 2009

Pat Condell on Islamic Censorship.

Yes, Islamic states have passed what they call an Islamic Declaration of Human Rights which is to say you wont have any human rights at all if they have their way and get the old one replaced. Here as always,Pat puts the degenerates down very nicely.

Wake up, America

Pat Condell | MySpace Video

Monday, December 7, 2009

Fraudsters, Village Idiots, Hustlers and Saints Gather in Copenhagen.

The Fraudsters are the so called scientists who have manufactured graphs like the famous "hockey stick" that presents global temperatures as roughly constant over the last thousand years or so and then rising dramatically in the last fourty. The Village Idiots are the politicians and civil servants who believe the "hockey stick" Hollywood disaster scenario. The Hustlers are the hordes who have already cashed in on the Domesday scenario and see no reason why the gravy train should stop. The Saints are those who hope that the scare will make governments get serious about population control, protecting bio-diversity, forests, air and water quality and developing renewable resources.
The irony is that the Saints's good cause is riding on the back of a complete nonsense. Lets hope that when the nonsense finally becomes evident to all, the Saints and all of us come out with some worthwhile progress.
The trouble for the Fraudsters and Village Idiots is graphically shown above. It was hotter in the Middle Ages ( when there was no Industrial CO2 ) than it is now. The world temperatures have been rising since before the Industrial Revolution and have been falling back since 2000.
The cooler period shown is when the Thames froze over.
To rub the point in : CO2 levels were lower in the Middle Ages than they are now. The Middle Ages were hotter than now with less CO2; therefore, CO2 levels do not relate to global temperature in any significant way.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Bogus Science at CRU and Penn State. Letter to Times.

Didn't get published but in view of the naming of names not very surprising.

Sir,Those who attack Lord Lawson, the Times and others for publicising doubts about the case made for anthropogenic CO2 leading to a catastrophic global warming are doing none of us a favour. In science, criticism and peer review are essential. It is now a matter of public record that some of the results, upon which the IPCC relies so heavily, produced by the East Anglian Climate Research Unit ( CRU ) and at least one other institution fall well short of proper scientific standards.
By way of illustration, here are three of the worrying instances that have been revealed. Using growth rings from Siberian trees, Prof. K.Briffa of CRU produced the famous "hockey-stick" graph that showed world temperatures as being essentially constant over a thousand years and then rising rapidly in recent times. It was only when he was forced by a British Journal to reveal the data from which he produced his graph that it was found that he had used a very small and selected sample of trees. When a colleague went back and took a much larger and random sample, the hockey stick shape vanished. These later results were never published. Again, Prof. P. Jones Director of CRU, who was also asked in vain to produce the raw data upon which some of his important opinion forming publications were based, recently announced that due to " storage problems " they had been lost. Finally, another anthropogenic CO2 disaster champion on whom the IPCC depends is Prof. Michael Mann of Penn State University who simply took a graph derived from Finnish lake sedimentology and turned it upside down. The original Finnish results showed a fifteen hundred year temperature record with a medieval rise and a recent fall in temperature. Turned upside down, the embarrassing medieval rise ( how could temperature rise occur without the CO2 of a modern industrial society ? ) becomes a cooling period and the equally displeasing recent temperature fall becomes a lovely hockey-stick rise. This is not serious science, it does need to be exposed and it gravely undermines the position of the IPCC.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Convenient Lie and the East Anglia Climate Research Unit. The Politicization and Commercialization of Bad Global Temperature Research.

According to the IPCC, the majority of scientists beleive that CO2 produced by human activity will drive the earth's temperature up to catastrophic levels. Melting polar ice, sea levels soaring up, draughts and other apocalyptic disasters will displace, starve and drown millions. No, the majority do not agree and no, CO2 is not going to do us in.


