Friday, December 17, 2010

Saint Julian Assange

Famous feminist Naomi Wolf has a hunch that Saint Julian could not possibly have abused two Swedish women. Therefore he hasn't and is the victim of a smear generated by those fiendish Yankees.
If Saint Julian is innocent why is he not simply going back to Sweden to clear his name ?

Meanwhile the two women are being pilloried. I might be wrong but I suspect that Saint Julian is fighting extradition in the not unreasonable expectation that, with a bit more time, the continuing vilification of the women will be enough to make them withdraw their allegations.

Perhaps John Pilger and Jemima Khan, who hopefully consider rape a serious matter, might have a quiet word in the saintly ear.

Having said this about Saint Julian, I would like to make it quite clear that I approve of leaks where they do not endanger lives. It is amusing to note for instance that Saint Julian who sees the US as the Great Satan has probably scored countless own goals; the reports of US diplomats back to the State Department reflect very well their honesty and professionalism. Thus who, in the Great Club of Appeasers, could find fault with the restraint shown by the US when it is being continuously urged by the likes of Saudi Arabia to decapitate the Iranian Serpent? Wonderful stuff!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Aisha after the Taliban and then After the Americans.

A bit of good news for a change. Below is what Aisha, not her real name, looked like when the good Islamic Taliban leader allowed her husband to cut off her nose and ears and leave her for dead.

This is what she looks like now after being taken in care by the Grossman Burn Foundation in California. The GBF, which amongst other humanitarian activities supports the fight against the abuse of women, has given Aisha a prosthetic nose and will in time operate on her to permanently reconstruct her nose and ears.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Belles in Bras on Streets of Kandahar Sponsored by Taliban.

Wouldn't that be great? Well for the moment we will have to be content with seeing it at the Notting Hill Carnival. Nice sunny day. One shooting on last night.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg; Admirer of Islam.

Bloomberg wrote in the London Times that anyone can open a place of worship anywhere( In the West )*; correct. He also said that Islam had nothing to do with the New York bombings; wrong. For the record here is my reply to the Times. Not published but here nonetheless in its modest way in the public domain.

Sir, Mayor Bloomberg ( 7 Aug ) was wrong to assert that Islam had nothing to do with the Twin Towers bombings. The bombers were Muslim and their support from the Islamic community may have been small but it was not insignificant. To plan an opening of a mosque on the anniversary of the atrocity and on its doorstep shows a lack of sensitivity that will do nothing to repair Islam's tarnished image.
Something more fitting, perhaps, would be to dedicate the buildings funding to a reform of Islam that would preclude the inspiration of acts of violence.

* Try opening a non-Muslim place of worship in a Muslim country! Don't even think about it.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Betrayal of Afghan Women. Aisha and the Degenerate Taliban.

Now days the talk in Afghanistan is of negotiation with the Taliban. When, quite soon, NATO and its allies withdraw from the country, the Taliban will return to power or at the very least be partners in some frightfully corrupt and flaky governing coalition. When this happens, the thousands of dead and crippled Westerners and Afghans and the trillions of dollars spent will simply have taken the country and in particular all its women back to the degenerate stone age of the Taliban tyranny. In the Taliban hell, women (denied all education or rights) are there to be abused, mutilated and murdered at will. This will happen because when all is said and done most Afghan men rather like the Taliban way of doing things.

For trying to escape from a marriage where she was beaten and lived in fear of her life, Aisha above, was taken at night from her village in Uruzgan and dragged into the woods where she was condemned by the good Muslim local Taliban commander and mullah to have her nose and ears cut off. This was done with alacrity by her inlaws with her husband wielding the knife. She was left for dead but managed to survive*. This is institutionalised barbarism. This is again Islam. This is the Taliban.

*Thanks to Time magazine and others, Aisha will go to America for reconstructive surgery. Very few female victims of this deplorable society will be so lucky.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cameron, Turkey and the EU.

Cameron has been blustering about how the EU must accept Turkey and French and German opposition must be reversed. Well no and here's my letter to the Financial Times on his intervention.

Sir, The elephant in the room for the Prime Minister, the FT,the Americans and others who are demanding that Turkey be admitted to the EU is the fact that Turkey is Islamic. Contrary to the claims of the Prime Minister, Islam is not compatible with true democracies as it does not accept the West's hard won freedoms of expression and conscience or the equal rights of women and homosexuals. It is the belief that these freedoms and social cohesion itself would be imperiled by the admission of 80 or more million Turkish Muslims that will sway the French and the Austrians when they vote in referenda on the issue and bring to nothing the Prime Minister's huffing and puffing.

The Turks are a hard working and enterprising people and they would profit hugely from the generous Special Economic Partnership on offer from Germany and France. They do not need a more intimate relationship and nor do we.

In the sphere of international political and military alliances, there is absolutely no reason why Turkey outside the EU should not remain a good friend. Both sides have enjoyed this friendship, why would that change?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sakine Mohamadi Ashtiani Day. 24th July 2010. London, Trafalgar Square.

This was part of an international day of protests organised to publicize the case of Sakine who has received 99 lashes and has spent the last 5 years in prison waiting to be executed for adultery. Originally condemned to death by stoning, the international outcry means that she will now probably be hung instead. Maryam Namazie, above, organised yesterday's protest. It was sunny and a lot more signatures were added to the petition demanding that Sakine be set free and that stoning be banned in Iran and the Islamic world in general. A shrouded woman enacted a stoning.
Main link for more information is at the Sakine Campaign.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Balloon Jet Propulsion.High Altitude Calculation.

Everyone knows how if you let go of a balloon allowing the gas to escape quickly, the balloon shoots across the room. This is an attempt to quantify this balloon jet propulsion for the particular case of balloons venting up in the stratosphere. Could the balloon, approaching its bursting point on the back of Archimedes's Principle be saved and driven higher and if so by how much?

Although the calculations are used to obtain numbers for helium, He, they would apply equally for any other gas.


( a ) The balloon is filled with gas at 1 atmos. and 298*K, ( S.T.P. ) and the gas retains this state when it is vented. Of course, even in a well insulated envelope, the gas would be cooler in the frigid high atmosphere. This could be corrected for.( See below )

( b ) That the gas vents from the balloon axially and downwards along the vertical venting pipe with a velocity equal to the atoms mean random molecular speed ( c ) characterised by their temperature and pressure. This is optimistic, to put it mildly, but it gives an upper bound to what may be possible.

( c ) The solid material of the balloon has zero buoyancy. This will be the case when all the gas has vented but initially there will of course be buoyancy as the venting starts with the balloon at or near equilibrium, neither going up or down. This assumption underestimates the lift as does the assumption made that the loss of He does not reduce the balloons initial mass.


For a spherical balloon of radius 1m, the volume is 4.2m(3). The density of He at S.T.P. is 0.175 kg/m(3).


For He at S.T.P of density r and pressure P,
P=(r*c(2))/3. With r=0.175kg/m(3) and P=10(5)Pa, c=1.3*10(3)=1300m/s.


Ft=m*(final velocity )-m*(initial velocity ). F=force in N, t=time in secs.
( initial velocity )=0 as inside the balloon the atoms of He are moving randomly in all directions.
Therefore, Ft=mc N-sec.
With the venting pipe pointing vertically downwards F becomes the upward force on the balloon and t the venting time.
If we set p=mc, then F=mc/t=p/t N.

If the total mass of balloon and load, assumed constant even though He is being lost, is M, and as stated above the initial buoyancy is ignored, the net upward force is
F-Mg=p/t-Mg N

From Newton II,
p/t-Mg=Ma where a is the upwards acceleration.
Therefore, a=(p/t-Mg)/M m/sec(2)


Assuming balloon is not moving up fast before venting, u=0.

s=(a*t*t)/2.=(p/(tM)-g)*t*t/2= pt/(2M)-gt(2)/2.