The doomsday scenario is based on a small amount of astonishingly bad "research" that gave poor Al Gore and us the iconic hockey stick graph. Here, world temperature, that is depicted as essentially constant over the last thousand years or so, suddenly streaks up in the last fourty. A lot of the hockey stick "science" originates at the University of East Anglia. One leading light there, Phil Jones, refused to provide his raw data for peer review ( A checking by other scientists in your field that the conclusions drawn from measurements are tenable ) saying " I am not handing over 25 years of research data so that someone can prove me wrong." Phil Jones had cobbled together a hockey stick graph from weather station temperature measurements held by his unit. He refused to explain how he got the hockey stick and eventually announced that due to "storage difficulties " all the data had been lost. The dog eat the measurements. Another leading light, Keith Briffa, made a runaway hockey stick graph based on a very small ( 10 ) and selected number of Siberian tree ring growth measurements. If you pick your trees right you can give the temperature versus time graph any shape you want. When a colleague of Briffa's returned and took measurements from a much larger number of trees at random, the hockey stick vanished. These results were never published. Yet another doomsday champion, Michael " Upside Down " Mann, took lake sediment results that showed a medieval warm period and a recent temperature drop and simply turned the graph upside down. Hey presto; no medieval natural warming, lovely contemporary temperature rise. For details of how the hockey stick was carefully deconstructed and shown to be drivel see Climate Catastrophe Cancelled. The importance to the case being made by the IPCC of the hockey graph cannot be overstated. No hockey stick, no case. There is no hockey stick.
There was a warming in the nineties but it was a lot less than the clearly natural medieval warming mentioned above. Since that spike in the nineties, the world temperature has steadied and now declined. Remember last year's snow, the big Chinese freeze? What no one disputes is that since the end of the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago, temperatures with some blips, like when the Thames froze over in the 17th Century, have been steadily rising. As have sea levels. In the long term, of course, the world's temperature has always swung up and down and back again.
Amongst the growing body of reputable scientists who do not take the IPCC seriously, the opinion is that it is the natural activity cycles of the sun that control our warmth or lack thereof. If CO2 generated by humans plays a role it is probably marginal.


The question that needs to be answered is why have so many of the world's power brokers bought into doom by anthropogenic CO2.
From the beginning, the bad science band wagon was driven by the media. Happy times don't sell copy, Hollywood disaster scenarios do. This media frenzy was sustained by the easily harmonised sentiments of a grand alliance of political forces. Drawn to the colours were both those who have always loathed America and capitalism and those who had reasoned concerns about both. How pleasant to be a European champagne socialist or a third world dictator and be able to denounce the West and America in particular as the Great Polluters. How comforting for Al Gore to be able to have a go at the wicked Republicans and their big business associates. But how to explain the adherence of Western leaders like Gordon Brown who is not a dictator nor quite yet a rejected politician ? Here we come back to the nitty gritty that's to say the credence given to the bad science of places like the University of East Anglia. If Gordon Brown's scientific advisers tell him that the hockey stick is real, Gordon is not going to do what his advisers should have done and demand peer review of data. Gordon Brown trusts his advisers and gets swept along.
Ironically, the band wagon was also jumped upon for the very best reasons by the Greens who quite rightly want to preserve fossil fuels and robustly develop renewable energy sources. This enhancing of the Green agenda may turn out to be one of the few positive outcomes of the CO2 scare.
Who else profits? Certainly those who live on low lying land threatened by natural water level rise or land subsidence are, and I would in their place too, demanding compensation from the fossil fuel guzzlers. In fact any part of the world damaged by draught, flooding or natural disaster now has carte blanche to present the bill to the big CO2 producers. Whether they will cough up is another matter. Others happy to go for the ride are those who think they can levy CO2 taxes without shooting their economies in the foot and yes, all the scientists who are getting big fat juicy grants by managing to insert the magic words climate change into their research proposals.
This juggernaut has a lot of weight and momentum. When it crashes, as it will, it's going to be very messy.
The fact is that what Al Gore trumpeted as an Inconvenient Truth has turned out to be a Convenient Lie for a horde of people and interests.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Looking Good; British Muslims For Secular Democracy.

Last Saturday I went to Piccadilly Circus to demonstrate against a demo by the nutters who want to turn Britain into a Sharia Law ruled Islamic Republic. When I got there, I was told that the nutters had cancelled their march on Friday. Milling around Eros with tourists,reporters, cameramen, police and disappointed Union Jack draped members of March for England, I came across a small group of people calling themselves British Muslims For Secular Democracy. It was great to see Muslims out there demonstrating for freedom of expression against the fanaticism of some of their brethren. The government should be giving them their support and Cohesion Kitty dosh.
Also present; Nick Cohen author of "What's Left" and Peter Thatchell of Outrage.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Global Cooling; BBC has a Wobble.