To find t for maximum s, a spot of calculus.
(ds)/(dt)=p/(2M)-gt when (ds)/(dt)=0 we get the maximum value of s and the corresponding value of t.
So, at (ds)/(dt)=o , p/(2M)-gt=0 and t=p/(2Mg), the optimum t.

Finally, substituting this value of t into s=(a*t*t)/2, we get

the maximum extra height gained as



For our first example of a Im radius balloon carrying 0.74 kgs of He, p=1000kg-(m/s), M=2kg, venting time=25secs and

s=3125m or about 9400 ft.

Upwards force due to jet effect F=p/t=1000/25=40 N.

With a balloon of 1.5m radius carrying 2.4kgs of He and with a total mass now M=5kg, venting time= 31 secs.and
p=3100kg-(m/s), F=3100/31=100 N and
s=4800m or another 14400 ft, WoW!. A slightly bigger balloon and we get all the way to the moon!
No, but seriously any comments feedback very welcome.

Sorry about indices notation t*t means t squared as does t(2).


If C is random speed at 300*K and c is that at 250*K,then,

c=C*Square-root(250/300)=0.91*C. This gives c=1200 m/sec at 250*K instead of 1300 m/sec at 300*K.
Small potatoes!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Obama's Great NASA Plan. Charles Bolden to Manage Massage Parlour for Bruised Muslim Egos.

In a speech last month for Al-Jeezera, Charles Bolden, Obama's appointed new head of NASA, revealed that the President told him that his most important task was " To reach out to the Muslim world and engage with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math and engineering "

How touching. But what, one wonders, has this groveling ego massaging endeavour to do with the organisation that put humans on the moon? Well, having cancelled all manned expeditions beyond earth orbit as well as most research into new space technology, Obama,( who couldn't quite get away with simply closing the agency down ), had to find some use for the now moribund outfit. His solution is to make it the " scientific " arm of the State Department's Muslim Affairs Section. Although the scheme has zero scientific merit it has one great virtue; its as cheap as a comb full of dandruff.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Islam the Humane and Merciful Religion. Stoning Women in Iran.

As a result of international pressure, the Iranian Islamic Republic has just announced that it will not after all be burying a 42 year old mother of two up to her chest and then have men throw stones ( big enough to cause injury but not big enough to kill outright ) at her till she dies. Usually takes about 30 minutes. Instead it will probably be wheeling out one of its industrial cranes to hang her from the boom. Takes about 10 minutes. What wonderfully merciful people these Muslims are !

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtani is accused of adultery and has already been given 99 lashes of the bull whip and spent 5 years in prison. The degenerates who run the so called Iranian Islamic Judiciary will of course not be deprived entirely of their sport.They have already over the last few years had about 10 people, mostly women of course, stoned to death and have at least as many awaiting this fate whose cases are unlikely to attract much international attention.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday America

Bit late with this because I've been away on the drop dead gorgeous Dorset coast. Anyway, what's happening?. A great many more poor Americans and re-possessions still on the increase. Obama has done good with his medical cover reforms. No one in the civilised world should be denied medical treatment because they cant pay for it. As I see it, the state has a duty to provide it's citizens with security, education and health. What the citizens then do with those treasures is their business. On Iran, Obama is more than slightly out to lunch; he is just buying time for the ayatollahs to build their bomb. When they get it and throw it at one or more of their neighbours he'll say " Hey that's a bummer but what could I do? " Heyho!

In Afghanistan Americans and others are dying because the Taliban is getting money from the Gulf states, support from Pakistan and are seen as patriots by most Afghans. If the Chinese and the Russians are not prepared to commit troops and treasure to help yank the Afghans out of the 10thC, we should just go and leave the Afghans to their delights.

What else ? In New York the Muslims are building a Mega Mosque next door to Ground Zero which they plan to open next year on the anniversary of the Muslim Bombing. They are trying to say that what happened had nothing to do with Islam and that those who think it did are confused and need to apologise for their mistake. As has been said its a bit like putting up a statue of Hitler in Auschwitz. The project has the backing of the Mayor and some local politicians all of whom need urgently to be scrutinised for possible inappropriate associations with well moneyed Muslim organisations. All I can say is that there are some Muslims who really havent got any shame at all.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Muslim Attacks on European Jews. The Canaries in the Mine.

Attacks on Jews in Holland, Germany and Belgium have increased to such a pitch that many Jews are leaving for the USA and even Britain. This week, a Jewish troupe of street dancers get stoned in Hanover to cries from Muslims of " Jews Out!", in Amsterdam a recent TV documentary showed how within minutes of appearing on the streets wearing skull caps, a group of Jews were set upon by Muslims who spat at them, cursed them and inevitably yelled " Jews go home! ". Well, with the local authorities merely wringing their hands, its working. Jewish communities which have enriched and made continental Europe shine for centuries are disappearing faster than the proverbial snow ball in hell.

It is rightly said that the Jews are the Canaries in the Mine. When they get snuffed, it wont be long before the rest of civilised society starts to circle the drain. If this outrage is allowed to proceed unchecked its real simple; Islam will put out the lights from Helsinki to Lisbon. Welcome then to the real Dark Ages.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Very Sad Archbishop of Canterbury and the Case of the Woman's Mitre.

Once again Rowan Williams has managed to cover his Church and himself with ignominy. Although I am an atheist, I am proud of the progressive Christian heritage that contributed to the development of our brilliant Western culture. Williams is not a progressive. Instead of going with the times he has opposed the ordination of gays and is so bothered by the creation in America of women bishops that when one, Katherine Jefferts Schori, came to officiate here in Southwark Cathedral, he ordered her not to wear her mitre. He cant bring himself to let the homophobes and misogynists go their way. For goodness sake, let the homophobes and misogynists convert to Islam or Catholicism ! Williams could more than make up for the loss of the saurians by opening his arms to the many members of the Catholic clergy who would just love to renounce celibacy. Will he? No, too easy!

Seriously now, this mitre affair is just another example of the archbishop's regressive mind set. He is a man who has no particular interest in the enlightenment and would, I believe, be quite happy to see it rolled back in order to entrench the position of his religion, all religions in public life. To this end he reaches out to all the other hot hocus-pocus players. If he can please them and secure their thingies in a " pick an mix" bazaar of laws and privileges, it also bolsters, so he reasons, the defences and existing privileges of the Anglican Church. Thus, in a monstrous betrayal of British Muslim women and children he has ardently supported the introduction in Britain of Sharia courts. Again, presumably believing that this will strengthen the great religious cobweb in society, he has called for immams, rabbis, shamans and cardinals etc, to be given seats alongside his bishops in the Lords.
The man is really rather a disgrace. In my opinion, he should be gently tapped on the shoulder and handed a one way ticket to Riyadh.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Geert Wilders Looses It. Maybe,

Like Geert Wilders I know that there are many decent Muslims. Like him I know that this is despite their adherence to a thoroughly pernicious ideology. This ideology called Islam drips with the most hideously repellant and violent homophobia, misogeny and intolerance. Like Wilders I believe that Islam, funded by the trilions we pay for petrol, is a very real threat to the hard fought for liberties and cohesion of the democratic West. We have allowed massive Muslim immigration making only token attempts to counter the accompanying importation of a supremascist ideology which is not just bad for its followers but poisonous for the rest of us.
Geert Wilders has said all this loud and clear to the Dutch many of whom are sick and tired of the complacancy of the established political parties. His party appears to be doing well in the polls and should make a reasonable showing in the Dutch Parliamentry or General Election next Wednesday 9th of June. I hope he does do well because contrary to the spin put out by the paid-off, the voluntary dhimmis and the Stalinists he is neither racist or right wing. He is simply saying that Islamic ideology is not compatible with what we should be very proud of but take too much for granted; our freedom of expression and democracy.