You may have noticed that as a prelude to the imminent IPCC's Copenhagen jamboree, a lot of governements and media are frantically hyping up the most lurid human carbon dioxide end of the world scenarios. But wait, just as the concert was meant to be approaching its peak, one of the heavy weights has put down its bassoon. Gosh, its the BBC !

In a recent report by one of its scientific correspondents, the Beeb has conceded that there is after all no unanimity amongst scientists about what drives global temperature. Is it going up catastrophically because of us or has it simply been rising slowly and steadily with a few hiccups since the last ice age in a way that is largely independent of our activities?

What the Beeb has admitted is that notwithstanding increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide, the earth's temperature has not increased since 1998. Since then the globe has cooled. The Beeb recognises that the highish temperatures of the 1990s might have been due to a natural cycle in the ocean temperature. Also that fluctuations in solar energy and the flux of cosmic particles reaching the earth may have a more important overall role than our carbon dioxide. As the flimsiness of the "science" behind the alarmists begins to be exposed, we should be seeing more and more doubters and apostates.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

British Dhimmis Ensure that Islam Rules Britain. Vogelenzangs to be Tried.

It is now an offence to criticise or mock Islam. You can apparently say what you like about any other religion. But with Islam, say our rulers; don't go there.

This is what Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang found when in the course of a discussion about Islam and Christianity with a Muslim woman they dared to say that Mohamed was a warlord and that Muslim women's wear was a form of bondage. One wonders where on earth they got those ideas from. They are being charged in Merseyside under section 5 of the Public Order Act; causing religiously aggravated alarm and distress. Lets hope the jury is not made up entirely of dhimmis*.

*A dhimmi is the Islamic term used to describe non Muslims who reside in Muslim countries. A dhimmi has little or no legal rights but is legally obliged to show total reverence for and subservience to all things Islamic. As an example of the total subjugation of dhimmis, the Coptic Christians in "moderate" Egypt have to write to the Egyptian Prime Minister for permission to replace a single broken pane of glass in any of their churches. The same of course applies for any other repair of any description. If petty regulation doesn't work then physical violence as seen recently in Pakistan is definitely on the menu. The general idea is to make life so unbearable for non Muslims that they either convert to Islam or emigrate.

The trouble here is that we have rather a lot of British non-Muslims behaving like dhimmis. These curious people who are found in offices of state as well as amongst the population at large will do anything to please Muslims at the expense of the rest of the population. We have nurses being sacked from hospitals for wearing crucifixes whilst in the same hospitals Muslims are free to wear the hajib. We have the M.O.D using halal butchers for all the armed forces Muslim or not. We have charges brought against the makers of a Dispatches documentary program that exposed the violently misogynist and racist sermons of preachers in British mosques. (Three years on and ,as far as I know, no action has been taken against the preachers or for that matter against the members of the police and Crown Prosecution Service who decided to go for the whistle blowers). We have the Whitechapel gallery removing nudes from an exhibition for fear of offending the Muslim community ( Why doesn't the Whitechapel get on with it and rename itself the East London Islamic Multi Media Centre ? ). The list of similar actions of the British honorary dhimmis is long and depressing. I guess the only thing we can do is publicise and denounce what's happening.

Source; Sunday Telegraph Sep 20th 2009, page 7.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pat Condell Socks it to the Lost Left.

Here he is, brilliant as usual, attacking those Quislings of the left who get into bed with Islam to betray the great freedoms that most people in the West are rightly proud of. Apologists for evil

Just Another Islamic Horror Story Missed by the Guardian.

Last Saturday, on the pretext that someone had defiled a copy of the Koran, hundreds of armed Muslims attacked Christians in the town of Gojira and nearby villages in Pakistan's East Punjab. At least eight people including women and children were burnt alive in petrol bombed houses. There were also an unknown total of fatalities and wounded as the Muslims fired at fleeing Christians. The local police merely stood by and watched. Another story "missed" by the Guardian.

A friend of mine looking at this blog asked how I was able to spend so much time on atrocities committed by Muslims. Wasn't it a narrow focus, wasn't it polluting my mind? Yes, there are times when I do feel thoroughly disgusted and befouled pouring over the details of the intolerance, violence and misogyny of Islam. Times when I wish I only had a bee in my bonnet about Neo-Platonism or oak trees. A narrow focus on Islam? Sure, that's because though there are plenty of nasty perps out there they are at present all outclassed by the Muslim gendercidal monsters. Cant help myself.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Degeneracy of Iranian Islamic Republic. Rape of Women in Iranian Prisons.