The trouble is that Geert Wilders goes too often too far over the top. He has suggested that the Koran should be banned and, although he later backtracked on it, that Muslim women should pay a " Rag Head Tax " of 1000 euros a year for wearing headscarves*. He shouldn't shoot himself in the foot like that for a bit of cheap but ultimately damaging publicity. I worry that he has in fact lost the plot because of this kind of behaviour and that next Wednesday his vote will collapse. Let's hope not because he is in the end on the side of the angels.

*When our blonde bouffon hairstyled hero made this suggestion in Parliament an MP got up to say that he should logically also then put a tax on peroxide. Fair comment and who ever said the Dutch didnt have much of a sense of humour!?

Pat Condell on the Ground Zero Mosque.

The Mayor of New York and other officials of questionable intelligence/integrity want a Super Mosque built yards from Ground Zero that will be opened on September 11th 2011. Islam of course had nothing to do with the murder of 3000 people. How wonderfully sensitive of the Saudi funders. As "Drinking with Bob" said, it's like putting up a statue to Hitler in the middle of Auschwitz. Here's Pat, as usual, totally on the case.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Conservatives and Lib-Dems: a Done Deal.

I think I got it wrong yesterday. For the British to move from First Past the Post to Proportional Representation there would have to be a referendum. So what the Tories do is undertake to have a referendum and see what the country decides. Made an offer like this the Lib-Dems would walk up the aisle rejoicing. The outcome of such a referendum would not be a forgone conclusion so the Tories could tell themselves they are not giving PR they are simply putting it as an option to the nation. Thats cricket, thats fair; Cameron gets to be Prime Minister, the Double Glazing Salesman has his time in the sun and Labour repairs itself in opposition.
If PR is introduced, the Tories who I think have only once got more than 50% of the popular vote would be unlikely ever again to rule alone. Because, however, Britain has become a majority left of centre country solo Liberal and or Labour governments would probably become the norm. The prospect of this is the only thing that might yet hold the Tories back from agreeing to a referendum. They do rather think that they are a minority born to rule. With this in mind some Tories will be in favour of turning away the Lib Dems and leaving them and Labour to run into the sand after which the Tories sweep in with a workable majority. The danger with this play is that before the Lefties leave they pass the PR legislation. Too risky, my bet is now that the Tories will do the deal.
Interesting times. London is still cold and dark; feels like autumn.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Second British General Election within a Month or Two.

Here in London this Saturday its grey, rainy and cold and the Tories and the Lib Dems are trying to get into bed together. To rule here you have to have at least 326 seats in Parliament. The Tories much agrieved got 306, Labour, expecting a wipe out, was happy to get 258 and the Lib Dems led by their smooth double-glazing salesman Nick Clegg were crushed to actually loose seats and end up on 57.
The Lib Dems want first past the post to be replaced by proportional representation (PR) which, unsurprisingly, would increase their personal representation. The Tories, forever looking backwards, would rather sell their wives than concede the abomination of PR. So although a coalition of 306 Tories and 57 Lib Dems looks good numerically, it wont happen unless, it is possible of course I suppose, the Lib Dems relinquish all their wonderful sounding principles for a brief moment in the sun. Labour, who are philosophically closer to the Lib Dems have offered them their cherished PR but the numbers dont add up to the magic 326.
So what? Well, the Tories could try to go it alone with the No Surrender Ulstermen and maybe even the Scots and Welsh Nationalists but it would be not much clear of 326 and about as managable and stable as a paper bag full of rattlesnakes on speed.
In conclusion, its all too messy and unworkable. One thing is certain; we Brits are off to the polls again sometime very soon.
Some stats; the percentages of the popular vote obtained were as below
Tories; 36, Labour; 29, Lib Dem; 23, Others; 12.
Contrary to what the Tories are claiming, they do not have a moral right to rule. Coalitions of Tory and Lib Dem; 59% ; or Labour and Lib Dem; 52% maybe.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hilary Clinton equates the Mistreatment of Women with Dangerous Misrule.

She is right and she has made the advancement of women the corner stone of the Obama administration's foreign policy. As she says; "the subjugation of women is a threat to our ( US ) security and the common security of the world ". With the exception, perhaps, of Communist China, all the dangerously misgoverned nation states from Afghanistan, to Iran, to Saudi Arabia, to the Democratic Republic of the Congo are characterised by the fact that they treat women like door mats. Under Clinton's leadership, the Americans are making available large sums of money very specifically targeted at the global advancement of women's health and education. Although largely unnoticed, I believe that this is one of the most important US foreign policy initiatives for a long time.

A Liberian educationalist, whose name I have forgotten and cant track down, said this; you educate a man and you have an educated individual, you educate a woman and you have an educated nation. With a bit of prodding, it seems that Obama who could certainly always Talk the Talk is now beginning to show that he can also Walk the Walk. Good news.

Monday, March 22, 2010

China Shoots Starving North Koreans.

Chinese border guards have orders to shoot on sight any North Koreans trying to escape starvation by crossing into China. If these starving people do manage to get across the border and are later picked up they are returned to the tender mercies of the Dear Leader's regime. Two weeks ago, thirteen women and two men were publicly shot in the border town of Onseong for attempting to cross into China.
In the 1990s, millions of North Koreans died of hunger out of sight and out of mind. Now again, criminal governance and crop failures are about to reproduce a similar famine. The Chinese are the only ones to have any leverage over their southern neighbour and they will be rightly blamed for another monstrous disaster if they fail to act promptly.
Instead of machine gunning the victims of their grotesque client, the Chinese need to make sure that massive food relief is distributed to all the North Koreans. The Chinese will need to supervise this distribution and they need to get it under way now.
It would be nice to think that this time the Communist Chinese will act with firmness and humanity. Bearing in mind though the general selfish crude materialism and lack of a moral compass in China's foreign policy, the odds for the wretched North Koreans do not look very good.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Turkey Boots the Armenians, Again.

Recip "Democracy is the Bus to Islam *"Erdogan, Turkey's Prime Minister has declared that he will expel around 100,000 Armenian refugees. Why? Because more and more countries, not slimy Britain of course, have declared that the Turkish butchering of 1.5 million Armenians between 1915 and 1923 was an act of genocide. All perfectly logical; you kill as many as you can and when someone protests you have a go at those left in your power. At the same time Erdogan, pointedly turning his back on the West, is now cosying up to the Iran of the ayatollahs. Apart from building atomic weapons with which to annihilate Israel and anyone else who irritates, the ayatollahs have become major suppliers of ammo and IEDs for the Taliban to kill the wicked Americans and their allies who are daring to try and bring their sad country into the 20th century. How proud the Turks must be of their government!

*Erdogan is an Islamist who has been working hard to bury the secular constitution that Ataturk bequeathed Turkey. The idea is that you use democracy to install a full blown Islamic regime like that of Iran. Once that's done, God's rule will have come to earth. What need then for any more open elections ? Another version of the same thing is; one person, one vote, once.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Swedes Have Backbones; Shock Discovery!