Under Iran's Islamic law a virgin cannot be executed. An ex prison guard has revealed how this problem is circumvented. The virgin is simply "married" to a guard who then rapes her legitimately as her "husband" on the eve of her execution. After he has raped his victim the "husband" can divorce his "wife" so that she can then be "married" raped and "divorced" by a succession of prison officials and their mates. Girls as young as nine have been dispatched in this way. This is not just gross misogeny, this is pure degeneracy.
The "marriage" and subsequent rape of women prisoners is of course not restricted to virgins. All women in Iranian prisons can be and are very often raped in this Islamic way.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Global Cooling and Increasing CO2 Concentrations.

Despite increasing atmospheric CO2, the global temperatures have recently shown a gentle decrease. Increasing CO2 is not without its problems such as acidification of the seas. It doesn't however seem to have had any upward pushing effect on world temperature .
The importance of the graph above lies in the fact that if CO2 was having a significant warming effect, the troposphere where it resides would have to show warming. It clearly does not.

Meanwhile, the possible prime controller of our temperature, the sun, continues to remain in an unusually quite state with a protracted absence of spots. The last time the sun had a period of inactivity of this duration was in the early nineteen tens. A century ago.

No spots means a reduced solar magnetic field reaching out to deflect from the earth deep space cosmic rays that seed clouds that in their turn cool the planet. The last time there was a major period of solar spotlessness ( the Maunder Minimum in the 17thC ) the Thames froze over.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Obama Makes a Calibrated Appeal to the Islamic World.

This is a bit late but as they say in France "jamais trop tard pour bien faire".

Monday, July 6, 2009

Qom and Gone.

Dream scenario. Mousavi's Qom fanatics gain enough strength to take on Ahmadinejad's fanatics. They come to blows. They wipe each other out. Iranian Islamic Republic: gone. Could happen.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America

Still, and lets hope hope for a long while yet, Democracy's Arsenal.

Well, you haven't always behaved in an exemplary way. Like in Latin America. For all that though, the world would be a much grimmer place without you. 7/10.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mousavi Biography

The avuncular looking "reformer" was born to a tea merchant in Kharmeneh east Iran on 29th September 1941. Student activist in Freedom Movement of Iran a nationalistic religious party. Got a master's degree in architecture 1969 at the National University of Teheran. After demise of Shah in 1979, he was a founding member of the Islamic Republic. For, amongst other demonstrations of loyalty, his support of Ayatollah Khomeni's execution of several thousand of the new regime's opponents, he was appointed prime minister in 1981. Held the post til the end of the Iran-Iraq war in 1989.

In 1982 he was a founding member of Hezbollah and on it's leadership council. In 1984 he created, along the lines of the KGB, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS). MOIS is the principle organisation that powers and directs the ayatollah's reign of oppression and terror. It is responsible for the detention, torture and execution of dissidents at home, terror and the liquidation of opponents abroad. While he was still Prime Minister in 1989, a further at least six thousand dissidents according to Amnesty were murdered. The total toll of those put to death on his watch has yet to be established and will in time see his indictment in the Hague on crimes against humanity charges.

From 1989 to 2009, Mousavi was out of front stage politics, probably active behind the scene, passing his time officially as a teacher of architecture with painting as a hobby.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ayatollahs Circle the Drain; Ahmadinejad Back.

The return to office of the Iranian incumbent Ahmadinejad is good news. The hardliners musical chairs that has been described in the media here as an election has kept out the so called reformist Mousavi. Mousavi is not a reformer; he is a prominent supporter of the regime who whilst in office was responsible for a colossal massacre of dissidents in the eighties.
A Mousavi presidency would have breathed fresh life into the rotten corpse of the Iranian theocracy as the West has chosen to dress him up as someone reasonable with whom business could be done. Someone to cosy up to, someone to appease. Mousavi is gone and now the decay and demise of the ayatollahs reign can happily proceed unhindered by the West's outright and shameful support. Even Obama might be forced to stop simpering at Teheran's knees.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Iran; Ahmadinejad the Madman and Mousavi the Butcher.