To my utter amazement, the Swedes, who normally wallow like invertebrates in a swamp of appeasement when it comes to Islam, have responded with commendable firmness in the face of a conspiracy to kill cartoonist Lars Vilks. Lars Vilks mocked Mohamed by putting his head on the body of a dog. When a plot was uncovered with US citizen "Jihad Jane" Colleen LaRose as Vilks self appointed executioner, the Swedes suddenly discovered that they had a constitution that included the right to freedom of expression. The national broadcaster and three Swedish newspapers printed the cartoon in defence of this right. The newspapers were Sweden's largest circulation Dagens Nyheter and Expressen and, yes, Malmo's Sydsvenska Dagbladet. Maybe Malmo isn't such a total Islamist stronghold after all. Not yet.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Geert Wilders; A Victory for Secular and Civilised Europe.

The misogynist, intolerant and violent ideology of Islam has suffered a major set back in Holland. Vying for first place nationally in the Dutch polls with the Christian Democrats, Wilders's Freedom Party in local elections a few days ago, put up only two candidates for maximum effect and minimum campaigning.They won in Almere near Amsterdam with 22% and came second in the Hague.The Christian Democrat government collapsed over Afghanistan a week ago and in June national elections are expected to result in a new coalition that will include the Freedom Party. Adios Sharia and Islamic bullying! Wilders has stated that Muslims have nothing to fear provided they abide by the laws of the land.

Whilst welcoming this triumph for secularism and civilisation, I think Wilders needs to row back from wanting the Koran banned. The Koran is replete with odious passages but let the people find these themselves and draw their own conclusions. Banning the Koran would be as daft as banning Mein Kampf. It would also allow Muslims to caste themselves in one of their favourite roles; that of the poor, misunderstood and persecuted victims.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shameless Saudi Arabia.

Being a woman in an Islamic state is not great, being one in Saudi Arabia is clearly a nightmare. When Sawsan Salim went to court to bring a case against two judges for years of sexual harrasment, a panel of judges, including the two against whom she was complaining, decided that there was no case to answer and because she had furthermore appeared in court without a male guardian she was the guilty party. Sentence; 300 lashes and 18 months in the slammer. Would there be much left of you to imprison after 300 lashes?
The misogyny and barbarism of Islam is something the West often chooses to ignore. It needs to be loudly denounced, stood up to and firmly put into the rubbish bin of history.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ilmar Reepalu's Malmo drives out the Jews.

Hate crimes of which the Jewish community are the principle victims have doubled over the last year forcing many Jews to leave. The extreme left wing mayor Ilmar Reepalu, who has described Israel as a "festering sore ", has not done anything to calm down the mainly Muslim perpetrators.
Talking of the incidents he said.
" I beleive these are anti-Israel attacks, connected to the war in Gaza. "
Well that's allright then.
The future?! For him the solution is simple.
" ... if Jews from the city want to move to Israel that is not a matter for Malmo. "
Of course not.
With Malmo's Muslim population now standing at 25% and rapidly increasing, Reepalu's future in office is safe.
Oh, and you probably don't either want to be a woman in Malmo which has helped put Sweden right up at the top of the European Rape League.
Some town!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Scandal of British State Education.

As a physicist who taught physics in the dim and distant past, I thought I would check out its teaching now. Not great, to put it mildly. Here is a question from the British AQA examination board set in March 2009 in a GCSE physics exam. This exam is taken by 15-16 year olds. Could a physics question at this level be dumbed down any more? What could passing this "exam" possibly do other than prove a rather modest level of literacy? Was this question a warm up ? Something to give the poor dears a little confidence at the start ? In that case why not have something like this:

Q. When is there more sunlight ? Tick A or B.

A. At night.
B. During the day.

If the question was a warm up, things don't get much more challenging or to do with physics as you proceed through the paper. Here is the last half of the very last question.

You are allowed a calculator. Use it to multiply two numbers together. Well done!! You have now got a GCSE in physics. Congratulations.
The 13+ exam used for entry at ages 12/13 years into private secondary schools is of a higher standard than this. As a consequence, kids in the state system are 3 to 4 years behind those in the private system. They never catch up. This is the scandal of the education that Britain now gives the 95% or more of its children who cannot afford private education.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pat Condell Lays into the Dutch Heresy Trial of Geert Wilders.