In the sham "elections" being held this Friday in Iran, the choice is between the lunatic Ahmadinejad and the smiling rather avuncular looking Mousavi. If the Iranians have any sense they will stay at home.
Mousavi is portrayed as a reformer. This could in fact hardly be further from the truth. Mousavi is a hard liner with a blood soaked track record. For, amongst other demonstrations of loyalty, his support of the execution of several thousand of the regime's political opponents in 1981, Khomeni made him Prime Minister. Mousavi went on to be a founding member of Hizbollah in 1983. Most importantly, he is the creator of the Ministry of Intelligence and Information. MOIS is modelled on the KGB and is the Ayatollahs principle organ of repression. It is responsible for the detention, torture and killing of dissidents at home and terrorism and the liquidation of opponents abroad. At the end of the Iran-Iraq war in 1988, on his watch as Prime Minister, several tens of thousands more of the opposition were executed. More than six thousand according to a conservative Amnesty reckoning. Most of those killed were students. After a 20 year absence from political office spent as a "painter and architect", Mir Hossein Mousavi is back.

Mousavi, of course, wants the bomb as badly as Ahmadinejad. For the poor Iranians who do decide to "vote" the choice is not great; the Madman or the Butcher.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ayatollah Iran; Tops for Capital Punishment and Male Heterosexual Paedophiles.

According to Nobel Prize winning Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi, Iran has now overtaken China in the executions per capita league. Most disturbingly, a number of those executed were under 18. In the last three years of the 32 juvenile executions in the world, 26 were in Iran. Iran currently has 130 more juveniles on death row. Included in the total of 346 women,men and children often hung publicly from cranes in 2008 and the 120 dispatched already this year, were political prisoners and those, mostly women and girls, deemed guilty of sexual misdemeanours.
The ayatollahs taste for killing children and females is not surprising given that they take their moral compass from the late Grand Ayatollah Khomeini. Khomeini ruled that it was permissible to have sex with female babies. What a man, what a regime!
Anyone hoping for change in Iran's June " elections " will be disappointed. To be elected you have to be a Muslim and you have to be approved by the Council of Guardians. This election has as much to do with democracy as polls in the old Soviet union under Joe Stalin. Maybe another declaration of respect and admiration from Obama will mellow the ayatollahs. Doubt it somehow.

Back here in the UK, for some reason best known to herself, the Queen sends an annual message of congratulations to the ayatollahs on the anniversary of their hideous rule. Perhaps she also sends birthday cards to that North Korean charmer. Who knows?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Privy Council Rules That Union Jack Is Illegal.

It has too many crosses in it and is therefore offensive to non-Christians. It is banned.

Well we are not quite there but the British Privy Council is working on it. It has ruled that a Trinidad and Tobago honours medal is illegal because it has a cross in its design that upsets Muslims and Hindus. The Privy Council is now working to remove all traces of Christianity from British symbols. Should keep this particular club of unelected, lawmaking dhimmis busy for a little while.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Global Cooling. More Indications.

Record low temperatures ( -13 ) in the Australian mountains. Latest airborne Artic ice measurements reveal much greater than expected thickness. Well, well.

Holland's Next Prime Minister; Geert Wilders.

According to the latest poll, if a general election was held today his party would be the largest. Here is his speech to the Florida Free Speech Summit. In it, on the positive side, he says that while Holland was the first to fall into the swamp of multiculturalism and cultural relativism, it might just be the first to get out.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lt.Col. Allen West and Islam

Allen West, who is running for Congress, interviewed by Pamela Geller at the Florida Free Speech Summit. The bowing referred to in the interview was when Obama bowed down to knee level in front of the King of the Saudis.This is not how a US President should behave. This is the rather sad and creepy behaviour of a carpet salesman.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lord Pearson on British Appeasement of Muslims.

Here he is talking about that, Geert Wilder's non-visit and his movie Fitna.

The occasion was today's Florida Freedom of Speech Summit hosted by Rep. Adam Hasner, blog Islam critic Pamela Geller and others. The video is dim because the lighting at the venue wasen't adequate.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Artic Sea Ice Surface Area at a Peak. Antartic Ice Coverage Growing; Global Cooling.

The surface area covered by ice in the Artic Sea is today 13,527,656 km2. This is the highest that it has been at this time of the year since before 2002. After dipping in 2007, the surface area of ice has made a record recovery. In the Antartic the ice coverage is simply growing.
These polar cool offs are probably linked to the generally observed recent global cooling which is perhaps in its turn caused by the current lack of solar sunspot activity. New Maunder Minimum ? Maybe.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Turkish Islamists Wipe Out Their Secular Opponents.

Recep "Democracy is the Bus to Islam" Erdegon, the Fundamentalist leader of Turkey's ruling AK party is rounding up all prominent secularists accusing them of being part of a plot to overthrow his government. This so called Ergenekon conspiracy has already seen 142 secularists charged. Yesterday another 8 were added to the sweep. The latest haul includes Mehmet Haberal, owner of the secular TV station Kanal B and rector of Baskent University Ankara, two other rectors and a clutch of prominent journalists. A neat way of destroying your political opponents. It is probably no co-incidence that Haberal had begun last week to form a new secular political movement to fight Erdogan and his bigots.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Radioactive Waste Disposal in the UK.

Now that the UK has given the go-ahead for
the building of new nuclear power stations,
we need to take a look at what it proposes
to do about the industry's number one problem.
How is the UK going to deal with nuclear waste
disposal? About 5% of nuclear power's waste by
volume produces 95% of its radioactivity. In
2006, the Committee for Radioactive Waste
Management (CoRWM) recommended that this dangerous
"high level waste" should be disposed of underground
It would be fixed in a glass matrix
and sealed in steel canisters. The canisters
would then be buried in clay lined and plugged
bore holes that are drilled out of the rock.
Trusting in the cushioning and screening
of the clay and the stability of the rock,
the hot stuff is left to cool down for
however long it takes.

This sounds kind of O.K. until you realise
that there is no provision for inspecting
the canisters to check that they havent failed.
Out of sight, out of mind. A failure, not too
fantastic a possibility even over a short time
span, would cause leakage into the rock and
water table system. One of the nastier waste products,
plutonium 239, takes 24,000 years to loose
half its activity.

Greenpeace's Jean Sorley has denounced the plan as an
environmental time bomb. If, for security reasons,
the canisters need to kept underground, then they
should be stashed in open racks where they can be
readily checked. This also means that if new safe disposal technology arrives,the stored material can be easily retrieved.
The US Yucca mountain underground repository
project offers a proper model that should be adopted
worldwide. Here, with the waste containers in open tunnels,
their is provision for both monitoring and retrieval.
The British CoRWM proposal with neither is nothing more than a cheap and very dangerous folly. It should not be allowed to go ahead.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Global Warming Catastrophe; Its An Astrological Fantasy.

The Japanese Society of Energy and Resources is a government advising panel. Three of its five members have now broken with the IPCC to declare that, on the available evidence, it is likely that climate is driven by natural cycles and not human industrial activity.

Kenya Kusano, a director at the Japanese Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, says that the IPCC's computer model of an anthropogenic, monotonic and continuous temperature rise owes more to astrology than real science. What is clear is that a small rise in temperature has occured world wide since the Maunder Minimum ( When the Thames froze over ) in the 17th C. What is also apparently true is that despite an accelerated outpouring of carbon dioxide temperatures have not risen since around 2000. The recent lack of solar activity may be a controlling factor. In the absence of the magnetic fields produced by solar activity, cosmic ray particles reach the upper atmosphere to seed clouds and cool things down. A more convincing theory than Gore's blarney.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Turkey in the EU? Sarkozy says "Non".

Obama has now set off on his love tour of Muslim countries telling them in advance how wonderful Islam is and how much it is valued in the US. Lots of folks back home do not seem to be entirely behind him on that one. Anyways, before leaving for his first port of call in Turkey, he told European leaders that they should admit Turkey to the EU as a way of demonstrating how much Europe also cared for Islam. He was immediately and sharply put in his place by Sarkozy who informed him that it was up to the European Union alone to decide on a country's membership. " I have always been opposed to this entry and I remain opposed" He added. France and Austria are committed to holding referenda on this issue. The idea of 100 million Turkish Muslims being part of the EU is not something that the majority of the French or Austrian public are terribly keen on. A no from either country would be a veto and the end of the story. Both Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy favour offering Turkey a special economic partnership. Sounds enough and fair to me which is what most Europeans, including the British who will not be allowed to express an opinion on the matter, probably think too.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chamberlain Obama in the White House, Joy in Teheran.