Wilders is being tried in Holland for offending Muslims. The fact that what he says about Islam is true is completely irrelevent as far this prosecution is concerned. By putting the telling of the truth on trial, this so called " court " is disgracing Holland. Apart from being a grotesque appeasement of Islam and a betrayal of free speech, i'ts intention is to weaken Wilders's current lead in the upcoming Dutch elections. Lets hope that it backfires.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Communist China needs to Behave.

The Communist Chinese dictatorship is well known for its brutishness. At home it glories in the highest capital punishment rate in the world, is in the process of making Tibetans a minority in their own country and has allowed a very small number of apparatchiks to live the lives of millionaires whilst the rest of the country flounders in relative squalor. Abroad, in the gravely mistaken belief that this will secure its energy requirements, it supports the genocidal Islamists of Khartoum and the lunatic ayatollahs of Teheran. Both these regimes will fall quite soon. When that happens, the people of the Sudan and Iran will not be remembering the supporters of their oppressors in a kindly light.
So what? Well its good to see Obama showing some backbone and giving self defence arms to the Taiwanese and also announcing that he will meet with the Dalai Lama. In a typical froth, the Communists have declared that these moves will not help US-Chinese relations. So what ? Exactly what have the Communist Chinese done for America? They have flooded the States with cheap goods putting millions out of work* and they have refused to put the slightest pressure on Teheran over its nuclear weapons programme.
The Chinese Communists need to aspire to a little bit of the intelligence and decency of the Dalai Lama. They need to behave.

*Before I get accused of holding a naive view of the imbalance of trade between the West and Communist China, lets remember that it is not a level playing field. Communist China is only able to undercut because ( i ) it has a savage control of its labour keeping wages down and making strikes illegal and ( ii ) it is totally unbridled when it comes to giving its manufacturers massive subsidies.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We all need to be as brave as Geert Wilders.

Canadian blogger ( Five Feet Of Fury ) Kathie Shaidle says here we shouldn't just be looking up to brave people like Geert Wilders expecting them to do it all. We need to be brave ourselves.

Geert Wilders on Trial. Holland's Shame.

Yesterday Geert Wilders appeared at a pre-trial hearing charged with insulting Islam.

The Dutch have much to be proud of. William the Silent who helped see off the mighty Spaniards, Erasmus the great humanist who stood for moderation, freewill and a reformed Catholic Church ( He didn't get it but he did try ), the innumerable painters, the great engineers, inventive shipwrights and bold seafarers. Above all, the founding of the Dutch Republic in an age of absolute monarchies. When Cromwell put down English absolutism he did so inspired by the Dutch.

I am half Dutch and proud of it but today I am angry and ashamed at what a cowed and frightened Dutch government is doing to Geert Wilders the leader of its principle political opponents. Geert Wilders is being prosecuted for describing Islam as misogynist, intolerant and violent and comparing it to Nazism. Although I think Wilders was over the top in furthermore calling for the ban of the Koran, his view of Islam is one that many would agree with. It shouldn't of course matter whether I or anyone else thought it was or was not fair comment. The West is the light of the world because it fought long and hard for the right to say anything about anything.

The currently ruling Dutch take a different view. This is probably because they are spiritual dwarfs bent on besmirching their country's good name for electoral advantage. In a December 2009 poll, the ruling Christen Democratish Appel ( ADP ) were level pegging with Wilders's Freedom Party. Getting Wilders banged up and banning his party would save their wretched bacon.( Not for long though because the Dutch would find others to represent human dignity and honesty )

If Geert Wilders looses our fight for freedom of speech, Holland is diminished and the Islamic darkness will spread yet further through the rest of Europe. We know that the Islamic states have been trying to make criticism of religion a UN enforced no-no. This prosecution through the proxy of the Lost Dutch is one important prong of their many attacks. Contact your Dutch Embassy and tell them you are not amused.