Neville Chamberlain was a decent man who did not want a repeat of the First World War's carnage. He thought he could talk down/buy off Hitler. All he did, as we know, was give Hitler more time to re-arm. The ayatollahs will be very happy to talk tough, talk sweet, talk anything provided they can carry on talking long enough to get more time to arm themselves with yet more atomic bombs ( US intelligence has told Obama they already have one ). Like Chamberlain, Obama is a decent but equally naive man.The idea that his saccharin message to the Iranians will weaken the hardliners in the coming "election"** is risible. They will argue quite convincingly that they took a tough line and lo the Great Satan is on his knees begging to be friends.
Let us imagine for a moment however that Ahmadinejad and his friends don't make it in the Iranian "elections". Will the so called moderates be any less keen on acquiring nuclear weapons? There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that this might be the case. All the ayatollahs want the kit and they want it bad. Sorry Barack ; no cigar.

** To stand in the Iranian "elections " you have to be a muslim and you have to be approved by a small gang of self appointed and blood thirsty saurians known as the Supreme Council of Ayatollahs. Kind of "election" Joe Stalin used to have.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Omar al-Bashir digs himself into a deeper hole.

This criminal is so outrageous its almost comical. The instant ( apparently within seconds ) a warrant is issued for his arrest on war crime and crimes against humanity in Darfur he expels the biggest charities working there. Without any witnesses on the ground he can now merrily massacre the surviving Darfuris. " You accuse me of war crimes!? O.K.; now I'm gonna really finish the job! " Looks like the old sad pattern of Muslims reacting with furious violence when they are accused of violence.

Meanwhile his friends at the UN are trying to get the warrant rescinded or postponed. " The warrant" they screech " has/will make things more difficult! Poor Omar, just let him quietly get on with the business " Yes, right, leave the poor sod alone. He hasen't had a chance to complete his program of genocide.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Omar al-Bashir: -100, Luis Moreno Ocampo: +100

Today the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Omar. He may not get thrown in the slammer for a while but he is definitely on his way. At last. First time its happened to a sitting head of state. This has upset a lot of big wigs like the Chinese* leadership and other ruling princes of darkness.

Al-Bashir is not just responsible for the Darfur horrors. He was also a leader behind the Muslim war of extermination waged against the Southern Sudanese Christians and Animists. That little jihadic episode that preceded Darfur, involving mass murder, mass rape, mass forced conversions to Islam and wholesale enslavement, cost a conservatively estimated 2 million lives. This wretched criminal is not the only nasty in the Khartoum regime but taking him down is an excellent start.

Oh, and lets not forget that when the Arab Muslims of Khartoum go for the local Black Muslims of Darfur they are not inspired by racism alone. Again when they go for the Black Christians and Animists of South Sudan it's not just that nice old mix of racism and religious bigotry that stokes their barbarism. There is in both cases an added big dollop of simple greed. In Darfur its for land, in the South its land and petroleum resources.

Congratulations to the ICC's chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo.

*The Chinese are not just scared of tyrannical rulers like themselves being brought to justice, they are also major investors in the developement of oil fields stolen by the Muslims of Khartoum from the South Sudanese Animists and Christians.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Geert Wilders and Muslim Violence.

A person denouncing violence is prosecuted for it in his own country and made persona non grata for it in another. How marvelous. Geert Wilders was barred from entering the U.K. for making a connection between the violence in the sermons of some immams, that in some Koranic writings and Islamic terrorism. This, and his admittedly intemperate call for the banning of the Koran which he compares to Mein Kampf, was deemed to present so grave a danger to British public order that he had to be kept out.
No doubt his presence here might have resulted in public disorder. However, what we all know is that this disorder would not be caused by Methodists having asthmatic rage attacks and running amok in the streets. If his visit did result in disorder it would be solely due to the violence of Muslims who cannot bear to be accused of being violent. The irony of this is sadly always lost on the Muslim world.
The government should have said, if it so wished, that Islam is a wonderfully woman friendly, peaceful and tolerant religion but it would defend Wilders's right to express his opinions and that anyone responding to these views by violence or the threat of violence would be severely dealt with by the law.
It is clear that Gordon Brown's action in the Wilders case is not solely due to moral and intellectual debility. Mostly it was inspired by short-termist opportunism. He and his party are simply pandering to the Muslim constituency. This continuous appeasement of all things Muslim will not in the long run do either this country or its Muslim community any good.
Geert Wilders has never called for violence against anybody. You have to smile therefore when you find that today the British government has rolled out the red carpet for Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood big shot Sheik Wagdi Ghuniem. Hamas and the Brotherhood have violent anti-semitism as the least of their problems.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pat Condell and the Dutch prosecution of Wilders.

Here he is again, brilliant as usual, this time on the ignominy in which the Netherlands is now wallowing as it prostrates itself towards Mecca.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Homicidal Fatwas: Unpunished Crimes: Contract Killings.

Fatwas come as rulings and orders. Khomeni issued a fatwa that ruled that it was permissible for Muslims to have sex with female babies. Twenty years ago and more famously a fatwa of his ordered that it was the duty of Muslims to kill Salman Rushdie for writing the Satanic Verses. In the West this murderous type of fatwa has become all too familiar driving into hiding and, if their government can be bothered, into police protection a number of people who have mocked or criticised Islam. Most recently the Danish cartoonists, Dutch M.P. Geert Wilders and Austrian M.P. Susannah Winter have been forced to live under its constant threat of death. What has contributed greatly to this scandalous state of affairs is the total failure of Western governments to react.

For all the religious drivel with which they are dressed these fatwas are nothing more than publicly called for contract killings. They should be treated as such. We know who the individuals are who are commissioning them. Why have our governments not seen to it that international arrest warrants are issued? As we know, the national judiciaries of Wilders and Winter have been prompt to prosecute them for denouncing the abuses of Islam. Action against those contracting for their murder; Big Zero.

International warrants might not be enforceable in Iran or Pakistan but they would send a robust, appropriate and long overdue message. The non-Muslim world is not going to passively wring its hands and tolerate anymore these criminal attacks on its citizens and freedom of expression. The author of a homicidal fatwa would then also be disagreeably surprised to find that when he goes on his next trip, to shop at Harrods here or visit his brain surgeon anywhere in the civilised world, he could well be end up in court as the principle defendent in a contract killing prosecution .

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Geert Wilders. Lord Ahmed tells House of Lords what it can not do.

Invite Geert Wilders. When a peer asked Geert Wilders M.P. to come and show Fitna for discussion, Lord Ahmed bellowed that he would mobilize 10,000 Muslims to prevent this happening and take the peer to court. The event was cancelled. Lord Ahmed declared a victory for the Muslim community. It certainly was. Anything that diminishes free discussion and democracy is a victory for Islam which has as much use for either as fish do for bicycles and umbrellas. How sad though that peers allow themselves to be bullied and scared like this.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Geert Wilders M.P. and Susanne Winter M.P. persecuted for criticising Islam.

The Dutch government is taking M.P. Geert Wilders, author of Fitna and fearless denouncer of the Islamisation of Europe, to court for "insulting" Islam.No doubt in Holland any criticism of Islam is now a criminal offence.For the first time in my life I am ashamed of being half Dutch. But wait! Holland is not alone. In Austria, M.P. Suzanne Winter has been fined £ 24,000 and given a three months suspended sentence also for insulting Islam. She had apparently described Mohamed as a blood thirsty paedophile. How could anyone possibly think that? Western governments are obviously falling over each other to attack freedom of expression and grovel at the feet of the religion of peace. So what's new? Not much.
You can and should sign the protest petition that has been addressed to the Dutch authorities.

There will soon probably be something similar for the Austrian dhimmis.

There may of course be an upside to the case being brought against Wilders. He is a fighter and in the full glare of a court he will have the opportunity to make the thing rebound on the perps by publicising loud and clear both the contempt for freedom of the present Dutch rulers and the hideousness that permeates Islam. This court case will probably increase the vote for Wilders Freedom Party which scored 6% of the vote in the last Dutch elections making it the fourth largest party in Parliament. In Belgium, the Flemish Vlaams Blok was not only prosecuted but closed down for being rude about Islam. As a result of this travesty of justice,it's successor under a different name went on to massively increase its vote. Hopla! The dhimmis shoot themselves in the foot!